Hot sell mordern design plastic chair

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-can be used many different situation, like(meeting chair, office chair, dining .ect)

-strong metal frame and chair-top

-made for indoor or outdoor use

-available in a choice of colors

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hot sell plastic chair




PP+ powder coated metal tube





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Regular orders:10-25days


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Q:Who bought the Aing chair, the chair quality how?
I think it is necessary to buy the baby chair, many parents are holding a child to eat, not only affect the baby eating posture, but also not convenient for parents to feed me, sometimes a baby eating requires two adults to take care of, this is not only a waste of time, waste of manpower, the baby is not good.
Q:Dining a lot of families, what is the difference?
When selecting a chair to two treasure, pay special attention to a few places, so the two treasure chairs are carefully selected, so we chose the Oribel, can receive, pick up flat, when not on the wall, do not take a place.
Q:That is, Pingdingshan where there are tables and chairs to sell the place?
East / West building materials, furniture market, trade square, Kaiyuan Road, Kaiyuan open source market, as well as all major furniture city are sold.
Q:We help to give suggestions, what color the baby chair for baby boy?
Blue is symbolic: quiet, deep, distant, cold, melancholy, gentle, passive, dreamy, inner wisdom, the deeper blue hue, and more, can bring us to the inexhaustible, and blue is more bright, innocence, clean, transparent. So, blue is the color of wisdom
Q:The leather chair paint, how to deal with
Smell: all leather has the smell of leather; and synthetic leather has a pungent smell of plastic.Lit: from the true leather and synthetic leather, tear off a bit of fiber, after ignition, where a pungent odor, forming a pimple is artificial leather; hair hair smell, not hard knot is the dermis.
Q:What brand of chair?
One family dinner together is a very happy thing, a good chair can affect one family mood, so the dining choice is very important, for a chair to my house, for many years, I feel very warm.
Q:Solid wood dining chair which brand of cost-effective?
The development of multi-layer solid wood to compare the new era, many big brands of solid wood composite flooring, the brand launched this on the two, obviously the three layer, the surface of precious trees was far higher than the thickness of layers, so the floor is
Q:What is the standard of qualified children's chairs? Please be specific.
In fact, I personally feel that as long as the timber safety, reasonable design on it
Q:Is it necessary to buy table chairs?
I bought it back the day before yesterday and it was too unsafe, because it's too hot now. The cushion with the insurance belt is to be taken out. My baby sitting on wooden benches, only he a force, will fall down from below, it is not safe, do not know the other mother is how to deal with this matter. My mother is strongly opposed to sitting here
Q:What is the distance between the table or the dining table in the Chinese restaurant
It's 1200mm~1400mm off the wall, and there's an overhead passage just behind;If there is a sideboard between the table and the wall, leave the 1200mm~1400mm between the cabinet and the table so that the chair can be removed and the contents inside the cabinet removed.

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