Hotel Extra Folding Bed /Guest Bed With Wheel FB03

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30000 pc/month

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Product Description:


Item No. FB03

Product Size: 80*200cm or be customized

Material; iron tube + slat


-- Tube size:25(length)*25(width)*1.0(thickness)mm

-- Finishing:epoxy power coating

-- Tube Color:Black, Grey, White, Etc


-- Slat Type:Poplar or birch

-- Slat Size:53(width)*8.5(thickness)mm

-- Slat Quantity:1*12pcs

CBM:  0.185 M3

Loading quantity: 20GP:151pcs / 40GP:314pcs / 40HQ:368pcs

MOQ: 1*40HQ

Delivery Time: 25-35 days/ 40HQ

Usage:  Hotel / Hospital / School/ Some


1. Full use of space

2 .Easy to move, Simple operation. Legs will be open automatic while open bed frame

3. With/without mattress

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Q:Are all tanning beds supposed to close all the way?
Some beds close completely. Some beds have a very small gap when the canopy is closed. It doesn't matter the age of the bed. Some of the newer beds do not close completely.
Q:how can i be good in bed?
That is not true. You can be terrific in bed and not keep a relationship. Relationships are complex; there is more to them than sexual gratification. Generally, to be good in bed, you must be involved...fully involved, like a house on fire. You must be involved with all your senses, your imagination, visualization, fantasizing, etc. The raw technical aspects of lovemaking are quite simple. You need to put all the rest of it together.
Q:What bed is the strongest?
Wood, a thick point, want to have a little bit stronger without bed box, that would be a bit thicker, the choice, to a kind of molding, resin content of plywood plywood or large, very bad taste
Q:are indian men good in bed?
Lmao yeah.... they have custom made condoms to fit because they're really small.
Q:How to prevent rust in Chinese railway products?
If the other protective properties of iron products, such as anti-theft fence, fence, bedstead like items, can be treated with some parcels of things, waterproof and anti weathering, such as paint like. To give him a protective film, the principle such as clothes and wiping cream sprinkle.
Q:I want to get a new bed but i feel im being selfish cus my old bed is in good condition.?
Well, a girl usually gets a new bed either as a teenager (16+), or moving out for the first time and buying her own. Mattresses last about ten yrs, depending on quality. So if you wake up with springs poking you all over, it's time for a new mattress. But a bed frame, with a new headboard, can change how a room looks. If the mattress and bed frame are fine, try looking for a new headboard. It'll change the look without the price of the new mattress. And really, if you are still sleeping in your big-girl bed that you've had since kindergarten... it's time for a change.
Q:What is the best? Air bed or Water bed?
We had a water bed for many years (still have the frame and headboard). In cold weather it is very nice to get into a bed that is already warm. My wife's back and hips did not work well with the water mattress after many years. We replaced the mattress with a conventional mattress which works fine. Over time, the conventional mattress has developed a slight trough under each of us. I tried a TempurPedic mattress in a store and it was too warm for me. I do have a pillow made of that material which works well. I have used a self-inflating camping pad on top of the conventional mattress and have gotten good sleep there as well. We have never had a Gel bed or TempurPedic on a regular basis.
Q:Do you like this bedding set?
Q:bedding stores?? help appreciated.?
Q:my friend's hamster bedding?
NO!!! This could cause SERIOUS respiratory problems in their hamster! There's a reason they make bedding especially for hamsters! Make your friend go buy appropriate bedding NOW.

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