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1.Surface:100% Polyester


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:Which is the best carpet shampooer?
....VAX...Thats a good carpet cleaner.
Q:Jungle Carpet Python caging?
It depends on the size of the snake . They continue to grow so it really depends . I would say a 20 gallon long aquarium would be fine for most. You do not necessarily need a vertical cage . You do need a cage large enough so your snake can have hides/wooden boxes in different areas so he can have a warmer box closer to a light when he wants to warm up and a cooler hide/box in another area so he can regulate his temp. You can stack wooden boxes ( easily made ) with an entrance hole so that each one gets warm as it gets closer to your heat lamp. You could also put damp moss in one for a more humid hide . They are beautiful snakes a easy to care for . Just have accurate digital thermometers and one to measure your humidity level. I like to have one artificial branch for them to climb on.
Q:How soft is the carpet after washing?
After several dry foam carpet after washing, some foam debris and fiber bottom could not wash, then, must adopt the pumping method will bottom dirt, sand, water, and can make the rolling brush, absorb away dirt, restore the original soft and clean.
Q:question about a shedding wool shag rug??
Let me know when you find a solutions, because I have one too. Just don't walk on it. It will not shed if nobody touch it. It is good for looking, not practical. And you can't use vaccum on it, got take it outside to beat it.
Q:I have rug on my carpet, how do i make it not slip/move?
Carpet speaks to wall to wall. Rugs are for areas and though they are available in many sizes they are not considered carpet. In very old times when rooms were all hardwoods, people did refer to their large rugs as carpets but that was then and this is now. There was no carpeting back in those times as we have now.
put some acitone on your carpet,,,,,,,, thats the best acid to clean up your nail polish n e ways
Q:Remove Candle Wax From Carpet?
My husband owns a carpet cleaning company and I just asked him and he says to simply get a brown or white paper bag (grocery bag or lunch bag will work), Lay a single layer of this paper over top of the wax, get an iron and simply iron over the paper. The wax will transfer to the paper bag and remove itself from your carpeting. He cautions that you should not leave the iron on the paper too long. Once you apply the iron to the paper you will immediately see the wax attach itself to the paper. Good Luck!
Q:What about vinegar spilled on the carpet?
Wipe with a damp cloth.
Q:how to tell when or when not to put a rug on?
Well when she is not clipped only put it on if you are positive she needs it. When in doubt go without. When she is clipped it depends on what short of clip if it's summer just get a lightweight cotton rug if it's winter get a good heavy rug. Remember though for when she is not clipped her hair acts like a heater and an aircon Remember for when she is not clipped When In Doubt Go Without Feeling the bottom of her ears is also a good indication of weather she is cold or hot.
Q:how to remove real strong cat urine in rugs?
Baking soda works well to eliminate surface (but not deeply penetrated) odors. You can also try white vinegar.

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