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Product Description:

Ceramic fiber bulk


Products series:


1260 STD ceramic fiber blown bulk    Hybz-pm1000

1260 STD ceramic fiber spun bulk     Hyzb-sm1000

1260 STD ceramic fiber chopped bulk  Hybz-dm1000

1260 HP ceramic fiber spun bulk      Hygc-sm1100

1400HZ ceramic fiber spun bulk      Hyhg-sm1350




1260 ceramic fiber blown bulk is processed by the blown technology

1260 ceramic fiber spun bulk is processed by the spun technology

1260 ceramic fiber chopped bulk is processed by secondary operation

This kind of bulk if the perfect material for the raw materials of wet-forming products.

1260 HP ceramic fiber spun bulk s processed by the spun technology,

on the melt mixture of the silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide

1400HZ ceramic fiber spun bulk processed by the spun technology,

on the melt mixture of zirconium, silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide.




Low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity

Excellent thermal shock resistance and thermal stability

Good sound absorption

Excellent wet forming characteristic


Typical application:


Expansion joint packing

Filling materials of high-temperature furnace, heating exuipment and wall lines

Materials of the ceramic fiber wet-formed products.

Please note: : another new and/or new special application, please contact with us.


Technical parameters:



Product NameCeramic Fiber Blown BulkCeramic Fiber Spun Bulk
Calssification Temperature1260℃ STD1260℃1260℃1400℃
Product CodeHybz-pm1000Hybz-sm1000Hybz-sm1100Hyhg-sm1350
Shot content (Φ≥0.25mm)(%)≤15≤15
Al2O3 + SiO2 (%)≥97≥97≥99-
Al2O3 + SiO2 +ZrO2(%)---≥99
K2O + Na2O (%)  ≤0.5≤0.5≤0.2≤0.2
PackagePoly bag 20kg/bag




Q5: Can you give me a brief introduction of the application of your products?

A5: CNBM (China National Building Material) core refractory business comprises the production, sale and installation of high-grade refractory products, the development and implementation of customized system solutions as well as rendering outstanding services for the key industries in Glass, Iron& Steel, Petrochemical, Cement, Ceramic and Nonferrous Metals.


Q3: Can you offer Door-to-Door delivery?

A3: Yes, but only for some countries such as U.S., UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia, etc.

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Q:What is the diameter of the ceramic fiber? How to mix?
Fiber diameter: rejection fiber more coarse, rejection fiber generally 3.0-5.0 - m, spinneret fiber is generally 2.0-3.0 - m;
Q:What is the difference between the ceramic fiber cloth and the high silicon oxygen cloth?
High temperature is similar to that of strength, service life, the price is high silica cloth. High silica fabric belongs to glass fiber.
Q:Ceramic fiber material fire shutter doors how many square?
There is no full ceramic fiber material fire shutter;
Q:Aluminum silicate needle carpet and ceramic fiber insulation performance of the good
Aluminosilicate ceramic fiber has two different production processes, respectively, the rejection process and the blowing process. The carpet produced by the spinning process has long fiber length, high tensile strength and wide range of use. The blanket produced by blowing process is short in length and easy to break, and the scope of application is relatively narrow.
Q:Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton smoke will cause pneumoconiosis?
Because pneumoconiosis can not be cured by medical treatment, it brings great pains to the patients and the families. It is suggested that respiratory protection work be carried out.
Q:Should the ceramic fiber furnace be compacted
In view of the miniature furnace chamber, the ceramic fiber furnace can be selected, and once the furnace is formed, the length of the furnace is longer.
Q:Is aluminum silicate fiber poisonous?
Hello, silicate in the stomach and stomach acid reaction, forming insoluble silicic acid. There should be no toxicity.
Q:What are the main differences between an ordinary furnace and a ceramic fiber furnace?
Service life: ordinary furnace quenching, sudden heat, easy to cause blasting chamber or cracking, shorten service life, ceramic fiber furnace without blasting chamber or crack possible.There are two common practices in ceramic fiber furnaces:The first is a larger furnace, which is fixed on the furnace wall with ceramic fiber modules;The second is a small furnace, the manufacture of abrasives, direct pouring, or with punch milling machine processing ceramic fiber board.
Q:What is the good heat insulation effect of glass fiber and aluminum silicate fiber, what are their respective advantages and disadvantages?
Advantages and disadvantages of glass fiber: advantages: good insulation, good heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, low water absorption, low price. Disadvantages: brittle, poor wear resistance.
Q:Is the ceramic fiber cloth poisonous?
Ceramic fiber clothProduct introduction.Ceramic fiber products with excellent heat resistance, with heat-resistant alloy reinforced aluminum silicate dimensional textiles, continuous use temperature of 1000 degrees, excellent acid resistance and oil, water vapor corrosion capacity.

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