Hot Selling Children Wooden Single Bed with Night Stands WB06

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Product Description:


1.Model No: WB06

2.Environment friendly E1 grade MDF 

3..Eco-firendly UV priting ink 

4..Original & space-saving design

Packing info: 

 Knocked down packaging: 1,The best carton quality , strong enough. 2,Strong corner protector and foam are used for the package to ensure it is strong enough for the long way transportation. 3,Knocked down packing is convenient for shipping and save the freight fee.

Features and advantages: 

1. Panel: E2 environmental-friendly MDF with melamine finishing, waterproof, antifade, easy yo maintain.
2. Materials: delicate handles, ball sides, UV printing pattern, using German HOMAG banding machine, strong packing protection.
3. Space saving, comfort and modern design, good quality, excellent craftmanship, reasonable price
4. All products through ISO9001 and SGS certificate.
5. Quality control system.

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We are in the same situation. My son turned 2 in October loves his crib, he sleeps really good in it too, never climbed out! But, we are due with #2 in March so we want my son in a big boy bed by then. We just purchased a twin bed on Friday and it should be delivered by Thursday so we will get it set up and see how it goes! We decided on a twin bed because my son is already 2, how long would a toddler bed last? We would need to buy another crib size/toddler mattress for the toddler bed that would probably be outgrown in a year or so. We decided to get something that can grow with our son and last longer.
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First, all the ribs, bedstead, 1. 8 of the bed, because the bed to store the space, so most of only two middle support (some only one), support the strength is not enough, even if the mattress is hard, also will feel very soft, this is the most important pointSecond, the bed is very high, it is inconvenient to have children
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