HRB500 hot rolled ribbed steel bars

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That is the new standard name for HRB500 steel, grade four steel as the old name, as a kind of hot rolled ribbed bar. In the construction industry, four screw steel is the old saying.

Hot rolled ribbed steel grades by HRB and number of yield points minimumcomposition. H, R, B respectively (Hotrolled), hot rolled ribbed steel bar(Ribbbed), (Bars) the three word's first letter English.


Hot rolled ribbed steel bar is divided into HRB335 (the old number is 20MnSi),HRB400 (the old No. 20MnSiV, 20MnSiNb, 20Mnti), HRB500 three brands.

Hot rolled bars of fine grains in the grades of hot rolled ribbed bar after Englishabbreviation "fine" English (Fine) the first letter. Such as: HRBF335, HRBF400,HRBF500.

A suitable grade higher requirements for seismic structures: add E in the existing brands after (for example: HRB400E, HRBF400E

The main purposes

HRB500 grade steel in strength, ductility, high temperature resistance, low temperature performance and seismic performance and fatigue performanceare better than HRB400 has greatly improved, mainly used in high-rise and super high-rise building, long span bridges, high standards of construction, is an international engineering standards recommended actively and has been widely used in developed countries products, it shows that the application ofpractice HRB500 steel works, can save a lot of steel, and has obvious economic benefit and social benefit.

The main origin

Screw thread steel producers in China are mainly distributed in North and northeast, North China area such as Shougang, Tang Gang, Xuan Steel,bearing steel, Shanxi Zhongyang steel plant, Baoding Purui the steel, the northeast area such as resistant, Tai, realize, these two areas account for about 50% of the total output in the screw thread steel.

The difference between the screw thread steel and round steel bar is provided with longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs surface, usually with two longitudinalribs and transverse ribs along the length direction of the uniform distribution.Screw thread steel belongs to the small steel steel, mainly used in reinforced concrete building components of the skeleton. In use requires a certainmechanical strength, bending deformation properties and process of welding performance. Screw thread steel billet production raw material for the carbon structure steel smelting processing sedation or low alloy structural steel,finished steel for hot rolling, normalizing or hot-rolled state of delivery.


Nationwide, the annual if 20000000 t two screw thread steel is four level(HRB500) to replace, can save more than 5000000 t screw thread steeldosage. Equivalent to an annual consumption of iron ore 4000000 ~800 million T, save standard coal 1670000 ~335 million T, less consumption of fresh water 9600000 ~1740 million m3, to reduce dust emissions of sulfur dioxide emissions reduction of 750~1500t, 625~1250t, energy saving and emission reduction effectiveness is huge, consistent with the low carbon environmental protection concept of current international society pay more and more attention.

The promotion of the work

In order to make better performance, more economical and four screw steelproducts of low carbon environmental protection at home and rapidly applied,gradually to replace the two screw steel low level, should do the following aspects of work:

1 wide publicity to introduce four screw steel composition, properties and their own advantages, strengthen the construction design institute relevant indexes of four screw steel chemical composition, mechanical properties and welding performance of the understanding, promote the use of the design of the construction project, to lay a solid foundation for the four screw steel market promotion.

Each of the 2 key projects on strengthening highway, railway, bridge, and a series of infrastructure projects, do a good job of key projects of the bidding work, the realization of the four screw steel supply breakthrough from thelarge-scale key projects, the formation of a demonstration effect on other common construction project and the real estate industry, and graduallypenetrated into all fields of thread steel application, so as to fully replace thelow grade screw thread steel.

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Q:What is the specific concept of thread steel through water and what is the difference?
The principle of water cooling technology to produce rebar is that austenite can be strongly deformed in the process of continuous rolling in the recrystallization zone, resulting in very fine, strongly hardened austenite grains with a lot of defects. With the high speed of cooling on the enhanced cooling of austenite, in a very short period of time, generally not more than 0.5s, is rapidly cooled to near the phase transition temperature, inhibit the growth of austenite grain, try to keep the hardening state of austenite. When the temperature is near the phase transition point, the fine hardening austenite grains are transformed into ferrite with proper grain size under proper air cooling conditions.
Q:What are the listed companies that produce wire rod and thread steel?
The wire in iron and steel usually refers to a coil of wire material with a diameter of 5.5-14. Most of the use of wire coil machine rolled coil supply, it is also known as wire rod or coil. Wire rod is one of the varieties of steel with great dosage. After rolling, it can be directly used for reinforcement and welding structure of reinforced soil, and can also be used again and again. For example, by drawing into a variety of specifications of steel wire, steel wire rope, and then twisted into woven steel wire and winding and heat treatment to the spring; hot and cold forged into cold forging and rolling into rivets and bolts, screws and so on; by cutting into the heat treatment made of mechanical parts or tools; a common wire made of quality carbon steel and carbon steel.
Q:How to recognize high quality thread steel
When we buy rebar, we should not only look at the size of the thread steel, but also use the vernier caliper to measure whether the size meets the requirements. A lot of times, inferior thread steel through the flat flat way to deceive the buyer's vision, so from the steel reinforcement to observe the end of the steel is flat oval, meet the requirements of the thread steel is basically round.
Q:Why do stirrups have thread stirrups and round bars? When are they used?
Your question is actually related to steel and concrete work of a force of synergy in the reinforced concrete structure, steel usually is in tension, in order to ensure the reinforcement force can be well transferred to concrete, so as not to slip, we put the steel processing into whorl ribbed or other rib the shape, its purpose is to increase the adhesion between steel and concrete. Round steel is usually used in lower grade, smaller diameter reinforced steel, mainly because of its low strength, without adding ribs, round bar and concrete bonding between the relay can ensure that its strength is very good play. Therefore, steel bars are mainly used in places where the force is not large and the calculation of the reinforcement is very small.
Q:What is the difference between the material of steel thread and its use?
Main uses: widely used in housing, bridges, roads and other civil engineering construction.Main origin: the manufacturer of thread steel is mainly distributed in North China and Northeast China
Q:In the concrete floor, how big can the steel bar be replaced by the big screw steel? How to convert?
In theory, how big a round steel will have to replace the large thread steel, and if it is cast, then still better to use thread steel, screw steel tensile resistance than round steel by strong
Q:Does the grade three thread steel with "E" have the same information price as the ordinary three grade thread steel? Is there a big difference?
As far as I know, the price of information may not be divided into "E" and "E", but there are mandatory requirements on the standard. It is estimated that the price will not be much different.
Q:The difference between wire and thread steel, wire and thread steel difference knowledge
Wire rods are generally round steel bars, the cross section is usually round, and the finished steel bars with smooth surface are represented by HPB. The wire rods are mainly used as reinforcing bars, welded structures or reprocessed raw materials. In the construction of wire rod, the dosage is also one of the varieties of steel.
Q:Why does the steel thread have longitudinal ribs?
The main function of the longitudinal ribs is the force to improve the performance of the transverse ribs, the stress of support surface transverse rib in the longitudinal direction, reducing flange stress concentration, so as to improve the mechanical strength of the reinforced rib, deformation of bond between concrete and steel reinforced concrete, the collaborative work and better.
Q:High strength thread steel hrb400e 32 in diameter, is it special steel?
According to the use of special steel, can be divided into high quality carbon steel, alloy steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool (die) with steel, high-speed tool steel, bearing steel, spring steel (carbon spring steel and alloy spring steel), stainless steel (heat, acid) eight.

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