HSS rail cutter DRHX-2 D.O.C. 25&50mm

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D.O.C. 25&50mm

◎ Made of super tough high speed steel , superiorly-designed geometry for better endurance

◎ Supply Φ19.0mm and Φ19.05mm weldom shank

◎ Applicable to hole cutting on railtrack , like PD3


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Q:How does the CNC lathe drill center to detail?
See the center of the workpiece directly with the naked eye. The spindle stays still and then lets the drill close
Q:Woodworking drills, classification, woodworking drills are those categories, the more specific the better
At present, the international woodworking drill popular three awl auger drill bit, drilling ladder.Three sharp woodworking drill easy to locate, high-speed cutting, the wood powder, usually used to process small holes.
Q:How to allocate the electric hammer drill
Electric hammer drill, is the "two function drill" and "hammer" handheld electric tool, "rotary cutting drill", with the impact of the impact mechanism of driving impact drill bit, drill driven in rotation at the same time, there is a direction perpendicular to the rotation of the rotary drill reciprocating hammer exercise. For concrete, brick, tile, marble and other materials drilling. "Hammer" to drive the impact force of drill rod, used for concrete, bricks and other materials on the slotting, holes or broken concrete etc..
Q:How do I take out an electric drill bit
Drill bit: with a key, insert the key into the side hole of the drill sleeve and loosen the bit to remove the bit.
Q:How big a drill bit does the M6 screw hole need?
The international standard drills, 2 kinds of classification, is a national standard, such as Phi 7.6 Phi 7.2 Phi Phi 6.4 is a 6 inch according to distinguish, the common British 3/8, which is converted into a 1 inch diameter is =25.4MM 3/8*25.4= converted into China in millimeters in diameter.
Q:What drills do we use to drill jade?
Use of modern ultrasonic drilling machine, the principle of high frequency vibration generated by the ultrasonic wave, the small needle drill under high speed moving, driven by abrasive drilling. Due to the small drill needle does not rotate, just move up and down reciprocating frequency. Therefore, the quality of drilling is very high and the holes are evenly distributed up and down.
Q:Relationship between bit diameter and rotation speed
There are many factors affecting the size of the drill bit and the speed of the drill. Theoretically, the speed of the bit is mainly the linear velocity of the bit, because the diameter of the bit is small and the speed of the bit is low. The diameter of the big drill is big and the line speed is high.
Q:Is there a standard for drilling errors due to machine tool shaking?
There is no standard for the drill hole error due to machine tool shaking.
Q:Use an electric drill and hammer installed TV rack?
Percussive drills work by rotating and impacting. A single shock is very slight, but a shock frequency of more than 40000 minutes per minute can produce continuous force. Used of natural stones or concrete. When the impact drill works, the drill chuck is provided with an adjusting knob, which can be adjusted in two ways: an ordinary hand drill and an impact drill. But the impact of drilling is the use of internal gear to achieve mutual beat of impact, but the impact is far less than the hammer. It is not suitable for drilling reinforced concrete.
Q:M3 threaded hole. The bottom should choose large diameter drill bit
The thread hole M3, bottom diameter of drill processing is required to choose:M3 takes 0.5 of the coarse thread, with a diameter of 2.5 bit.M3 takes 0.35 of fine thread, with a drill of 2.65 in diameter.

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