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Item NumberK03
Size1500*1900mm or customized
Materialsteel tube + slat
Steel tube size30(L)*30(W)*1.0/1.2(T)mm
Slat size54(W)*9(T)mm
Slat TypePoplar
ColorBlack or customized
Paintingepoxy power coated
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
AdvantageSoft, Comfortable
Packing Information
Quantity per 40HQ160PCS
Trade Term
Price termFOB Shenzhen
Payment TermT/T or L/C at sight
Lead time

20-25 days after received the deposit

daily capacity1500pcs per day



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Q:Are my insomnia and bed related?
I slept on foam for bed was in a loft so stayed warm and toasty. I moved to another house and had my bed on the floor, was way cold so I bought a new bed, box spring and frame to get me off the floor...I was amazed at how much more comfortable I was and how much better I slept. I don't know about the memory foam you asked about...when I bought my bed I went to every store in town that offers bed sets, spent hours laying on different beds in the stores, found a knowledgeable salesman to ask questions and have been very very happy with my bed for the last 7 years.
Q:before bed?
If I have a good book at the time. Otherwise I watch the tube.
Q:breakfast/lunch/dinner in bed?
Q:The mattress is smaller than the bedstead. What shall I do?
Did you buy a 1.4 metre mattress? Customized words certainly can not be returned, ah, also can not change, and if it is conventional, but also discuss with the business. But I wonder why you bought 1.5 meters of regular size for the bedstead, and the mattress bought 1.4 meters, and went to order.
Q:What is a stage 2 toddler bed?
well i would think a toddler bed is shorter and has like side wally rail type things, and the other one would be a normal bed with a side rail and then they would hav a single bed with no rails helpfull?
Q:Fleece vs bedding in a guinea pig cage ?
My son had a guinea 2 guinea pigs and i made him get rid of them because the bedding was getting to expensive and the cage stunk sooooo bad. After months of him begging me for another guinea pig i decided to give him another try so i surprised him with another guinea pig i did some research before i got him and the new thing for guinea pig cages is fleece and so we set up the cage with fleece vs bedding and i am so glade that i gave in and got it for him because the fleece is the best there is no smell and if he spot cleans it the cage wont smell and saves allot of money. What u do is layer the cage with newspaper or a dog pee pad that u can 10 pee pads from the 99 cent store then if u use newspaper put a towel but if u used pee pads u don't even need a towel and just wash the fleece weekly and it will be cute and clean for sure.
Q:Does the 1.5 meter bed mean width 1.5? What about the default length of the bed?
1.5 of the bed refers to the width of the bed, the general single bed is 90cm, 120cm, double bed is 1.5 meters, the big double bed has 1.8 meters, or even 2 meters. If the space is big enough, it's more comfortable to sleep in a 1.8 meter bed.
Q:Why won't my cat sleep in my bed?
Be careful what you wish for. There is no bed large enough for one cat and one person. Seriously you cannot make a cat do anything. But they may or may not chose to sleep on the bed, or may even sleep tight against you. After all, your body is warmer then the bed. Several of my cats come up on the bed at night, and then proceed to pretend they are 40 pound sacks of cement. They simply don't move, and you cannot push them aside.
Q:Are bed bugs attracted by heat or cold temperature?
Have you got bed bugs? They might be attracted to hot temperatures.
Q:Already decorated second-hand housing, how to decorate?
See how you decorated, and if you buy second-hand housing, it is estimated that the lack of funds, it would be best on the basis of the original upload, the cost is not much, change furniture, 2-3 wan.More complex, it seems to have an effect diagram to explain clearly, this involves a certain amount of effort, pay to pay Oh. In addition, your window is old-fashioned sliding window, it is best to replace the insulating glass with the broken bridge heat insulation aluminum alloy window, to be opened, is conducive to energy-saving noise reduction, prevent frost condensation.1., the wardrobe can be changed. Make a new wardrobe, sliding door. If you don't change it, put on the fireproof board and change the color.2. master bedroom on the walls of a soft leather or cloth. Curtain box, please. All not. Change to double rail curtain (surface + shade cloth)3., room decoration is not difficult. Do you need this bedstead?. No, just a new one. If you need to keep. Just take the part of the panel on the side. With the soft bag. The curtain box is with the owner's room.The 4. wall of the restaurant can do chajing. Plywood or something to let go of decorations or good wine.

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