Hot Wholesale Speedwolf Cree XPG R5(1820LM) Underwater 150M Design 2x26650(2X5000MAH) IP68 High Power Led Flashlight

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(1)Intelligent temperature protection system and automatic temperature detection. The lights will reduce brightness automatically to protect itself from damage before riding or under bad ventilated environment.
(2)Aviation grade aluminum material and Accurate machining like making watches.
(3)Good quality A type battery(26650 5000MAH).We make sure that each battery is absolute consistency so that they can keep working longer and support more number of cycles at the same time.
(4)Batteries are configured with protection circuit such as short circuit protection, over current protection, overcharge protection and so on so that the security is guaranteed at any time.
(5)Electricity monitoring function:If the battery voltage<20%,the LED diving flashlight will flash 2times in order to alert the user.
(6)Humanized design to ensure convenient installation.
(7)High quality charger with certificates such as UL,ROHS,CE,FCC and so on.
(8)Very good waterproof design;It can be dive to about 150M through out actual test.
(9)Hard III anodized,It can go through soak of seawater.


Main Prameters
(1)LED lamp beads: CREE XPG R5


(3)LED CK:6700~7000K(Cool white)
(5) Range of battery Voltage: 3V~8.45V
(6) Battery Capacity: 2X5000MAH
(7)Lighting mode:HIGH->MID->LOW->FLASH
(8)2X26650 battery Lighting Time:High Mode6Hours);MID Mode(about 9Hours) LOW Mode(12Hours)
(9) Irradiation Distance:0.8KM(underwater:0.6KM)
(10)Charger: Input  100~240V 47HZ~63HZ output 8.4V 1.5A EU,UK,USA....
(11)Charger Time:3.5hours
(12)Battery Power<20%,LED Diving flashlight will flash 2times per 5minutes
(13)IP Class:IP68
(14)Dive depth(Underwater):150M
(15)Application:Diving,Camp,fishing,hiking,To climb,Tactical combat,Hunting,Bicycle riding,Work.



(1) Suggest to charge and discharge the battery completely at least one time for each month in order to improve its function.
(2) Keep the battery charged full when they will not be used for long time and charge it every 3 months.


Packaging & Shipping 

6.Kit include

(1)LED diving flashlight  1pcs                                                                        

(2)Charger(100-240V to 4.2V 1.0A)(Eu,USA,UK....) 2pcs

(3) Charger                                                                                                   

(4)waterproof gift box 1pcs

(5)  tail rope 1pcs                                                                                        

(6) 2X26650 li-ion battery 8.4V 1pcs    


(1)We will ship the goods according to the agreed time after we get the payment.
(2)We only use UPS DHL EMS TNT FedEx CN-POST Singapore-POST EU-POST and so on as shipment forwarder. UPS and DHL will take 3-7 business days delivery.EMS will be slower but have less chance to pay tax in your local customs.If you have any requirements,Please contact us.
(3)When we send the goods, we will responsible for the problems in China Custom,and the buyer responsible for the problems in buyer's country Customs


Quality Control

(1)All products are tested before shipping to make sure high-quality
(2)All products , batteries and chargers are CE, Rohs,GS,UL,FCC compliant and comply with local import laws and regulations
(3)All products are carefully packed to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.


Our Services


(1)Orders will be dispatched 7-25 days after payment, depending on quantities
(2)We Always choose the most economic and reliable shipping company to make sure you receive the goods in time
(3)The tracking number will be provided to you once the consignment is shipped
(4)7x24 hour customer service to answer your questions or fix problems regarding your order.&nbsp

(5)We can provide sample  for you.

(6)Customized product(Size&Color) accepted as customer's requirement


Replacement for defective goods will only be available if the defect rate is over 1% of the total order quantity and request is received within 24 months from the shipping date.




(1)Does the LED flashlight have temperature protection?

 Yes,it does. Under bad ventilated environment, heat will accumulate, which lead to an elevated temperature. When temperature increased up to 70 degrees, the light goes into an automatic temperature protection and lowers the brightness so as to protect the lamps while temperature is lower than 60 degrees, it will return to normal brightness.


(2)In addition to the commonly used T/T payment, is there any other ways?

Besides T/T, there are other payments such as paypal, L/C, credit cards, western union and escrow.


