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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4257N3247N1/N Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Howo A7,336HP,6×4,Europe II

Mass Parameters

Total Weight (kg)


Rated Loading Weight (kg)

Size Parameters

Overall Dimensions (mm)







Distance between Axles (mm)


Performance Parameters

Max. Driving Speed (km/h)


Economic Speed (km/h)


Recommended Configuration





Rear Axle


Oil Tank (L)


Suspension (front/rear spring)




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Q:How far can the LNG tow 450L twin cylinders run?
450 x 0.9 x 0.43 * =348kg. A heavy truck hundred kilometers gas consumption is calculated by the 35kg, 348 35=9.95 / 100 km. So you can probably calculate the dual 450L tractor, if the road conditions are complex, will not run 1000 kilometers.
Q:Why are the trailer plat inconsistent?
The front car is the front of the license plate.The rear car is the license plate of the trailer.On the one hand, the front and trailer are a kind of vehicles, as vehicles for management, are required on the card.On the other hand, if the trailer does not have the brand, then hang the trailer on the front of the car, will not see the rear of the car brand.This is not allowed by the law, may be deliberately blocked plate number.First, traffic accidents will cause serious consequences.
Q:Is there any change in the payload quality of the tractor on the new traffic law?
The new traffic law is calculated according to the number of axles loading mass.
Q:What's the comfort of the V430 tractor?
The comfort of this car is very good. The quality of the suspension is good. I hope my answer will help you. I wish you a pleasant ride
Q:The hanwag tractor is good
Hanwag liberation is the FAW for domestic medium and long distance logistics market and modified car market to develop new product platform, located in the northwest of the liberation of popular over the years Wang, four engineering Wang upgrades. The liberation of hanwag cab assembly conducted a comprehensive upgrade, the semi floating suspension spring, hydraulic damping system, smooth and comfortable driving experience.
Q:What's the quality of PA tractor?
340 horsepower can be used. If you buy a standard load pull light skin PA M4. if you want to buy a second generation if heavy tractor to buy 507 less traction, then pull the card to buy. The whole dragon is a branch of the Dongfeng liuqi. Technology also works. If you buy it, be sure to be popular. Or accessories must suffer.
Q:Are trailers and tractors the same thing?
Trailers should, as far as possible, follow the path of the tractor, which should be good trailing. Good flexibility is achieved by improving the flexibility of the trailer's steering. There are many forms of the trailer steering mechanism, the common ones are: all wheels are revolving casters (see trolley). The front axle consists of two wheels, and the rear axle is fixed (with the bogie steering Trailer).
Q:Is the reverse direction of the trailer?
When reversing the semi-trailer, the steering wheel rotates in the opposite direction as the car reverses!
Q:Does the airport tractor have a lot of horsepower, Can you push the plane?
The basic structure and classification of aircraft tractor:Aircraft tractor is a high-tech product which integrates power, electricity and liquid. The chassis usually adopts four wheel drive, four wheel steering and hydraulic power steering system, safe and convenient operation; some also equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system, in addition to some special lubrication points, car lubricating point for most without manual maintenance, all can be done automatically by the system, improve the reliability of the aircraft; most of tractor cab you can lift (to improve vision), combined with ergonomic design, safety and comfort, good visibility; the top part of the cab is equipped with anti touch switch, the obstacle stops rising to prevent cab rises against the aircraft, to ensure the safety of aircraft.
Q:What are the proper tyres for tractor tires?
The simple price can not say what big problem may be even more durable than cheap expensive. This can't be said to I think we should look at the quality of tire quality and vehicle weight of the road there is a tire if I think Bridgestone and Yokohama good because I am always contact tire these give you a little but you also need advice for their situation for their own tailor-made good not willing to spend money on cheap goods is not good

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