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PP +Powder coated ateel tube


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Q:What is the plastic stool made of?
But first open the mold, so that the pressure is out of what shape, like combs, hairpins, glasses, glasses are out of this way
Q:The lightest plastic chair needs a chair to keep. The quality is better, not too big
You can, like the other office computer chair then a bit of that. I want to have the condition of not considering plastic, is now with hundreds of gavee, early know now to go, not almost shuangshiyi!
Q:ABS, PU, PVC, these three plastic materials are used as chair surfaces. What's the difference?
If the ABS is rigid, some hard, rigid and very good; hard PVC can, but the wear resistance and weather resistance are not very good, does not recommend the use of.PU by way of casting and molding can also be better for equipment requirements is not high.In addition, no special requirements, the direct use of PP is OK
Q:The classic Sylphy seat frame is plastic, do another car is this? How much impact does it have on security?
The Nissan Sylphy classic seat is not false, is another car plastic as well, of course, to ask you that this so-called other car what car, if you just say other styles of it, of course.
Q:How about the pedal under the plastic seat of the baby's chair?
The screws are empty under the black plastic sheet
Q:Plastic seats for a long time, discoloration, how to brush into primary colors?
Brushing, but still unsightly; after all, no more than wood or metal paint.
Q:What are the plastic materials suitable for making square seats?
Model: F175A price: 23500 yuan / ton performance: "color high gloss flame-retardant ABS.. Anti UV. high impact strength. High rigidity. Good fluidity. Good weatherability. Good thermal stability. The" purpose: "the application of electronic / electrical appliances. Electrical components.
Q:Choose the chair for baby, good solid wood or plastic?
Solid wood chairs generally feel strong, multiple functions, in addition to the chair, can also open to the desk, very practical. The plastic chair, feel relatively easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria. Search a large number of user comments, it seems that most mothers still think of solid wood chairs than plastic chairs for better, more powerful, so strong and durable, and recommended more mothers choose wood for the baby chair.
Q:On the market of plastic material quality chair so bad why are so expensive?
You can't buy and buy scrap iron rattan, aluminum frame outside plastic rattan through environmental certification. I bought it on the Internet. It seems to be called Kang Ford outdoor furniture. It's famous anyway!
Q:What are the manufacturing processes of plastic stools, the techniques and procedures used, and some details
Pressure control in injection molding process, including two kinds of pressure and injection pressure, and directly affect the plasticization of plastics and product quality.The plasticization pressure: (backpressure) by injection machine screw, the screw at the top of the melt in the screw rotation is backward when the pressure is called plastic pressure, or pressure. The magnitude of this pressure can be adjusted by an overflow valve in the hydraulic system. After the injection, plastic pressure is with screw design, product quality requirements and different kinds of plastics and need to change, if these conditions and screw speed are constant, increase the plasticization pressure will enhance the shearing action, which will increase the melt temperature, but decrease the plasticizing efficiency, increase countercurrent and the leakage current, increase drive power.In addition, increasing the plasticizing pressure often makes the temperature of the melt even, and the pigment mixture is mixed evenly and the gas in the melt is discharged. In general operation, the determination of plasticizing pressure should be as low as possible under the condition that the quality of the product is guaranteed. The specific value varies depending on the variety of the plastic used, but usually less than 20 kg / cm2.

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