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Nylon Printed Carpet / Rug

1Technical Specification of Nylon Printed Carpet / Rug

1).Surface Material :100% Nylon

2).Back: Latex Back or Non-woven Back

3).Pile Height: 3-5mm

4).Pile Weight:270-650g/m2

5).Total Weight:1000g/m2

6).Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm

2. Our Advantage:

Technical manufacturing level

Competitive price with best quality;

Attracted designs available

Outstanding working team

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Q:Does anyone know where I can get a black and gold area rug?
Make one yourself.....easier than you think.
Q:HOw DO i get Candle Wax out of carpet????
Freeze it
Q:Carpet Cleaning?!?!?
Q:how do I frame a large rug?
Rugs and quilts are often hung on walls by stitching a sleeve onto the back, you then slip a dowel or rod behind it and hang it from that. Sleeves are a good way to hang this type of item because it supports the weight evenly and the piece won't sag. When I hang quilts I make a muslin sleeve about four inches wide the length of the quilt. I then hand stitch it to the top back of the quilt. A rug will be heavier, so you may need heavier fabric than muslin, maybe canvas, and you might want to use heavy duty or even buttonhole thread. I try to keep my stitches from going through to the front of the quilt, and I always stitch carefully so I can remove the stitching and sleeve without damaging the quilt. Good luck!
Q:Can I use a Rug Dr to clean my suede couches?
I don't know anyone that sends their couch to a dry cleaner. Contact the mfg. and ask them what they recommend. Contact a local cleaner who does house calls and ask them.. search the circumstances before going with any one source. What ever you do have them make up a contract to be responsible for their service.
Q:How do you clean the stubborn stains on the carpet in a simple way?
If you have a pet at home, you know, pets smell when they play on the carpet. Pour four cups of vinegar in four litres of warm water. Soak the towel and wring it. Wipe the carpet over and over, then leave it in the air for dry airing. In addition to eliminating the peculiar smell of pets and carpets after a long period of use, this method can prevent carpet fading and discoloration.If the pet pee on the carpet, the new urine stains can be washed with warm water or 10% ammonia water, but for a long time, stains should first be washed with detergent, and then washed with ammonia. If it is a pure wool carpet for citric acid cleaning.
Q:What color carpet is suitable to match on annatto floor?
My mother in the room is a khaki color, with blue rug, I feel good
Q:how do I clean pet urine stains from my rug?
I don't have wool rugs, but I use Nature's Miracle spray pretty successfully on my carpeting. I looked at the directions on the bottle, and it doesn't say either way that you can or cannot use it on wool rugs; just says for use on all surfaces including carpets (recommends testing small spot in corner). You can purchase it at your local PetsMart if you have one. They sell a small size for under $10 which is nice if it doesn't work (but I bet it will). Then afterward, you can buy it in a much larger size, which per fluid ounce is a much better deal. So funny you should ask this question -- right before I logged on to Yahoo! Answers this AM, I had to remove a urine stain -- a gift from my little 5 lb. chihuahua! Thank goodness she's not a Great Dane! (only for that reason)!
Q:Parents: Carpets or flooring?
if i had it to do over again i would have put the snap together wood looking laminate throughout my home instead of carpet. carpet gathers more dust and pet dander, and stains. with the laminate i could have kept it clean between times with a simple swiffer mop cloth.vacuums make so much dust unless you spend an arm and a leg on them, i hate them. next time my floors are redone, it will be laminate. when we tore our carpet up i was shocked at the nastiness under it, not only the dirt that was trapped that the vacuum couldnt get, but the padding had made a lot of its own nasty dusty crap under there from being worn and walked on....i did put down berber carpet this time and no padding, not next time though. we dont wear shoes in the house, i dont know about rude,( it is rude when someone else wears their shoes on your carpet for sure) but its considered nasty, i dont wasnt someone possibly tracking dog knows what on my carpets...carpets gather dust, hair, and anything else that floats by.
Q:how to remove oil from carpet?
To remove stains from your carpet, use a cup of warm water with 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap and a clean cloth. Dip cloth into water and soap mixture and lightly sponge stain. Even tough grease will disappear. If it's a stubborn stain, repeat the process. Dawn cuts the grease out ;)

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