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Product Description:

  • Type:Cloth

  • Loss On Ignition:19% to 38%

  • Working Temperature:250C-450C

  • Dimensions:2MM-5MM

chrysotile fiber

Temperature:250C to 450C

Width: 1000mm-1200 mm

Thickness:2.0mm-5.0 mm

Packing: In plastic woven ba

Chrysotile fiber


Temperature:250°C to 450°C

Width: 1000mm-1200 mm

Thickness:2.0mm-5.0 mm

Packing: In plastic woven bags of 50 kg net each


Interwoven from dusted asbestos warp and weft yarns, it is used as thermal insulating materials for boilers and pipe line, etc. used in factories, shipping, power stations and steamers.

Reinforced with copper, nickel wire or stainless steel wire is also avaliable.

Certificated Approval :ISO9001: 2008


Asbestos Cloth is suitable for lagging for boilers and pipe lines, used as thermal insulating materials for factories, building, power stations and steamers. It's ideal for making protective gloves, working clothes and gasket materials at temperatures up to 450C.

For Aluminum foil coated asbestos cloth , It is used in fireproof cloth.

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Q:What are the effects of lead, zinc, calcium, magnesium and asbestos on the human body?
Water softeners mainly solve the problem of scale caused by hard water, so household water softeners are quite popular in the United States where the water quality is hard. Domestic soft water machines enter China, with the water quality of the north and northwest regions as the main market, and they are in the embryonic stage. At present, the product terminal sales are mainly concentrated in Beijing and Shanghai regions. The classification of natural water and natural water can be divided into two types: hard water and soft water where there are lots of calcium and magnesium ions (inorganic minerals) water is called hard water, otherwise known as soft water. If the water hardness by containing sodium carbonate or magnesium bicarbonate caused by water, this is called temporary hard water; the water if the hardness of containing calcium and magnesium sulfate or chloride caused called permanent hard water. In brief, water containing less than 10 milligrams of calcium carbonate belongs to a high standard of soft water.
Q:I would like to ask what kind of asbestos damage to humans, and asbestos into the human lungs can not be recycled?
Here's an introduction: asbestos is a natural fibrous mineral whose crystalline composition contains silicate compounds such as iron, magnesium, aluminum, calcium, and nickel. Because asbestos has good acid, heat and insulation properties. Widely used in refractories, building materials, gaskets, filters, car brake pads and so on, and now there are more than 3200 varieties of asbestos products in china. There are 5 main categories: asbestos insulation products, asbestos sealing products, asbestos brake products, asbestos building products (asbestos cement products) and asbestos special products. The main products are asbestos, asbestos rope, electrolytic cloth, diaphragm cloth, asbestos packing, high and low pressure asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos cement tile and asbestos cement pipe, friction materials and so on. At present, our country asbestos cement products enterprises, mainly the production of asbestos cement corrugated sheet, followed by asbestos cement plate and asbestos calcium silicate board, and asbestos cement pressure pipe and cable pipe etc..
Q:How to choose non asbestos board sealing material
3, to see whether the product has relevant international certification. For example, you used in the fire system seal, you need in the API fire certification, this shows that this asbestos free products through professional institutions fire assessment, can be applied to this kind of working condition.4, there must be material inspection report. The experts told you that this is asbestos free, but is it pure and genuine? Who can guarantee it? Of course, the authorities need to test it. Have asbestos free reports (also known as SGS certificates)These points are the most basic, and other points of attention, that is, the price, appearance, gasket surface printing ink is clear, whether it is for cottage products, and so on a few small details.
Q:How do you remove the asbestos on your clothes?
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Q:Which God knows where there is authentic asbestos barbecue in Chengdu?
It is a general term for natural fibrous silicates and minerals. Under the jurisdiction of the 2 class a total of 6 kinds of minerals (with serpentine asbestos, amphibole asbestos, asbestos, actinolite anthophyllite tremolite asbestos asbestos, iron, etc.).
Q:Where are the main sources of asbestos deposits in Shaanxi?
Asbestos, China asbestos mine resources are relatively rich. 15 provinces (autonomous regions) of China have asbestos deposits. Proven reserves of 45 mining areas, total reserves of mineral 90 million 610 thousand tons, ranking third in the world. Asbestos deposits in Qinghai are the largest, with reserves accounting for 64.3% of the total in China, followed by Sichuan and Shaanxi. Sichuan, Qinghai and Shaanxi, Mangya asbestos and asbestos asbestos ore mining in Ningqiang area. The genetic types of asbestos deposits in China mainly include two types of ultrabasic rocks and carbonate rocks.
Q:How do you design ice paste for asbestos?
4. door. The old seal can be released in the use of asbestos fibers.5. sound insulation, ceiling, wall decoration material spraying, pine, rock and water loss can release fiber material. Make water, drilling and hanging materials6. Qian Qichen, walls and ceilings combine compounds, paints, textures, water, salt water, and asbestos that can be drilled through these surfaces7. asbestos cement roof, signs, help. These products are not great, unless the release of asbestos fiber, dilled or cut off. The sale and use of artificial gas fireplace ashes ashes. At the same time, other products such as elderly home fire gloves, furnace Peng Taiwan, ironing board cover, some hair dryer.8. car brake pads and gaskets for home use, gaskets, asbestos hazards, where the roof and exterior walls can be found are all asbestos cement. Houses in 1930 and 1950 can also be used as insulating asbestosAsbestos may be used for coating, repair the ceiling and walls in the crust. Their joint compound in 1977. The sale of the prohibition of the use of artificial ember ash and gas fireplace use may contain asbestos. The old furnace and other products, asbestos compounds field most likely. Woodburning around the walls and ground support with asbestos and cement. Millboard furnace may file some vinyl asbestos the floor brick, and support for single vinyl adhesive. Steam and hot water pipeline of the old house, there may be beautiful covered with asbestos or asbestos material or tape quilt. Petroleum, coal, steel washers may be asbestos insulation.
Q:Asbestos usage thickness3 by 3 meters square need insulation 300 degrees please enlighten master the use of asbestos thick
Asbestos insulation board1, product structure and useAsbestos sheets are made of asbestos and bonding materials.Suitable for insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and electrical insulation.2, the implementation of the standard 11-59 standards3, the technical and physical performance of the product4, product specifications
Q:Are 3 small pebbles of cotton pads in a thermos bottle likely to cause cancer?
No, asbestos is carcinogenic, mainly asbestos processing process will produce small dust fiber, leading to lung cancer, processed products only deliberately to smash it, there will be no harm.
Q:Asbestos and perlite powder which is a good heat preservation?
For the general perlite light gray, pale green and brown, silica content of 70%, moisture content is 3-5%, when the perlite is heated to 850 - 900 degrees, because the glass softening, the evaporation of water, caused by volume expansion can reach 7 - 16 times the original volume, for the expanded perlite. The expanded pearlite has good sound-absorbing, moisture absorption, strong frost resistance performance, it is widely used as building insulation materials, can also be used as agricultural soil, increase soil moisture capacity, in addition to industrial casting, brewing, filtering and washing process can also be used as auxiliary materials.
With many years of experience in manufacturing and exporting sealing products and heat insulation, our company owns up-to-date technology and advanced equipment. We passed the evaluation of ISO9001:2008 certification in 2009. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, the Middle East, south America and southeast Asia.Our outstanding product quality and best price have earned us the loyalty of clients all over the world.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1999
Annual Output Value US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Central America
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
South Asia
Domestic Market
Company Certifications ISO9001:2008;ISO9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Ningbo,Shanghai
Export Percentage 91% - 100%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Low and/or Average