Hot Sale New Design 5W Cob Gu10 Mr16 Led Spotlight

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$1.00 - 3.00 / pc
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500 Pieces pc
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40000 Pieces Per Week pc/month

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Product Description:


General Introduction 

Hot Sale New Design 5W COB GU10 MR16 led Spotlight



Power Consumption


LED Bulb Light


Main Material

Aluminum and PC

Base Type

MR16 G10

Input Voltage


Lumen Output


Light Color


Beam angle (with lens)


Fixture Color

Check picture

Color Range


Chip Brand (Optional)

san an

Operating life



3 years

Luminous Efficiency






  1. High brightness, adopt high quality COB led

  2. Energy saving, high efficiency constant current drive, low power consumption

  3. Long lifespan, up to 50.000hours

  4. Superior ability to adapt to the environment: indoor,outdoor in -40°C-65°C,humidity ≤65% can be normal safe operation

  5. Durable and reliable: No tungsten wire, the possibility of non-normal end-of-life is very small, very low maintenance costs

  6. Constant current DC power supply, there is no stroboscopic



  1. Solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant

  2. No RF interference, No buzzing noise

  3. No fluorescent flickering

  4. No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment

  5. No danger of broken glass

  6. Maintenance free, easy installation

  7. Long lifetime 50, 000+ hours

  8. Low power consumption, high intensity.


Packaging & Delivery

  1. Each piece is packed in white box and 200pcs boxes will be packed in a carton.

  2. Delivery  Within 2 weeks after order confirmed

Package dimension:

  1. Inner box size: 70*50*50mm 

  2. Weight: 90g

  3. Carton qty:  200pcs

  4. Carton size:  60*32*36cm

  5. Gross weight: 14kg

  6. 100% of the lamps will be tested and keep lighting for 24 hours to test its 

  7. Quality reliability , and we will also test its temperature after 24 hours’ lighting.

  8. Then after it is cool we again test 100% of the lamps to see if it still work well . Each lamp should pass all these QC procedures before shipping to customer.



    1. Input voltage of AC175-265V.the GU10 can only be installed inside thelamp holder,

    2. this product is not waterproof.Indoor use,or applied to the lamp inside the water.

    3. Function is not waterproof. wriggle without tools. Can not use great efforts to twist. 

    4. High temperature can not be installed on the occasion.

    5. Repair time: Change in a month.1 years warranty

    6. Note: After opening package must be carefully examined.See if there is any damage,injury.

    7. If the transport of these words.It is necessary to immediately notify the supplier, do not use damaged lights.


    Our Service

    • Your inquiry related to our products or price will be replied in 24 hours

    • OEM&ODM, any unique customized lights can be designed and produced by us

    • Well-trained, experienced staffs is ready for all your enquires in fluent English

    • Your sales area, design and all your private information will be protected


    Trade Terms

    • T/T,L/C .

    • Sample can be delivered in 1-7 business days via UPS/DHL/TNT/EMS

    • Shipping freight are quoted under your requests


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    Q:The sitting room how to shoot the light off?
    The removal of circular suck chandelier on the head: If bedroom absorb dome light is round, when removing the time to pay attention to. Step 1: turn off the ceiling lamp power, only turn off the power supply, to ensure the process of removal is safe. The second step: use a screwdriver slowly down the chimney of the iron ring around 3 small screw, then rotate until unscrewed the lampshade. Step 3: remove the light bulb.
    Q:The same power of cob and led lamp which is brighter
    Taiwan chip is commonly used in single chip LED photosynthetic efficiency (commonly known as the single lamp) : 80 ~ 110 lm/W, under the same power chip, the greater the size (area) the higher light efficiency.
    Q:How much time LED lamp life
    LED the whole lamp life means establishing droop 30% of the time, the higher the temperature of the solder, the more serious the droop, at the same time because of the LED drive power components in the limited life (especially the electrolytic capacitors under high temperature electrolyte dry), so we all find balance in cooling costs and the temperature of lamps and lanterns
    Q:Cob lamp and led lamp that electricity consumption big?
    Cod to shoot the light electricity consumption. Cob lamp is to use the cob LED light source as a light source to shoot the light. Traditional lamp light source used more halogen lamp and high power led, halogen lamp luminous efficiency is lower, more power consumption and environment temperature rise by illuminate, service life is short; And local too light efficiency, high power led light spot uneven, with the dark. In LED luminous principle, energy-saving, environmental protection level are much better than traditional lighting products. And LED the unidirectional formed to shoot the light distribution of the perfect support.
    Q:How to choose to shoot the light
    Of LED lamp encapsulation: resin encapsulation and silica gel encapsulation. Resin encapsulation is some cheaper price, because the cooling performance is a bit poor, the other is the same. Silica gel encapsulation of the cooling performance is good, so the price a little expensive than resin encapsulation.
    Q:What is main purpose of the LED lamp
    Save electricity saving life is long Art effect is good The light is downy healthy variety does not hurt eyes
    Q:The LED lamp how to choose and buy?
    A brief introduction, you can refer to see. Led lights single wattage is lower, generally at about 3 watts. Shoot the lamp to be in commonly 35 watts, the price is lower, will be about 30 yuan. Led lights both performance and energy saving and convenient are better than ordinary lamp, but the price is relatively high. Leds buy 50 to 100 yuan of above. LED lamp how to choose and buy: 1, LED lamp USES chips: there are domestic and Taiwan chip, chip imports. The chip is different, the price difference is very big. Imported chip prices more expensive, very few people use in the domestic market, the mainly for high-end customers. In the end the customer general selection is now Taiwan chip, is one of the best cost performance.
    Q:The difference between the LED lamp
    Applied position Tube light is usually thought to be installed in the ceiling, condole commonly need over 150 mm to pack. Of the canister light, of course, there are external type. In the absence of dome light or droplight installation tube light is a good choice, relative to shoot the light wants downy light. Shoot the lamp to be generally can be divided into orbit type, hanging and embedded, etc. Shoot the light with transformer, but also have without transformer. Embedded within the lamp can be installed in the ceiling. Lamp is mainly used in the need to emphasize or performance. Such as TV wall, hang a picture, accessories, etc., can play the light to enhance effect.
    Q:How much is the LED lamp transformer
    Conventional leds controller output is constant current, the voltage is a very large range (e.g., 12 ~ 48)
    Q:Led to shoot the light, how much is seven bubble of v
    Search you said 7 outside lights, you can use the 24 v measure. In short don't exceed the limit of the current largest, there is no problem. Just a little bit small current is not bright or not bright. There will be no other problems.

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