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1 Characteristic

HRCV slewing controller is a hoisting slewing controller developed by our company according to service condition of customer.

The main technical feature as follows:

(1) This product combined the controller and thyristor module,the connection of the users is simple and easy.Prevent the damage of the controller and thyristor module caused by mis-wiring of the customer.

(2) Realize the best optimization of AC voltage control curve and DC voltage control curve.

(3) With the function of inching during operation, realize the accuracy.

(4) The electronic components adopt the imported industrial grade chip, on the control panel directly with power supply and direction indicator light.

(5) Adopt the coating treatment on the printed circuit board,enhance the dust prevention and anti-condensation capacity of the circuit board.

2 Operation condition

(1) Application of environment condition

    working temperature: -10  °C~ + 40  °C

    relative humiduty: maximum 50% (when the temperature is 40  °C)

                                   maximum 95% (when the temperature is 20  °C)

(2) Grid quality

    voltage continuously fluctuate no more than  ±10%

(3) Rated voltage

     50HZ/60HZ, AC380V/440V three-phase voltage

     50HZ/60HZ, AC48V/55V voltage by one phase

3 Output parameter

(1) voltage output

     three-phase voltage output: 50HZ AC140V~380V;

     eddy current voltage: DCOV~20V

(2) electricity output

     according to the size of the rotary engine,electricity output choose 106A,162A,273A and so on.

4 HRCV slewing controller wire connection sketch map

5 Boundary dimension and installation

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3. Equipment: a complete device which belongs to the unique function of each function of the construction project. There are systems, equipment and conventional equipment, such as: elevator, automatic fare collection, HVAC, gas fire protection, etc..
Q:Definition of large mechanical equipment?
Usually, crane hoisting (make things up and down movement), operation mechanism (the mobile crane), luffing mechanism and slewing mechanism (the horizontal movement of goods), plus metal mechanism, driving device, control device and the necessary auxiliary assembly.
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Q:Mechanical bearings, all types? Roughly
The basic structure and NU type cylindrical roller bearing inner ring bearing the same, but because of the needle, the volume can be reduced, and can bear large radial load to the bearing without inner ring shaft mounting surface with suitable precision and hardness is used as a raceway.
Q:Building materials, equipment, components and fittings products must have "three certificates" is what cards?
Three is a business license, certificate of product quality, product quality inspection certificate. Business license is the legal provisions of some industries must be licensed, and handled by the competent department of the operating permit, such as tobacco monopoly license, drug business license, business license and other dangerous chemicals.
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Every industry has average tax rate, the contribution of each this argument does not exist, the industrial enterprise is nade VAT. The more value-added products you pay more.
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It is mainly used for national defense construction project, the construction of transportation, energy industry construction and production, mining and other industrial raw materials, construction and production, forestry and water conservancy construction, industrial and civil construction, city construction and environmental protection.
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Appendix B Construction Engineering Division (sub branch) engineering, sub project division, B.0.1 Construction Engineering Division (sub branch), engineering, sub projects can be divided into table B.0.1. Table B.0.1 division number of construction works, sub works and sub projects
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When our company went to the training center of the Department of industrial engineering of Tsinghua University, the professor of Qinghua University told us about it. Equipment manufacturing industry is a general term for the equipment provided for the national economy and national security

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