Hot Selling Metal Bunk Bed with futon 2253 From Fortune Global 500 Company

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1. Material: steel tubes, main tubes with 50*1.0mm,20*40*1.0mm

2. Size:78.5''*41.75''*64.5''

3. Finish: powder coating

4. Packing: by export brown carton,carton size 76"×45"×7-1/4", 1pc/ctn



1) Competitive price

2) attractive design

3) comfortable, elegant and durable

4) easy to assemble and maintain

5) OEM service is offered

6) Models can be customized

7) Punctual delivery







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Q:What is Optima's overall wardrobe?
Optima whole wardrobe, cabinets are integral sheet, the use of solid wood particle board, with better moisture-proof effect. In the furniture decoration, wood particle board is a common wood for us, it's material slightly hard, the biggest feature is the grain clear beautiful, corrosion resistance, good water resistance, nail holding force, bending pressure, strong stability, good coloring performance, good decorative performance, used for cabinets, wardrobe and a bookcase in the high-end whole cabinet.
Q:Why should the back of the wardrobe and cabinet be slotted / slotted?
The back panel is open and slotted:1, the installation time can be simplified.2, do not let the backboard touch the wall directly, can moistureproof.3, wardrobe cabinets are cube structure, more reasonable and convenient installation slot, side wall contact area is small, uneven wall adjustment.
Q:What is the area of the interior budget cabinet?
I'm an interior designer. The cabinets are calculated by the height of the * * * height. Why not. In cubic. Because the cabinet largely width according to ergonomics to do. The general wardrobe width of 55-60 cm. The shoe is 30-35 cm, so I said that according to the calculation
Q:What is the price of a general wardrobe?
And then look at where you customized, and each manufacturer's production process is not the same, the price is not the same.Secondly, according to the calculation method, the overall wardrobe price calculation method mainly has two kinds: one is projection calculation, and another is according to the expansion area calculation.
Q:What is the opening area of the cabinet?
This and the board is rolled out a meaning, also do not know you put five the length by width of the five face together, finally is his total square. You are not inside the cabinet pasted up, do not know how to count the money to the workers? I'll give you a given number of you there is no square, including the top and bottom: (0.6+0.6+3) *2.8=4.2*2.8= what use the calculator, I there is no calculator, sleep first, to go to work tomorrow!
Q:How to buy wardrobe? What kind of wardrobe is good
The quality of the wardrobe is mainly to see whether the thickness of the plate is full, thick and high enough. If the wardrobe is used in three ammonia board, the best choice of 18 mm thick sheet, high quality materials in order to lay the foundation for the wardrobe, wardrobe on the market nowadays materials include: wood, glass, mirror, metal containing material door is the avant-garde fashion, the most practical one is made with mirror the door.
Q:Do the wardrobe first or the wooden floor first?
1; the first wood flooring, the wardrobe part does not need to have the pressure side (usually Aluminum Alloy), but the day after the wood floor damage to replace the trouble. To take part in the wardrobe first removed away wardrobe before replacement of wood floor.2; first in the wardrobe, wardrobe can see blank, will affect the appearance (some customers do not love). But the day after the replacement of wooden floor is convenient.I usually advise the clients to install the wardrobe first. They are afraid of damaging the floor of the flowers and trees, and the two is to reduce the after-sale service
Q:Who knows the wardrobe password box? Please let me know. Thank you very much
The wardrobe password box is a safe in one wardrobe, designed and fashionable,1, when the drawer closed, drawer type security box appearance and ordinary drawer exactly the same, installation hidden, strong guard, thieves or strangers (such as hourly work) is not easy to detect. More hidden than traditional safe and locked drawers.2, the drawer type password box adopts the insurance box box and high-tech anti-theft electronic locks, security is the same as with traditional insurance box; and the wardrobe together, want to take the whole is unlikely, even if the demolition plate can't get down, the side also saw to take away the secret box. Harder to steal than a traditional safe.
Q:Do the whole wardrobe with more kind board? The height of the space partition? The width between the two vertical plates? Give me some more sizes
I am in the cabinet, wardrobe and other panel furniture factory. We mainly melamine sheet based, without painting, a forming. Wardrobe is divided into: sliding doors, wardrobe, plug-in doors, wardrobe, into the room, wardrobe and so on.
Q:How to wet the wardrobe?
Home common sense moistureproof three plate ax intermittent ventilation: afternoon is the best time, rainy days to the South or southeast of the doors and windows closed to reduce water vapor into the room. At noon, the outside air humidity in the highest value, should not open the window, should be in the afternoon or evening, when the climate is relatively dry, open the window to adjust the indoor air. Lime damp: rainy days can be wrapped in cloth or gunny bags, placed in the room after the lime, so that the indoor air dry. Air conditioning dehumidification: than the previous two methods are simple, but now in power shortage season, recommend using other methods to save energy environmental moisture.

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