(3)How about the quality of the battery?

 We guarantee what we used are all A grade lithium-ion batteries. Recycling in 500 times, the capacity is only down to 80% so as to ensure 1000 times service life.


(4)How long is your general delivery time?

Generally, the non-customized products within 1000 are guaranteed can delivery in 10-15 days.


(5)What standard plugs you can provide for bicycle light charger? And what voltage can be compatible with?

We can provide EU, EK, USA, AUS charger, which voltage is compatible with 100V-200V, wide voltage standard, CE, UL, ROHS, GS, FCC certificated.


(6)Is the underwater swith of the diving light easy to jump when it is impacted by the water pressure?

There is a built-in spring under the switch, which is enough to guarantee the stability of the switch. Absolutely no need to worry about if it will jump or not.


(7)How to make the diving light deep-sea waterproof?

First, the lamp’s high strength toughened glass is 3mm thick; Second, using magnetic induction switch; Third, all joints use the silicone o-ring. With the perfect design, our light can achieve IP68 waterproof level. And all the product have passed the strict water pressure test and aging test before they are dispatched from the factory.


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Q:What battery is the rechargeable LED flashlight battery? What is the principle?
Nickel batteries, because the battery is carbon based, the power output is slow, relatively linear, output, use for a long time
Q:LED rechargeable flashlight can not charge, but plug in power can be bright, what is the reason?
LED rechargeable flashlights can be recharged repeatedly using handheld electronic lighting tools. LED rechargeable flashlight consists of LED light source, shell, rechargeable battery, switch, circuit board and so on.
Q:The hernia lamp and the Led light flashlight are good
Auto light is hernia, definitely longer than LED life, brightness
Q:Flashlight T6 what does that mean?
By the way, Fenix E01, has a 10 lumens of small toys, can make people feel very bright ~850 if we play LM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the flashlight all know, starting from T6, absolutely can not direct the eye.
Q:Can LED light beads be replaced by ordinary flashlights?
You need to find a diode with a pressure drop, or it will burn the diode if the light is not bright or too bright.LED luminescence principle:The terminal voltage of PN junction constitutes a certain barrier. When the forward bias voltage is applied, the potential barrier decreases, and the majority carrier in the P region and the N region diffuse to each other. Since the electron mobility is much larger than the hole mobility, a large amount of electrons will diffuse into the P region, which will result in the injection of minority carriers into the P region. These electrons are combined with holes in the valence band, and the energy is released in the form of light energy when combined. This is the principle of PN junction luminescence.
Q:Now most LED flashlights are using resistance to drop voltage charging, waste a lot of energy, why manufacturers like to use?
When you turn on the flashlight, you see the simple circuit, and the general mobile phone has an external charger. They did notThat is to say, use 230V to direct decompression.
Q:LED electric drive circuit principle diagram, analytic find more straightforward
Process control diagram transistor mainly occurred in VT1, the work process is as follows, the capacitor connected to the VT1 on the left base potential basically fixed, when the VT2 is switched on, the capacitor potential decreased, because the capacitor voltage can not have a mutation, so as the drop-down role for VT1 base, this action prompted VT2 more saturated conduction. During the process, the capacitor is charged full, so that the base current of the VT1 is weakened. Then the collector potential of VT2 increased, the trend of the rise of the feedback base potential effect of VT1 capacitor is increased, which led to the rise of VT1 transistor appeared off, it causes the VT2 cut-off cut-off, inductance coil form boost, resulting in two transistor boost completely off, thus completing a shock cycle.
Q:At present, the LED flashlight commonly used in the market, the built-in lead-acid battery is too bad, can use 4 nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery instead?
The batteries commonly used in the market for LED flashlights are lead-acid batteries, and their charging circuits are generally the simplest circuits with capacitive current limiting.
Q:The Q5 flashlight long-range rechargeable LED flashlight 14500 battery No. 5
1, for a long time, there will be some loose, but not as a rejection has changed.2, battery No. 5, Q5, non glare, I don't know how bright it is, anyway, it's shorter than 14500!
Q:How to change the concentration of LED flashlight
The reflector cup is focused on light by using a lens designed by an optical path, and can be divided into a smooth cup and an orange peel cup. The light cup has better focusing effect and less scattered light, but the spot effect is poor and uneven

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