hot selling 2600mah power bank with LCD screen

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New 2600mah power bank with led screen
1.Real capacity and high quality
2.Samsung battery
3.3 years warranty ship

Name: New 2600mah power bank with led screen    

1.Capacity: 2600mAh
2.Batery type:18650 battery
4.Output:5V 1A
7.Applicable type: universal


Package Include:
1.2600mAh mobile power*1
2.Usb cable*1(More connectors as your request.)

Advantages & Product Viewing

High quality durable aircraft grade backup battery for mobile

  • Unique detachable case, fashionable appearance

  • Comfortable touch and good hand feeling

  • Protect your cell phone from scratches,dust and fingerprints

  • Durable and wearable backup charger

  • Easily to install and remove

  • OEM/ODM, customers design is welcome!

  • Easily to be cleaned

  • Factory price & fast delivery

  • Excellent service!

  • We are factory. we can provide u the low price, assure the quality and delivery time.

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Q:how much wh is 20000mah?
20000mAh 20000/1000 20Ah. If the the power bank voltage is 12V. then 20Ah x 12V 240Wh. if your Power bank voltage is 6V, then, 20Ah x 6V 120Wh. if your Power bank voltage is something else
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Q:I crashed my car in to a snow bank and lost power steering.?
Check to make sure that the belt did not come off. Does the fluid leak out as soon as you put it in? If so, check the hoses coming from the pump to see if one is leaking. If it's NOT leaking anywhere, then what's most likely happened is that one of the hoses has been kinked or crushed somewhere along the line, preventing fluid from getting to the steering box. If your car has cooling lines going into a small radiator that's mounted in front of the car's regulator, then THAT could have been crushed.If your car has rack pinion steering, maybe one of the lines going to the rack was bent or crushed. Either way, it's very doubtful that you need to go to a body shop. Any regular mechanic will almost certainly be able to diagnose repair your problem.
Q:What are the advantages of mobile power?
4, the thickness of thin: ordinary liquid lithium using the first custom shell, the plug is positive and negative village material method, the thickness of 3.6mm below the technical bottlenecks, polymer batteries do not exist this problem, the thickness can be 1mm below , In line with the current needs of mobile phone direction.
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Q:How do I stick a power bank to the back of my phone?
Buy a cheap phone case then glue it to the back of that. Use a strong plastic glue and a hard plastic (not silicone) case. That way you can remove it from the phone easily and it will be strong enough to resist everyday use.
Q:Banks Power Pak on 99 cummins?
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Powers Shared by National and State Government •Setting up courts •Creating and collecting taxes •Building highways •Borrowing money •Making and enforcing laws •Chartering banks and corporations •Spending money for the betterment of the general welfare •Taking (condemning) private property with just compensation
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