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$411.24 / pc
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200Sets pc
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1500 Sets Per Month pc/month

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Sectional sofa PU on the front PVC on the back and side
Selling points:
1.Wonderful design office chair with very competitive price
2.Padded arms, with adjustable function

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Q:High chairs or booster seats, which do you use first with babies?
High chairs first. Boosters come at about 18 months.
Q:How can I preserve my computer chair?
If the chair was one of their most expensive ones, then hopefully the chair will hold up just fine, butt again I could be wrong. Make sure your weight is evenly distrubuted in the chair don't sit on the edge of it.
Q:bean bag chairs in oahu hawaii?!?
I would talk to your friend about the issue. At almost 500 pounds, he has to be aware that he's going to be too heavy to be rough on household furniture. Let your friend know that you don't own the world's sturdiest, iron clad chairs. Make it clear that you'd appreciate any care he can take when he's sitting down on or gettting up from your stuff. Track down the sturdiest chair in your house for him to use. If that's not an option or he already broke that one, then he's stuck with sitting on the couch. If the couch is too low for him to sit down gracefully on and he may break it or your couch is old as dirt and can't take the strain, then a bean bag may be his best bet. Talk to your friend about the issue and try to be understanding. Ask him if he'd be comfortable in a bean bag or if he knows of another safe solution to sit on. This is a big guy who's probably been heavy most of his life so he should be able to handle the situation gracefully if you're polite and supportive.
Q:Anyone have a wooden high chair?
Yes, Wait, are you looking for the wooden high chair itself or just the pad? I'm confused, sorry. Our high chair came with the pad. If yours didn't maybe you could try making one? I prefer to use ours without. ETA: Lynsey, thats the one that I wanted but David said it looked too girly :( I love that one though, the espresso color. Our dining table (and everything else in the house other than the kids' furniture which is cream colored) is espresso though so it would have matched the house SO much better! Audrey looks so cute! Such a little lady.
Q:Help with Maplestory chairs?
Maplestory Chairs
Q:How can I incorporate color into Musical Chairs?
Color can be incorporated easily if you add a slight variation to the game . Color all the chairs in some way and make one or two chairs black . If a student is left without a chair or sits in a black chair they are automatically out . The only way they would not be out is if they sit in a black chair and yell Pardon Please before they sit . Makes them be aware of where the chairs are and what conditions they must fulfill to sit in a black chair .
Q:How do I push the wheels in an office chair?
You could leave the wheels on but get a needle nose pliers and reach in by the wheel axle to grab bunches of the stuck hair. You should be able to yank it out section by section.
Q:Barcelona Chair - why is it considered iconic?
You have to look at the chair in its original context. Look at other furniture from 1929 and you won't see anything else like the Barcelona chair. Mies van der Rohe and Lily Reich were pioneers for designing this chair from heir choice of materials, minimal lines, construction (stainless steel had just been developed). When properly built to original specs, it takes a lot of high quality materials and skilled labor to produce -- around 28 hours of labor is involved. $3900 is not much for 28 hours of labor considering all the sales people, craftsmen, managers, suppliers, delivery people, laborers needed to build and move one chair. Plus all those people require work buildings, offices, insurance, cars/trucks, phones... etc. $3900 only gets you the cheaper model, there is one made of higher grade materials at $6,000. When the chair was originally designed, it did not sell for that dollar amount, the price has been adjusted for inflation, but it still was not cheap back then, it is and will always be an exclusive item. Surely, the chair can be mass-produced by machine now and sold for cheap at Target, but then it wouldn't be an exclusive item anymore. BMW and Lexus could cheapen their products for everyone to have, but then, why bother? There are Corollas and Ford Focus for the ones who don't want to/can't spend the money. By the way, it's not a simple chair at all, it's very complex, it just looks simple because in the past 7 decades, other chair designers were inspired by that iconic design. It;s iconic because it was ground-breaking, an original thought at the time. To say it is simple is to say paper is simple... yes it sort of is, but it took humans millions of years to get around to inventing it.
Q:Are yoga balls better than office chairs?
Sounds a bit odd to me.
Q:What is the best comfortable office chair?
I and I would highly recommend a commercial grade chair since you are using it for long periods of time. Look for something ergonomic (not just the word ergonomic but true feature). Look for seat depth adjustment, independent backrest, lumbar support and what type of foam they use. Molded injection is more durable and lasts longer, cut foam is softer but doesn't hold up as well. As for price you are probably looking at $250+ but should get a lifetime warranty and plenty of use from the chair average 8 years.
We are a sourcing office of a broad range of products including furniture, housewars and office supplies. Our main markets are USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2012
Annual Output Value Above US$2 Million
Main Markets

Mid East;Western Europe;North America;Africa
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Nearest Port Shanghai
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 100 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
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Factory Size: 200,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 5
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range Average