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$37.12 / pc
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200Pcs pc
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1500 Pcs Per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Plastic frame with mesh upholster
Mesh upholstery for seat cushion
Fixed armrest
Simple tilt mechanism
100mm stroke gas lift
320mm nylon base
Nylon caster
Product Overall Size:W58*D56*H90-100CM

Selling points:
1.Wonderful design office chair with very competitive price
2.Padded arms, with adjustable function
3.Pneumatic seat height adjustment
4.Massage function available

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Q:Chairs for rent?
I assume you are talking about renting chairs for the reception, and the answer is, it depends. Each church is different. But usually, if you rent the hall, chairs and tables are included in the price. Otherwise, if you have a caterer, they can arrange for the chairs as well. If you use the church for the ceremony, there will be chairs (of course) in the sanctuary. If you have the ceremony in the reception all, then again, the chairs usually come with the space. If for some reason you have to rent chairs, however, the cost is not too bad. We needed to do it for a big party in my family (not in a church), and the rental company arranged to deliver the chairs and pick them up. I don't remember the price right now, but I remember being surprised at how reasonable it was. There are so many big expenses for a wedding. Chairs are going to be only a minor part. I wish you a wonderful day and very good luck.
Q:Where can I find parson chairs in four different colors?
Q:cardboard chair?
Damn, are instructors still asking students to build cardboard chairs. The opportunities are as limitless as your imagination. One option I've seen work is folding cardboard into triangular tubes and using that as a tripod. The sitting surface was a thick piece of cardboard cut and fastened to the top and two sides of the tripod making a hammock-like seat. Another project made a dinner-table style chair by rolling cardboard such that the corrugations were all vertical. Both the seat and back were made in this fashion. The seat could be curved and covered. Not using glue or tape is a new twist to this classic 'fun problem'. If you cut specially made holding pieces out of more cardboard, that should do the trick. Good luck.
Q:Where should the lumbar support be on my office chair?
The purpose of a lumbar support on an office chair is to maintain the natural curvature of your back known as Lordosis. When properly set it should be adjusted to support the lower part of your back in the area roughly between your waistline and the rear of the bottom of your ribs. When it's correctly positioned it prevents the lower part of your back from straightening or curving outwards, try to sit back in your seat to make sure it makes good contact with this part of your back.
Q:OLD New England Ski Lift Chairs?
Freeze. Actually, I wouldn't be there in the first place because I do not ski and I hate, hate, hate cold and snow!
Q:How do i calculate the Normal Force of this chair?
Weight of chair = mg = 10.5 x 9.81 = 103.0N Vertical component of 40.0N force = 40.0sin(39.0) = 25.17N upwards Resultant vertical force on chair = 0 (as there is no acceleration in vertical direction), therefore: total downwards force = total upwards force The total downwards force is just the weight. The total upwards force is 25.17N + the normal force. 103.0 = 25.17 + N where N is normal force N = 103.0 - 25.17 = 77.8N (to 3 sig. figs., same as data supplied)
Q:How do wrestlers take chair shots?
The best one in recent history was Matt Hardy's cause usually the chair shot doesn't end the match in hardcore matches but there it was the chair shot heard round the wwe universe
Q:How can I put new Fabric on a chair?
Re-covering a wing chair is a job for an expert upholsterer so i wouldn't recommend it for a first project unless you're a great seamstress already. However, you can make a passable slipcover for it. Choose a soft but sturdy fabric in a solid cover or small or large print (no stripes, medium scale prints or plaids -- too hard to match patterns). You'll need about 6 yards, at least. One cheap way to get a lot of fabric is to buy bedsheets or fabric shower curtains. I made a nice chair slipcover years ago from two heavy cotton large tableclothes, 60 x 120 each that cost me less than $15 total. Wash and machine dry your fabric first to pre-shrink it. You can either make paper patterns by smoothing brown wrapping paper over the areas of the chair and cutting the pieces to fit OR just smooth the fabric over each area (the back, the seat cushion, the sides) and cutting the pieces with an inch on each side. Pin the pieces together over the chair with the good side of the fabric towards the chair and the seam edges out, then sew the seams together. Then turn the slipcover right side out and slip it over the chair. Sew woven tape ties or ribbons at the bottom edge near all 4 legs and tie them around the legs to keep the cover from riding up or slipping. If the seat cushion is removeable, make the cover to fit the chair with the cushion off, then make a separate slip cover for the seat cushion with a zipper or velcro to close one side. If you go to a fabric store, some of the pattern companies (like mcCalls, Butterick and Simplicity) have patterns that give instructions for making slipcovers like this -- your local library probably has upholstering guide books too. Good luck with your chair!
Q:What are some tips for choosing an office chair?
The choice of materials of different grades vary, of course the price will also have a big gap, can the common material staff chair in all parts of the general introduction, the general staff chair cushion and backrest is imported from South Korea high imitation loose mesh cloth, cushion by Taiwan Tiida, high density sponge, sponge stereotypes and imported sponge material to high density, can use the handrail handrail, handrail, chair legs with nylon feet and plating steel chair legs, Aluminum Alloy feet and a variety of styles to choose.
Q:broken office chair help please?
Check around the chair as there are parts that have become loose and have fallen to the floor. Some are just screws and others are screws with a handle attached. If that is not the problem wait till morning and go have a look at a store for a new chair. Without looking at it. It is going to be a problem to fix.
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