Hot Selling Children Wooden Single Bed with Night Stands WB08

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1.Model No: WB08

2.Environment friendly E1 grade MDF 

3..Eco-firendly UV priting ink 

4..Original & space-saving design

Packing info: 

 Knocked down packaging: 1,The best carton quality , strong enough. 2,Strong corner protector and foam are used for the package to ensure it is strong enough for the long way transportation. 3,Knocked down packing is convenient for shipping and save the freight fee.

Features and advantages: 

1. Panel: E2 environmental-friendly MDF with melamine finishing, waterproof, antifade, easy yo maintain.
2. Materials: delicate handles, ball sides, UV printing pattern, using German HOMAG banding machine, strong packing protection.
3. Space saving, comfort and modern design, good quality, excellent craftmanship, reasonable price
4. All products through ISO9001 and SGS certificate.
5. Quality control system.

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Q:what type of bed is best for cat?
number 2
Q:The mattress is smaller than the bedstead. What shall I do?
I don't know where you live You to buy wood building materials market place have, buy a shirt motherboard can measure the length of a bed, something like a sponge, very good looking, with old sheets sewn a long pocket, these things into the line, and on the inside, I think it will not affect the use of the. I'm from Shanghai, and I wish you success!
Q:Under the bed, with storage function, in Feng Shui good, I bed with storage function, in Feng Shui on good?
Home Furnishing think Feng Shui bed best what all don't put, otherwise easy to block money. This is because the bigger the house, the more air there is, and the greater the strength we have to hold the wealth. Therefore, we want to accommodate more gas, we must take home debris removal, including the bed to space. In addition, from a health perspective, if the bed bottom thing, it will cause the bed under the air circulation, easy to breed bacteria, adverse health, so try not to put things in bed.
Q:Is aspen bedding okay for rats?
Aspen's ok, unless you have hairless rats. Without the protection of a fur coat, hairless are especially vulnerable to scratches on their skin eye injuries.
Q:People who have loft beds please help!?
Loft beds are great for creating usable space and storage. I built one for my nephew and under one end we put a corner computer desk and on the other end we made a media center. Everyone admires it. There are two issues with a loft bed... one heat rises and it tends to be warmer than the rest of the house unless you have adequate ventilation/cooling. Two, after a while people sometimes get tired of having to climbs the stairs before crawling in.
Q:I take galvanized pipe to weld the bedstead, the galvanized pipe surface needs coating, the paint, but the paint adhesion is not good, how should I do?
Galvanized pipe, as its name suggests, is a layer of zinc plated steel tube, forming a battery, to prevent electrochemical corrosion.
i always used cheap fleece blankets, for bedding, my pigs loved them and they pay for themselves after the 1st wash.
Q:I encountered an electric shock when I touched the bedstead in the room of air conditioner
The hand meets the bedstead to be able to get an electric shock, if confirmed that the bedstead is electrified.
Q:What size is your bed and what does your bedding look like?
I have a twin :( I have like 6 blankets on my bed. A sheet, a down comforter, a quilt, a fleece, a and two little fleeces. I want a bigger bed so bad but my mom won't budge. All my friends have at least full sizes and some of them are younger than me. I'm 13.
Q:Is it legal to sell/purchase a second hand bed?
Most state require that second hand beds be sterilized, and retagged with a red state bedding law tag indicating it is used and sterilized.

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