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Product Description:

Top Selling Outdoor Sofa Suite Wicker


Product  Features:


1. Hand woven

2. Made from durable PU material

3. UV protection to reduce fading

4. Frame constructed from powder coated aluminium

5. Anti-rust properties

6. Suitable for all weathers or indoor use

7. Maintenance free

8. Choice of colours

9. 2 year structural guarantee



More Details:


Rattan, the rattan we use for our product is only the highest quality manmade fiber, as PE rattan, this kind 
        of rattan is UV resistant, waterproof,
 and it is through dyed. The quality can be checked by applying heat 
        when getting scratched. It will take long time and the color of rattan will never fade, also it is not sensitive 
        to temperature fluctuations.


Cushion, we are using water-proof fabric and sponge for the cushions. Especially, the sponge is with high 
       density which can ensure the durability.


C. Frame, The frame is aluminum tube with 1.2,1.5 and 1.8mm thick, thicker and stronger, It is powder coated 
       which can protected against corrosion and becomes virtually invisible when it is woven over.



Our Service:


--- Size and design can be Customized.

--- One- stop furniture purchasing

--- Prompt action to your request



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Q:How to keep frabic sofa clean?
Put sofa cover so it does't soil very easily. Also, ask for dry cleaners in your area to clean your sofa.
Q:Sofa stain!?
Clorox stick
Q:$3500 for a Leather Sofa too much or too Little?
well all leather sofas get scratched up, somehow... Darker colors will get light marks, because the stains, are just that, stains, topical coloring, there is no way real leather can be stained all the way through. lighter sofas, dont show scratches as easily. a leather that is colored with patchy colors, to have that modern look to it, conceal discolorations... It's good to get a good leather protectant, but one that doesn't leave leather oily. Leather can be as thick as cow hide, or thin as bob's furnature's, it will scratch, scuff, or be stained by fruit drinks, wines, and inks. Although a thicker leather, will hold up to cuts, and deep abbrasions alot easier, and can be repaired alot easier, but at a costly expense. re tanning the hide, basically. Leather sofas with more details, is asking for trouble, the higher the details, or workmanship to make it look fancier, the higher the chances, of problems arising, Studs, aren't very deep, even for the most handy sofa maker, they will come out, and you got yourself a hole, a whole that will eventually tear, or catch something, or the occasional friend that likes to pick at little things, they shouldn't. The best way to go is simple craftmanship, thicker leather, and just spend the extra on accenting around the couches, to bring more ellagance to the room. which is more eye popping, becaus when someone sits down, they dont notice the couch anymore, it's the things around them. I spent, 2,500 dollars on my couch and chair/ottoman., not even a scratch, and we have a dog, a cat, and a bullin the china shop husband.
Q:how can i clean my sofa?
I have microfiber slipcovers, and I wash them in the washing machine and air dry.
Q:What's the difference between a Couch and a Sofa?
2 words for the same object, that's not uncommon. Usually people speaking the same language but from different part of their country (south vs. north for example) or different part of the world could use different word. See the reference below. Unfortunately they don't say anything about Australia, only UK :-)
Q:toxic sofas?
Are you writing about a sofa that you sit on? I have not heard about this. But if it is made of a polyester material, it could cause pollution and make the air you breathe toxic. I know a person who is allergic to polyester material. I think you need to add some more details and material to your question............
Q:Cat peeing on Sofa?
As long as nothing is physically wrong, I've found that the biggest reason for this kind of behavior is that he's trying to make a point. When possible, it's best to figure out what his need is and meet it. Better to solve the problem than to punish for the symptom. Maybe he does it when you've left him alone longer than usual. I knew a cat who did this because he was lonely. His owners spent more time with him and he stopped doing it. Litter box problems are also a common cause, but it sounds like you have that one under control. Putting him outside for the evening might just make whatever the problem is worse. He won't get why you're doing it and it could cause resentment. Giving him a little spritz of water could help, but be careful about doing it too much. I've used that technique, it's actually just about the only discipline you can use on a cat, in my opinion, but overuse can make a cat jumpy and unhappy. Make sure you do it immediately (if you wait, he won't understand why you did it) and praise him when he responds in the way you want. There are products that well repel a cat from a specific spot (I think Bitter Apple is one) and using them is better than yelling or getting frustrated. I'm just worried that in your case, keeping him off the sofa won't solve the problem, it'll just make him pee on something else. However, it might buy you some time to figure it out. In the meantime, use Nature's Miracle for the smell. It's the only thing that works, I've even used it on clothes! Get it at a pet store and follow the directions on the bottle (except I never bother with the foil). If the smell lingers, get a black light bulb, florescent is best, at a lighting store and it will show up any drops you've missed. Matisse -- good name!
Q:Klik Klak sofa/bed?
I just found a page where it explains that the only removable parts are the legs. Brand new in box, complete sofabed convertible in chocolate microfiber. Durable and easy to keep clean. - Converts to 3 different positions! Includes sofa and pillows as seen here. **************************************... - Open the box and it's ready-to-go - only assembly is the legs which screw on in seconds! **************************************... - Easy to use klik klak mechanism changes sofa into bed or lounger instantly You may need a couple of strong guys to help haul that beast out the door !
Q:I need to fix my sofa...?
I'm and get a free catalog sent to you. The slipcovers are very easy to launder as well. And, best of all you can keep both hubby and puppy!
Q:sofa: military green, decoration tips?
Your sofa is actually a nice neutral earth tone and you shouldn't have a lot of trouble finding things to match it. One trick you can do is start looking wallpaper books, or magazine photos for examples of colors that have your shade of green in it. When you find one that appeals to you, take a sample and bring it with you when you shop for accessories. If you can't get a sample, then bring a big box of crayolas with you and match the colors of the crayons to the wallpaper. Keep your coffee table simple and classic. The sofa has a lot going on. You don't want anything too busy nor would you want stark modern lines.

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