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SingleYarn Electronic Strength Tester
CE,ISO calibration certificate
Free for 16 months maintain
SGS, TUV audited supplier


Single YarnElectronic Strength Tester  

can test the pure yarn to cotton, wool, hemp and chemical staple or the breaking strength, breaking elongation, fracture characteristic to blended yarn ( thread ), and can display the measuring data, and also can go to analysis of mathematical statistics automatically to test data, print out the results by the printer.


² Dynamic Data Sampling Frequency is More than 800HZ, ease to catch peak value, most precisely indicate property of textile material.

² Sharp blue LCD Panel, the operator simply selects the required test module and test standard;

² A graphical icon on each button clearly illustrates its current function. This greatly simplifies the screen by only showing commands relevant to the current task.

² Use Misbishi 16bit MCU, Misbishi 16bit A/D converter, more excellent anti-jamming, more      rapid data transfer.

² Clock auto generating, and be visual consistently.

² Real time display of on-going test data (Like mean square value,average,max,min,etc).

² Able to preset tensile force.

² Force unit:N,Kgf,1b,in,cN can be switched freely.

² Report, diagram are handled by computer and print out from printer.

² Calibration file to calibrate the unit and indicate with figure.

² Operator can use LCD control panel to operate the unit and print testing data without  PC(bidirectional controlling).

² Data can be sent to excel and analysed by computer.

² Overlay display of data curve possible.

Key Specification




LCD display

Test principle  

constant speed elongation ( CRE )

Measuring force range  

0- 3000cN, sensitivity: 0.1cN.

Most error of measuring force  

≤indicating value of+/- 1%

Nominal gauge      

500 +/- 1mm

Elongation range


Stretching speed range

15 -5000mm/min continuously adjustable

Pretension scope    

0 - 100cN

Interval sampling range  

0- 5m

Number of most loaded yarn once  



700 x500 x 900mm(L x W x H)




ISO2062   ASTM D2256   GB/T14344   GB/T3916

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