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Product Description:

1 Structure of  Polyester Jacquard Carpet 

Polyester Jacquard Carpet is made of 50% acrylic, 40% polyester and 10% cotton. It's luxury design and good feelings are suitable for home , hotel and office room. Welcome customed design , size and shape .


2 Main Features of Polyester Jacquard Carpet 

Feature: Soft, comfortable, decorative. 


3 Polyester Jacquard Carpet  Images

4 Polyester Jacquard Carpet Specification

Material: 50% acrylic, 40% polyester and 10% cotton.
Pile height: 6mm

Density: 550g/m2 or 750g/m2

Design: Persian design and modern design. Can make according to customer’s artwork.

Colors: blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown; 
Maximum width is 280cm.

5 FAQ of Polyester Jacquard Carpet  

1) How to control the products’ quality?

We have always placed great emphasis on quality control to ensure that excellent quality level is maintained. Moreover, the principle we always maintain is "to provide customers with better quality, better price and better service".

2) Can you provide OEM service?

Yes, we work on OEM orders. Which means size, material, quantity, design, packing solution, etc will depend on your requests; and your logo will be customized on our products.

 3) What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

1, Size of the products

2, Material and stuff(if have)

3, package

4, Quantities

5, Please send us some pictures and designs for checking if possible so we can do best as your request. Otherwise, we will recommend relevant products with details for your reference.

4)  How many days will sample be finished and how we control the sample charge?

Samples will be sent within 5 working days after we are in receipt of the payment. The sample charge is free, but the charges of shipping will be paid by the customer. You can pay the shipping charges by telex transfer(T/T),Payeasy.

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Q:Ballpark estimate for imported rugs?
The price should be around $40/square foot for a standard hand-knotted wool rug. If you're looking at a kilim (looks like a very thick tapestry) those will be much cheaper, and if you're looking at a silk rug, or silk blend rug, those will be about double the cost of wool, or maybe more.
Q:get candle wax off of a carpet?
get a clean white cloth and an iron. test the iron on the carpet in a hidden area to insure the setting will not melt the carpet. once you have established the maximum setting your iron can be at without melting your carpet then place the cloth over the wax and apply the iron to it. the wax will melt and should be drawn toward the source of heat and be absorbed into the cloth. if you have a lot of wax make sure you have extra cloths so you can quickly remove them as they get saturated with melted wax. before heating with iron, try to remove any large globs of wax that you can with out scrubbing or rubbing the fibers. keep repeating the melting and absorbing process until the wax is gone. be patient. you will be tempted to start rubbing or scrubbing when you see there is only a small amount of wax left. this will ruin your carpet by wearing the fibers, stretching the fibers and unfurling them, leaving a noticeable cowlick or worn are in the carpet. Do not use any kind of 'miracle' cleaner from the super market. they will only leave a residue behind that will act as a dirt magnet and you will have a nasty patch on your carpet in a month that will never go away. any remaining wax will eventually break down, and be vacuumed up with the rest of the dirt that gets into the fibers f your carpet. good luck. careful, don't melt your carpet.
Q:good adhesive for rugs?
You can get rug hold from your local hardware store and it should not cost that much. Add the rug hold. If the crease stays, boil a kettle, do not drench it, but dribble a bit on the backing of the carpet that is creased after removing the rug hold. Put some weight on it and leave for a few hours. When the crease has gone, re-appy the rug hold and it should be fine. Good luck Joe Kelly Kingsland floors
Q:I have an old persian rug?
You could take it to an antique store or oriental rug shop and get it appraised. You could do an E-Bay search for oriental rugs. You could search online for prices. You could take a picture and send it to the Antique Road Show.
Q:how do you get dried candle wax out of a carpet?
It is time consuming but it does work. The only way to get the dried wax up is to reheat it, so boil some water and pour it over the wax. Immediately start wipping it with a towel or something. It may take a couple of times, depending on how big the candle was. Use gloves because the carpet does hold the hot water pretty well.
Q:stain in my rug?
yes and this works. get a white damp cloth (rag or towel) then get an iron. put the damp cloth over the stain and iron over it. The stain will be lifted off the rug onto the cloth. Use a white cloth so you can see the stain as its removed. If it doesnt work dampen/wet the cloth so more and try again! You can either dampen the cloth or dampen the stain with water. I do this all the time on my carpets and it works! goodluck!
Q:help with identifying an antique rug?
I've had limited dealings with antique rugs; I used to assist an antiques dealer who dealt with a good number of rugs, including prayer rugs. I do not think from what you are relating that the rug is a Muslim prayer rug. Prayer rugs incorporate the design of a mihrab; that is, the niche in the wall of mosques used to indicate the direction of Mecca, an important consideration in Islamic prayer. If there is no indication of a direction on the rug, it is most likely not a prayer rug. Also, a well-used prayer rug would show signs of wear and tear, particularly wear in the spots where a worshipper knelt for their prayers. If you can see no obvious wear in areas to indicate use, it cannot be an antique. It sounds like a simple household rug of local Pakistani manufacture, not much older than 40 years. The bird design you describe is common, and I have seen it myself in many rugs.
i saw somewhere that you get to walk the carpet,didnt you check before entering whatever competition it was? you dont have to have a pass to be on the sides of a red carpet so you could be in luck walk down the carpet and if your old enough have a few drinks b4 you do lol.i wish i could tell u 100% but my gut tells me that u can walk it,ive seen ppl walking on the carpet who have nothing to do with the event in the past
Q:How to get a poop stain out of a rug?
try some diaper soaker .first try iit onsome part oof the rug that can't be seen in case it takes the colour of the rug out .then use it carefully ,not too much soaker.about half a cup in a litre of water get as much of the poop off as you can before you start then gently drawing the stain to the center from each side dab on the diaper soaker. you will need to put the soaker in some warm water. when you think you have got it cleaned up get a micro cotton towel and put it over the stain and stand on it .this will soak up most of the water .you may have to repeat this to get it all out .
Q:What about vinegar spilled on the carpet?
And then use hair dryer to blow it, it's all right, use a clean cloth dipped in clean water to wipe it.

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