Household Self-priming JET-L&JET-B Pump

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Household Self-priming JET-L&JET-B  Pump

The JET-L&JET-B series pumps are with an automatic ejector system, find many uses in domestic applications, gardens and supply water from wells, and so on. These pumps suitable for civil and industrial uses to pump clean water and chemically non- agressived loquid. They are very reliable, safe and sample to use.

Pump body:Cast Iron

Impeller:brasss (Noryl, if requied)

Motor:Closed, Externally ventilated

Insulation class:B(Class F if required)

Protection class: IP44/IP55

Duty:Continuously rated

Mechanical seal:Φ12 ceramic steatite/graphite

Shaft:Carbon steel AISI 1045(Stainless steel AISI 420 if requied)

The normal power standard is 220v,50HZ,single phase

Three phase 220v/380v, 50HZ, 220V/460V, 60HZ

Single phase 230V, 240V, 127V,110V,115V/ 60HZ

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Q:How to connect the household pump capacitor?
1) in a line in the AC220V string into a large light bulb (Bai Chideng), and then the capacitor as shown in figure A, then, that B and C are three terminals; 2) the number of pump motor three lines 1, 2 and 3; 3) A, B, C and 1 2, 3, a total of six kinds of wiring combination: ABC/123, ABC/ 231, ABC/321, ABC213, ABC132 ABC312; 4) you have a a try, if you can turn up, and the fastest start wiring is correct, 5) if not turn up, you have to increase the number of watt bulb, such as 200 watts, 300 watts, 500 watts...... With a few 100 watt parallel one; 6) string into the bulb is designed to prevent the current is too large, it certainly must be removed after determining the connection method; 7) there is no suitable bulb that according to the motor power generation to choose the appropriate insurance.
Q:What are the parameters of the pump price?
The first point: brand, manufacturers are generally different, the price difference is relatively large, the brand effect and quality of this.The second point: motor model and matching pump model, the general power is greater, the higher the price.The third point: special requirements, such as: to achieve a special lift, or special flow, special materials, special maintenance period, the rate of special accidents. The price is higher than the usual model.Basically, these are the pumps that determine the price of the pump. In fact, the same manufacturer, the power difference is not too large, there is no special requirements, the price is basically the same, the reason manufacturers do not the same price, is a marketing strategy, in fact, the cost is the same.
Q:where's the coolant water pump located on a 1999 Honda accord?
This Site Might Help You. RE: where's the coolant water pump located on a 1999 Honda accord? We've changed the hoses, and thermostat for the radiator. It still leaks coolant but we can't find out where it's leaking from.
Q:When you change the timing belt do you also have to change the water pump?
It relies upon on the vehicle, in diverse fashions, like maximum mitsubishis, you could desire to take the timing belt off to alter the water pump. So then that is an included operation and there is not any extra suitable value linked with the exertions to do the timing belt, it merely makes it a handy, value saving time to do it. there is not any rule approximately changing water pumps and timing belts at the same time. If that is not an included operation there is not any element to do them on a similar time. The timing belt is physically powerful preventative upkeep yet there is not any might desire to alter the water pump previously that is showing signs and indicators, and there are a brilliant style of them, that that is going to die.
Q:how do you fix a washing machine water pump?
Can you tell us what brand? They do NOT make them all the same either in placement, access, or attachment.... So to be able to help you properly, we need MORE INFO, PLEASE!!!!
Q:Pump power ratio design is small, the problem is big?
No problem, despite the good use of different water pump factory manufacturing process is different, the product of the rich value of different factors, power difference is inevitable, as long as the flow and head to meet your use requirements.The calculation formula tells you: your flow is 72 tons / hour, lift 90 meters, motor power P=2.73HQ/0.75*1.2=28.5KW
Q:i have a 9.9hp evinrude not pumping water properly?
Q:What could it be...? Water Pump or Thermostat?
99%odds on thermostat (or combination of thermostat and presure cap) is problem! If pressure cap not sealing properly, it is possible that no water is being pushed into heater circuit (water part)-- Lack of normal engine temperature would just aggrivagte the problem! I have yet to see a waterpump that worked too good,- so that an engine ran too cold! Really,-- a waterpump that is bad would make the engine run too hot, - and even that is unlikely unless something is broken inside where it can't be seen......... Most (bad) waterpumps leak enough water so that engine overheats from lack of water !! The reason engine shakes is because it is running too rich, -- the computer thinks it is still too cold to drive normally so the encrichment valve puts in more gas than normal-- (this is equivalent of a choke on normally carbureted engines), -- which are now history because of computers! Have cooling system pressure checked (including checking pressure cap), and get thermostat replaced, -- this will most likely take care of your problem!
Q:Corolla Water Pump - How to test leak?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Corolla Water Pump - How to test leak? One mechanic told me that my Toyota Corolla 2004 CE's water pump is leaking and I need to change pump and its belt costing me around $450. I took it to other mechanic today and he told that water pump looks good and no need to worry. I need to know how I can verify that water pump is leaking or...
Q:Should I use Stop Leak for a slow water pump leak?
Stop leak does work in some cases but not for a water pump the leak is coming from the seal on the shaft as for it being $600 for a water pump? find another shop as for a pump from a salvage yard? no the seals are most likely dried out they drain the fluids when they salvage a car . what happened to cause the leak? chances are that when draining the old fluid from the system the fluid was thick from age and holding it togather this is common with cooling systems and transmissions as if u wait to long to change its fluid it will cause the transmission to fail. the pump may be 10yrs old time to replace (not for $600) stop leak while has its places wont work on a moving part (IE water pump shaft)

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