Hot ZL16F mini tractor wheel loader made in China for sale low price with diesel engine

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China main port
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1 set
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1000 set/month

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Product Description:

1.The first electrophoresis and electrostatic powder spraying line in construction machinery,advanced welding center,blanking workshop.

2.with 160,000 m2 plant,200,00 units of annual capacity,speedy delivery.Technicans with rich experience,stable and reliable,special design for u.

3.High quality with heavier overall weight,steel frame structure,increasing the overall strength.


4.well-known engine brand, high power,high efficiency,low noise, low fuel consumption, reliable operation and long service life.

5.Countershaft design, power-shift gearbox,Three elements single stage torque converter easy to operate 

6.Split flow of single pump for working hydraulic system, significant effect of energy conservation;

Hot ZL16F mini tractor wheel loader made in China for sale low price with diesel engine

Hot ZL16F mini tractor wheel loader made in China for sale low price with diesel engine

Technical Specifications of ZL16F:

Hot ZL16F mini tractor wheel loader made in China for sale low price with diesel engine

Company informaton:

Hot ZL16F mini tractor wheel loader made in China for sale low price with diesel engine

Hot ZL16F mini tractor wheel loader made in China for sale low price with diesel engine

Hot ZL16F mini tractor wheel loader made in China for sale low price with diesel engine

Hot ZL16F mini tractor wheel loader made in China for sale low price with diesel engine


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