HRB 400/ 500 Reinforcing Deformed Steel Round Bar with Cheap Price

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Item specifice:

Standard: AISI,JIS,GB,BS,DIN,API,EN,ASTM Technique: Hot Rolled Shape: Round
Surface Treatment: Galvanized Steel Grade: Q235 Certification: ISO,SGS,CE
Thickness: 5.5mm-40mm Length: 6m, 9m, 12m or as request Net Weight: 100tons

Product Description:

HRB 400/ 500 Reinforcing Deformed Steel Round Bar with Cheap Price

Products Description:

1. Diameter: 5.5mm-10mm rounds reinforcing steel bar

                       10m- 40 rods reinforcing deformed steel bar

2. Length:  6m, 9m, 12m or customized

3. Standard: GB, ASTM, AISI, SAE, DIN, JIS, EN.  OEM technology - send detailed technical parameters for     accurate quotation.

4. Produce Process: smelt iron - EAF smelt billet - ESR smelt billet -  hot rolled or forged to get the steel round bar and plate

5. Heat Treatment: annealing, normalizing, tempering, quenching

6. Surface Treatment: Black 

7. Quality Assurance: We accept third party inspection for all orders. 

    You can ask testing organizations such as SGS, BV, etc. to test our products before shipping.

Theoretical weight and section area:

     Diameter(mm)     Section area (mm²)           Mass(kg/m)   Weight of 12m bar(kg)


              28.27              0.222               2.664
               8                50.27              0.395               4.74
             12              113.1              0.888               10.656
             16               201.1              1.58               18.96
             20               314.2               2.47                29.64
             25               490.9               3.85                46.2
             32               804.2               6.31                75.72
             40               1257               9.87               118.44
             50               1964               15.42               185.04

Technical Datas:


                     Technical data of the original chemical composition (%) 
        C       Mn        Si         S          P       V



                                                       Physical capability
   Yield Strength (N/cm²)   Tensile Strength (N/cm²)         Elongation (%)
                 ≥400                    ≥570                  ≥14

Products Show:

HRB 400/ 500 Reinforcing Deformed Steel Round Bar with Cheap Price

HRB 400/ 500 Reinforcing Deformed Steel Round Bar with Cheap Price

HRB 400/ 500 Reinforcing Deformed Steel Round Bar with Cheap Price

HRB 400/ 500 Reinforcing Deformed Steel Round Bar with Cheap Price

HRB 400/ 500 Reinforcing Deformed Steel Round Bar with Cheap Price

Packages and Shipping:

HRB 400/ 500 Reinforcing Deformed Steel Round Bar with Cheap Price

HRB 400/ 500 Reinforcing Deformed Steel Round Bar with Cheap Price


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30% TT as deposit and 70% before delivery. Or Irrevocable L/C at sight.

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Q:What is the specific concept of thread steel through water and what is the difference?
The principle of water cooling technology to produce rebar is that austenite can be strongly deformed in the process of continuous rolling in the recrystallization zone, resulting in very fine, strongly hardened austenite grains with a lot of defects. With the high speed of cooling on the enhanced cooling of austenite, in a very short period of time, generally not more than 0.5s, is rapidly cooled to near the phase transition temperature, inhibit the growth of austenite grain, try to keep the hardening state of austenite. When the temperature is near the phase transition point, the fine hardening austenite grains are transformed into ferrite with proper grain size under proper air cooling conditions.
Q:What are the different uses of wire rod and thread steel?
According to statistics, China's construction industry accounts for about 50% of the total steel consumption. As one of the resources consuming industries, the construction industry must adjust the consumption structure of construction materials, energetically apply high-strength steel bars and high-performance coagulation, and take the road of economical development. If the current use of steel and concrete to raise an intensity level, it can bring enormous savings to society. For example, by calculation, according to the standard requirements, if the reinforced concrete leading force steel strength increased to 400-500N/mm2, then can be in the current level of steel consumption to save about 10%.
Q:How to recognize high quality thread steel
Inferior steel due to poor production conditions, bulk, no metal signs, no quality guarantee. For safety reasons, we should not buy the inferior steel bars, or go to the direct agents of some famous brand manufacturers, so that the quality is guaranteed. Shandong hundred fertile Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. here recommends that users in the purchase of thread steel, must go to the formal steel business units to purchase, request steel quality certificate, and acceptance.
Q:How many patterns are there in threaded steel?
According to the shape of steel ribs, there are three kinds of patterns: herringbone spiral and crescent shaped patternSteel is commonly known as hot rolled ribbed bar, belonging to the small steel steel, mainly used for steel reinforced concrete structure frame. In use, some mechanical strength, bending deformation property and welding performance are required. The raw steel billet for the production of threaded steel is carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel which is treated by calm melting, and the finished steel bar is delivered in hot rolling forming, normalizing or hot rolling state.
Q:What is the difference between plate and steel?
Screwed steel is a kind of thread steel, refers to the steel surface spiral rib ribbed steel, steel wire like also refers to as disc together.
Q:What is the manufacturing process of the hot rolled thread steel production line?
The billets used in continuous small mills are generally continuous billets, the length of which is usually 130~160mm, the length is about 6~12 meters, and the billets are 1.5~3 tons in weight. The rolling line is mostly flat interchange arrangement to realize all round rolling without torsion. According to different billet specifications and finished sizes, there are 18, 20, 22 and 24 small mills, 18 of which are mainstream. The use of bar rolling reheating furnace, high pressure water descaling, in addition to the new technology of low-temperature rolling, endless rolling, rolling, rolling development to adapt and improve the precision of rolling billet, rolling mill is mainly to improve the accuracy and speed (up to 18m/s).
Q:What is the relationship between steel structure and thread steel?
Thread steel is usually used in embedded parts of steel structures, sometimes in civil engineering units, and sometimes in steel structural units. How to divide the owner's list?
Q:What is the quality difference between round bar and screw steel?
Physical and mechanical properties are different. Because of the different chemical composition and strength of reinforcing steel, they are different in physical and mechanical properties. The cold bending property of steel is good, can make the hook 180, screw steel can only make straight hook 90 degrees; steel weldability is good, with ordinary carbon steel electrode can be used to low alloy electrode; anti fatigue performance and toughness in steel bar is good.
Q:Why is thread steel thinner than crude?
Because the surface has a thread shape, it can increase the firm bond with the concrete. The longitudinal reinforcement and stirrups shall be used preferentially in the concrete members. Because the rebar is low alloy steel and its price is higher than that of low carbon round steel, the construction unit or design unit usually starts from the practical angle of the general civil building
Q:Thread steel 20*9 one is 2.001T. How many pieces of this one?
Thread steel 20*9, one is 2.001T, and this one has about 90. Thread steel 20*9, parameter is 20mm in diameter, length is 9m.

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