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Advantage of solid wooden door china manufacture  

1. withknock-dowan frame, easy to install, shipping is in sea worthy way


2. more than 10 years production experinece


3.high quality with competitive price


4. punctual delivery


5. with noble and luxurious design and can also be cuoztomized


6.sound and heat insulated, mothproof and shock proof, environmentally freindly


7. suitable for mass production


8. perfect after-sale service






Specifications  OF solid wooden door china manufacture



    Door leaf width: 700mm-900mm
   Door leaf height: 2000mm-2200mm
  Door leaf thickness: 40mm/45mm
Wall thickness: 100mm-300mm
       material surface: good quality painting 
MDF Panel thickness: 5mm/6mm/8mm/12mm available
Frame Structure: Solid wood core+MDF
Door leaf Structure:eight layer good quality painting finished with nature wood skin
  door surface design diversified are available
opening  swing,sliding,folding
  MOQ 400 sets
  Inner filling  Solid wood+honeycomb
  Opening direction inward or outward; left or right
  Certificate CE, SONCAP, ISO9001:2000
  Color blackwalnut, white, cherry  oak  ash  ,mahogany or can be customized
  Accessorieshinges, locks, handles
  Loading capacity 20ft/300pcs    40HQ/735pcs
  Delivery details 15-30days
  Supply ability  100000 pcs/month
  Price quotation based on the customer detail requirement 
  Surface Finishing good quality painting 
  Packing Details: 
plastic film+ strong carton are suitable for export 

sample: full sample cost
mass production: 30%deposite; 70% before shipping

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Shoot it from the other side, those are there too be one way areas. If you have the power bomb ability go back to the beginning of Norfair and use the power bomb in opening room of the area where you got the freeze gun. If your just starting look for the speed boosters keep following the path you were on before getting to that metal door before coming out in a green area. Go upwards and look for a place to blow a hole open in the cealing for the speed boosters which you then use to get the ice gun.
Q:My dog bent off some of the vinyl/metal of the back door to to the backyard, Where do I buy metal doors.?
Home Depot carries them,You may have to get a pre-hung rather than a slab. You will be better off going to a door store as it is not as simple as popping a door off and popping a new one on. You have to mortise for the hinges and bore out the door for the lock set and deadbolt. You may find an exact fit,but the chances are slim. And no It wont be really cheap.
Q:What is the difference between hollow metal doors and aluminium clad doors?
What you call Hollow Metal Doors are usually made of steel and are filled with expanding foam insulation. The steel shell is the structural part of the door. The insulation provides thermal and acoustic isolation. Aluminum clad doors are solid wood doors that are clad in aluminum. The wood is the structural part of these doors. The aluminum has a baked on color so that repainting is rarely necessary.
Q:Would a bullet go through a metal door ?
Most steel apartment doors are 16 ga. or thinner, and MOST 9mm WILL penetrate at close ranges; especially if they are hollow core doors. HOWEVER, you should NEVER fire THROUGH a door except under certain specific circumstances; (like you are hiding from a burglar in a closet, etc.) IF someone is breaking in, then LEGALLY, you are better off to let them get the door OPEN BEFORE dropping them; as PROOF that they actually DID break in.
Q:What are the colors of aluminum doors and windows?
Colorful, free to customize.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows 868 profiles production methods, know to pay the next.
Winger no need to say, on the slide - total width - winger width (1.6) cm! Up and down = up and down 40 / 2-51 ◐ ◐ ◐ hook enterprises = side seal -110 (outside the fan)! The The Side seal -85 = inner fan: these are all with the quantum
Q:Titanium magnesium alloy door processing plant what equipment
Basic tools are rarely needed.        The first is the saw, punch, drill, shock, toolbox, glue gun, glass gadgets and so on.         Titanium alloy glass sliding door profiles: borders, above, below, the Chinese side, on the track, under the track, glass bead, wheels, tops or crash bars, the price varies from place to place, you can go to the wholesale market, the equipment is simple, Taiwan cutting machine and some small tools can be (saddle, screwdriver, hex wrench).
Q:How does the dry paint on the aluminum door remove?
You can use the knife scissors afraid to hurt the door frame, then you can use the diluent can generally wipe the rub
Q:How to clean the aluminum doors and windows
First, the aluminum window to clean the kitchen should be used to wipe clean old Second, the reasons: newspaper absorbent, ink can protect the glass, while it contains a decontamination ability, carefully rub can also remove the stains. Third, the method of wiping glass: 1, first with a wet towel to rub the aluminum window again. 2, with the old newspaper dry glass stains on the water. Fourth, note: newspaper newspaper water stains of the newspaper wet all the new waste paper rub until the water stains dry.
Q:I have the large petmate travel crate, and the knob overturns and the metal door latches fall off?
Haven't QWhat if I have a defective product? AYou can email customer service through the Contact Us page on this web site or send your information to Petmate, P.O. Box 1246, Arlington, TX 76004-1246.

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