Household rugs/wool carpet/hand made carpet

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100% Wool
Cut Pile
Hand Tufted
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China (Mainland)

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hand made carpet
Pile weight:
4.5 lb
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Packaging Detail:by pp and woven bag
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hand made carpet
1, Material: 100% Wool
2, Pile weight: 4.5 lb
3, Pile height: 10mm
4, Backing: Cotton cloth

Style nameb 088
Material100% Wool
Pile height10mm
Pile weight4.5 lb
BackingCotton cloth

Household rugs/wool carpet/hand made carpet

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Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of carpet laying at home?
Carpet laying simple, modeling, patterns, installation time is short, can create an atmosphere inside the room, a vigorous atmosphere.The carpet is a kind of flexible pavement materials, good skid resistance and softness can make people not easy to slip and knock on it. Therefore, if the children's house carpet, it can give children a safe line of defense.Carpet water absorption, usually careless cup of water spilled on the ground, does not matter.Carpet because of its close ventilated structure, can absorb and isolate sound wave, have good sound absorption and sound insulation effect. Not only can maintain their own room quiet, but also to prevent noise is too noisy and disturb the downstairs tenants.Carpet insulation effect is good, in winter, warm effect is reflected, the first visual warmth, and then the texture.
Q:Ink on carpet?
You will probably need to resort to a solvent type cleaner that will actually dissolve the ink, especially now that it is dry. Perhaps something like Energene would do the trick. GOOD LUCK!
Q:can i keep a tortoise on carpet
carpets fin but give it other sections to
Q:Questions about rugs?
I use a 1200D winter blanket with extra insulation on cold days, and a 600D winter blanket with regular insulation all day, every day, beginning february to start help them shedding out. He also get's a hood, but it gets checked and adjusted several times/day as they can become a hazard. During summer days, my horse get's a fly scrim with UV protection, and a night he get's a polar fleece rug with double front enclosures and crossunder belly straps (which becomes a royal pain to keep clean, but it keeps him warm and cozy at night.) After showers or getting sweaty, he get's a square polar fleece sheet that just loops on the halter and in front of the neck. Rainy/drizzly days he gets a water proof turnout, and on cold rainy days he gets the polar fleece underneath the water proof turnout. I get lots of rugs and sheets and blankets from reining, so he has quite a variety for all weather conditions. For other horses that don't get checked several times throughout the day, I would suggest not blanketing unless necessary. A lot can go wrong with blankets, and horses are always getting in trouble haha
Q:What is the three in one carpet cleaning machine?
This kind of maintenance type cleaning method, drying speed block, carpet residue less. And regularly use warm water (not more than 40 degrees), spray spray pumping maintenance cleaning comb for high-grade carpet, can guide hair wool, flocking and other high-grade carpet, and can reduce the residual detergent and dirt in the carpet cleaning, and can effectively prevent dirt and cleaning carpet due to excessive deposition the carpet and long-term wet dry, mildew infested, resulting in damage to the rotten rotten carpet.
Q:if i have stumbling on feild my oppent has f/d mt and moster i summon dream clown could they pull rug it?
pulling the rug won't work. dream clown's effect works when it's switched from attack to defense position. if stumbling is on the field and you summon dream clown in attack mode, stumbling will switch it in defense mode. since dream clown's effect only activates when it's switched from attack to defense, pulling the rug won't work because it only negates the effect of monsters that activate when normal summoned (monarchs, gadgets, etc.)
Q:Carpet Tile?
well thats just standard practice to list the pricing per box... you should be able to purchase by the square(piece) Also might wanna try your local carpet store.carpet squares are typically more of a comercial grade carpet,so you could also look in the phone book under commercial flooring and talk them into selling some of their extras. hope that helped.anymore questions,feel free to ask. i have been a ceramic tile installer for 10 years and did my share of carpet too. jarod
Q:removing pet stains from carpet?
you can buy special liquid from the vet for this job, Pets at home is a great store and it is world wide
Q:why do you rug a stabled horse?
A horse will only need a rug during cold weather if they have been shaved or do not grow an appropriate winter coat. A majority of horses who are not shaved will not require a rug, when outside or inside. Breed of horse should also be taken into consideration, breeds originating from cold climates are even less likely to require a rug than breeds that originate from warmer enviornments. Another reason a horse may need a rug is because they are very young or very old. Winter foals often times will be rugged because they just came from their mother's very warm womb and do not have coats suitable for the winter weather. Very old horses often can have difficulty keeping weight or growing good enough coats for winter as well. Very ill horses may also need to be blanketed, as will extremely skinny horses. After exercise during cold weather if the horse has worked enough to sweat it is advisable to throw a fleece rug over them for a bit to wick off the sweat and dry the skin and coat. This will allow the horse to remain warm, if you were to put them back outside still sweaty it would cause their core body temperature to drop, which is dangerous during winter months.
Q:Is the bedroom a good wooden floor or a carpet?
Disadvantages of carpet laying:The carpet carpet surface for intensive pile structure, has a strong ability to accept dust. This relatively reduces the amount of dust in the air, but on the other hand leads to too much dust on the carpet. At the same time, some carpets due to cleaning and maintenance is not timely, easy to breed bacteria, mites, long-term use will cause children bronchitis and respiratory diseases. Carpet cleaning is difficult to maintain. First of all, easy dust dirty carpet, often need to dust, secondly, because of the porous carpet, easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices clean up more difficult.

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