Huitian 4120Q Double component Silicone Potting Sealant

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Product Description:

Huitian 4120Q Double component Silicone Potting Sealant

 Product Features

Ø  Double component, condensation type.

Ø  Ethyl alcohol released after curing, non-corrosive to electronic componentsØ  Room temperature curing.

Ø  High adhesion to all electronic components except for those made of PP&PE.

Ø  High performance on insulation, damp proofing, vibration resistance, chemical resistance, electric leakage  resistance.

Ø  High & low temperature resistant

Ø  No need to add primer coating before use

Main Applications

Ø  For the potting of inside and outside LED displays.

● How To Use

Ø  Before use, stir component A by hand or machine properly, keep component B sealed in the bucket and shake the bucket adequately.

Ø  Check whether it’s adhering to Applied Materials theoretically.

Ø  Mix component A and B with the mix ratio A:B=10:1 by weight. beforehand simple tests are requested if you need to change the mix ratio.

Ø  Vacuum defoaming is not necessary if the potting thickness is below 5mm,but it is requested if the thickness is more than 5mm.

Ø  Heating curing is unsuited, or pinholes and blisters will occur.

Ø  Long-term exposure of component B in the air is unsuited




Typical   Value

Item   No.



Component   A


Component   B


Component of Basic Materials


Density  (25℃)

Component   A



Component   B


Viscosity   (25℃)

Component   A



Component   B


After   Mixed


Mix   Ratio by weight (A:B)


Handing   Curing Time  



Initial   Curing Time



Full   Curing Time



Tensile   Strength

After   Curing



Elongation   at break




Shore A


Volume   Resistivity



Dielectric   Strength



Work   Temperature



  Ø  22kg/set: A:20kg/bucket, B:2kg/bucket.

● Storage

Ø  Keep it away from children.

Ø  Use it in ventilated places

Ø  In case of contact with skins, wipe and then flush with clear water.

Ø  In case of contact with eyes, flush with clear water immediately and go to hospital

    for checking.

Ø  Store it in dry and shady places at the temperature of 8~28

Ø  Storage life: Component A is 12 months, Component B is 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Huitian 4120Q Double component Silicone Potting Sealant

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