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Centrifugal Juicer,slow juicer
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
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Automatic Pulp Ejection,Dish Washer Safe,Non-Drip Spout,Reverse
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slow juicer
slow juicer:
OEM slow juicer
Function slow juicer:
Chopping, Mixing, Shredding, Slicing

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Packaging Detail:color box
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slow juicer
1.low price and high quality
2.popular design with powerful motor overheat protection
4.Factory direct

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Q:Juice extractor is able to juice separation good, or not separated good? Why
The highest two can be, and that would like to choose which kind of juice is convenient
Q:What kind of food can you make with a juicer?
Potatoes are best not to juice, and can not drink directly. Other vegetables are generally juice, drink, and if you feel bad taste, you can add a little sugarIntroduce several fruit juice practices:1., tomato, cucumber and water juice, add sugar can be eaten2., banana juice with water, add milk and sugar, you can eat banana milk shake(above applicable machine)If the ordinary juicer is in use, you can process the juice, such as adding things, heating, freezing, mixing, etc., will make the juice better
Q:What functions can Juicer have? What juice can be squeezed?
Minced meat. The meat mixer function is generally suitable for small meat cutter, used for balls, dumplings and other food. Stir the fruit. Fruit stirring is an important function of a mixer for consumers' attention, and is also a function that consumers are easily confused with. Many mixers have played the juice machine signs, again, I would like to remind readers, the mixer is unable to make pure fruit juice. There are two main ways to deal with the fruit of the mixer. The first is to use soybean milk cup, put the fruit in the soybean milk cup net cover, add water, milk or other beverage as the solution, and start the mixer to stir. This way you can put the fruit juice into solution, mixed juice, and can separate most pomace with Soybean Milk cup net cover; the second is directly put the fruit in a Soybean Milk cup, do not use the net, add water, milk or other beverages as the starting solution, stirrer. In this way, you can mix fruit juice, pomace, and solution to get a cup of mixed fruit drinks. Introduce the rising star, milk shake machine, milk shake machine in mixer, also is a member of mixer family, but it is in design, more emphasize the stirring function of fruit than other mixer. The point introduces the analytic function in front of Mixer Blender fruit stirring function, but most of the ordinary mixer due to structure above, fruit stirring effect is not particularly desirable (Kiwi has several mixer exceptions)
Q:What is the wattage of a general Juicer?
The number of Watts in the juicer is large and small, depending on what you do with it. The juice is usually 2200W, so you can keep the nutrients in the fruit. Our domestic juicer is more than 2200W.
Q:The working principle and circuit diagram of the juice extractor
Advantages: don't cut fruit juice is very small, fast, just a few seconds to squeeze an apple or carrot juice, clear.Disadvantages: the noise is large; the juice yield is normal; the fruit residue is wet and some waste; almost no juice can be squeezed out of leafy vegetables or especially soft fruits.
Q:What's the difference between a blender, a processor, and a juicer? How to make a choice
If you want to do Fresh Juice, I suggest you buy a juicer or juice machine, if you want to make ice, shredding and slicing vegetables, chili powder, meat, buy food machine.
Q:The juicer doesn't peel the pears and apples, does it?
Yes, just clean itRecommend Joyoung times juicy series of JYZ-E9 for you
Q:Own home with Juicer juice, do not know how to match well
[grapefruit + pineapple + Apple + Lemon + honey] the mixed vegetable juice is suitable for maintenance and repair after sun skin. [Kiwi + carrot + Apple + honey + Lemon] provides the brain and nerve vitality; prevent anemia, eye disease, asthma, diabetes; purify blood, beautify the skin; help hair development. Note: the carrots are last put. [celery + lettuce + pineapple + Apple + Lemon + honey] for women, men, lack of energy, stay up late to drink. To prevent freckles, sun, rough skin, with good cosmetic effect; enhance energy, nerves and effective on insomnia. Banana juice to promote energy, health, nourishing the muscles van Maitong rafter. Watermelon juice is clear summer heat diuresis, antiphlogistic, fall blood pressure. Mango juice helps digestion, seasickness, vomiting and sore throat. Pineapple Juice detumescence, digestion, cure nephritis, pharyngitis. Grape juice diuretic, blood strengthening Anshen, strong kidney, liver function. Orange juice, phlegm, stomach, heart disease and stroke. Grapefruit juice to reduce cholesterol, cold, cough and phlegm. Lemon juice, cough, phlegm, and help eliminate toxins. Pear juice diuretic, expectorant, remove toxins in vivo. Coconut juice protects against heart disease, cancer, skin and cough. Papaya juice, cough, lungs, help digestion protein.
Q:Can I squeeze the juice out of the potatoes?
Yes, but cut the potatoes into small pieces. After the juice, clean up in time
Q:The motor of the juice extractor is burnt. Can you fix it? How do you fix it?
Open the rear end cover of the motor, and find out the overload protection tube (a small metal tube). Pick it out and short it will do!

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