Hot Selling European Style Modern Design Metal Folding Bed CMAX-F05

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Product Description:

European Style Modern Design Metal Folding Bed CMAX-F05

Size: 2000×980×340mm

Materials: powder coated steel with sponge and leather


  a. inner layer EPE foam÷out layer plastic bag÷cartons

  b. the legs are removed and packed separately

  c.any packing ways as the customers' requests

Loadability: 400pcs/40HQ




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Q:Do you prefer Bed Head or Biosilk?
i like bed head but i prefer Paul Mitchell..i use their Super Skinny Serum to take care of my frizz and it works wonders...hope i helped...=)
Q:Dorm Bedding for XL twin mattress?
Go to bed bath and beyond - they have some made specifically for long dorm beds
Q:Method for making invisible bed
Material for making invisible bedsThen draw a sketch, then is to buy a tool to use: expansion screws two sets, the foot of the bed, the foot of the bed two screws two, long self tapping screws twenty, two, short board fixed bed, the foot of the bed twenty self tapping screws screw two, pressure rod 90s120s two of the other four root the screw rod is turned, the bed baffle three rollover four root, the bedstead and the bed bar through the baffle plate, vertical plate hinge is over three, four rollover bedside panel connecting rod two, two sets of bed, bed buckle two, baffle the appropriate size of the bed board and the bed panel, screwdriver, drill. Some of these tools are more or less likely to be used, so it is recommended to buy one or two spare parts per item.
Q:tanning bed tips???????????????????
Firstly, screw people who jump to the 'DON'T DO IT!' conclusion. The only tip really is... exfoliate. buy an expensive accelerating lotion (they sell them at the tanning salon). and go twice a week. It shouldn't hurt your hair. A 20 minute bed is the cheapest, as long as you tan fairly easily in the sun, it's all you will need. Super pale people usually don't get much out of the tanning bed. Maybe a shade or two darker on their stomach...
Q:Questions about trundle beds.?
for an 18 month old a toddler bed is best we just bought my daughter who is 3 a twin with trundle in anticipation of future sleepovers i would recommend buying the sets as they are probably safer than a do it yourself job we installed a safety latch like you use on cabinets or drawers th prevent her from opening it herself and possibly getting hurt it is very attractive without a bedskirt it looks like a big drawer under the bed like the beds with the built in drawers underneath and since it was a set it matches the wood of the bed perfectly but if i wanted i could still put a bed skirt if i chose to do so
Q:What are the differences between print, embroidery or jacquard in bedding?
Satin and good quality, commonly used are satin satin, is commonly used in the Gaestgiveriet Hotel, especially the 5 star hotel, the bed is really good quality, fine yarn, bedding high softness, high density. Very durable. There are Satin Jacquard, this price is not less than 100 yuan / sets. In the shopping malls, many have sold more than 500 yuan. To distinguish between good and bad, it is important to rely on weight and feel. In short, now the bed must buy pure cotton, other quality do not use! Bad for the skin, fall asleep uncomfortable! In fact, remember the weight determines the price. The answer is complete!
Q:Need andrea kakel bedding!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
The bedding is by Andrea Kakel. The bedding was sold at Ikea, but has been out of stock for quite some time. Lately, there has been none on OKorder, overstock, amazon or other places similar to those. I must say, that bedding is very popular! But keep looking, you never know if you'll find it someday(:
Q:Bed wetting problem with older daughter!?
I used to wet the bed past the age of 15 and I wore diapers to bed every night until I was dry. You just can't stop bed wetting. Most of the time is either hereditary or the bladder is immature (slow growing) and it takes time to out grow the stage. My son is almost 5 and wets the bed nightly. I do the same thing right now and put a diaper on him every night. I would continue what you are doing with diapering at night until she gets past this stage. Many kids wet the bed and wear diapers to bed, it's just something that that is really not discussed but you know happens to a multitude of children. Diaper manufacturers would not be making diapers in the larger sizes if there was not a need for it. I would not make a big deal out of it. Stick with diapers and everyone will get a restful nights sleep.
Q:Cheap Guinea Pig bedding?
On amazon, they have really cheap bedding. Just search guinea pig bedding, and something along the lines of aspen bedding, 8 cubic feet will be there. (the picture looks like a big brown paper bagish thing.) It lasts, like, 4 months. :)
Q:Can any Bed be a Daybed?
A standard daybed fits a twin-sized mattress. Not positive on whether you can convert a full-sized bed to one or not. Additional information is on website listed in source box.

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