HSS SALE annular cutter(High performance version) DAHK-4

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D.O.C. 50mm
Made of high quality & super tough high speed steel with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction to reach better endurance and less breakage . Applicable to hole cutting on hard-cut materials
TiN or TiAlN coating are available upon request
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magneric drills and press , like Alfra , Hougen , Jancy , Euroboor , BDS , Ruko


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Q:What's the difference between a drill bit and a drill bit?
There are many differences. For example: different materials; drill design structure (tip, blade, groove, handle, etc.) different; processing methods, processes, etc..Turn left and turn right |
Q:Can HSS drill bits be drilled into stainless steel?
No, we should use alloy drill bit, drill vertex angle to 135 degrees, you can use the drill grinding machine repair grinding, our company is using Dongguan Muller machine drill grinding machine, grinding effect is good.
Q:The drill marked difference with hammer marks?
There are signs and marks on the hammer drill bit, that this tool is the impact drill, when the adjusting knob is pointing to the side of the tool bit, only the rotation function, is also the only single drill; when the adjusting knob is pointing to the side of the tool is a hammer, impact drill function. The impact function used in wall drilling, drilling alone for wood, metal, and other drilling books
Q:Is there a standard for drilling errors due to machine tool shaking?
Is the drill drill a positive or negative deviation, or is it bigger or smaller?. Bit wear is not serious, the drilled hole is a positive deviation. If the drill is used for a long time, the ligament is worn badly and the drill is worn out too, and the hole drilled is a negative deviation
Q:Why do you always burn drills?
The drill is so small, but the depth is very shallow, so this speed can be, the knife can be calculated in accordance with the formula, appropriate to adjust the actual situation of cutting. I believe it will help you.
Q:Tap 10 taps, what size drills do we use?
In general, with nominal diameter equal to the diameter of the bottom hole pitch reduction. 10-1.5=8.5, that's 8.5. However, if the quarterly demand is high, follow the formula below:D1=d-5H/8 H=0.866p:D1-- drilling diameterD - thread diameterH - theoretical height of threaded teethP - pitch
Q:How else can I take the drill bit off?
In any section along the bar, the flutes are located are diametrically opposed to each other's position in the flat tube, flat tube and two common edge edge in the pipe on both sides of the belt plane (F F) 90 degrees extension, wherein the knife rod has a maximum in the rigid plane. The orientation of the second plane (E E) of the center cutting edge is approximately 90 degrees with respect to the main rigid direction (F F) of the blade plane or the bottom of the cutter bar.
Q:The difference between steel teeth and inserted cone bit
The bits in the underground work after a certain time, drag bit blade diameter became small, short, blunt, the rock breaking ability becomes weak, slow progress; roller bit tooth wear due to erosion, bearing damage, will cause the cone roller rotation is not flexible or stuck, so that the torque increased, if not timely play that will happen cone off accident; diamond bit due to formation heterogeneity caused by PDC bit on the occurrence of crack, break, drop, also make slow drilling footage. In order to speed up the drilling of the whole well, the old bit must be replaced in time
Q:What drills should be used to drill holes with diameter 5mm and depth 65mm? Urgent! Thank you!
You don't know what material you need to drill, what is the material, or how hard it is,Ordinary material on the ordinary line, and if the material hardness, then you have to use M35 cobalt or alloy drill.
Q:What steel blade drill bit, hardness above 70
A diamond bit is a drill bit for cutting edges. The drill bit is an integral bit, the whole drill bit has no moving parts, the structure is relatively simple, with high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance, it is one of the three new drilling technologies in the world in 1980s. Field use shows that the diamond bit in the soft - hard strata drilling, have the advantages of high speed, more footage, long service life, stable operation, less accidents, downhole wellbore quality etc.. The diamond bit not only can be used for a long time, but also can be reused. The diamond bit recovered from the factory can be used almost as well as the diamond bit produced by the factory. It can save drilling cost in large amount.

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