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Product Description:


1.Faux fur sheepskin rug,100% acrylic material.
2.Much cheaper price than real one.
3.Various colors for choose


Genuine new natural sheepskin rug are ideal as a wedding gifts, yoga, natural sleeping area for a new baby, you can throw it over a chair, baby-carriage...fake one also with same use


100% acrylic

Pile weight

about 870g/sqm

Pile height

about 6.5cm


Suede fabric backing

Total weight

About 920g/sqm


Max width 200cm, stand size is 60x90cm, 70x120cm, custom size can be made like 50x90cm, 69x115cm, 100x140cm etc


300sqm for white color, 500sqm for dyed colors, 800sqm/order. Stock color can be less quantity.

Lead of time

About 30-40days depend on factory production schedule.


Each piece with polybag, then 25pcs put into one carton, or each piece roll with paper tube, many piece into one carton, also can packed as customer requirement.

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Probably the best thing would be nail polish remover or paint thinner; but be sure and test a bit on the carpet under the couch or something first. If that won't work or damages the carpet, you might have to let it dry and scrape it off the best you can. If all else fails, you might need an area rug to just throw over the spot.
Q:how do you get mustard out of carpet?
I would go for a store bought carpet cleaner that would be safe to use and specially for carpet stain removal
Q:cooler rugs?! 10 points!!
Can be used under other rugs to keep a horse warmer. No, they cant be left out in the field, the rug would get wrecked and the horse would get filthy, you need a lightweight turnout rug. No, an anti sweat rug is that, a cooler helps cool a horse down after veigrous exersize. Yes, it could be used as a travel rug in hot weather to keep the flies off in the box/trailer. It depends, if you are leaving it on in the day, i suppose it could be but you couldnt leave it on during the night, the horse would roll and it would come off and get all tangled up in the horses feet.
Q:what should be done if the carpet has water in?
suggest you to find a professional carpet cleaning company to absorb the water, because they can supply large-scale water absortion equipment. you can also have the carpet cleaned up if it is dirty. if the carpet is not dirty,
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Q:Carpet vs. floating hardwood floors?
Hardsurface flooring would be better to have than carpet especially if you have pets around the house...not only are they earier to clean, they are much more hygenic. Carpets will accumulate dust and promote molds that can cause respiratory problems for the those who live there, and those who come to visit. Since carpet absorbs liquid, the smell of pet's urine won't be that easy to remove from it. I've encountered people who have been trying to get rid of the smell of pet urine even after a month that the carpet has been taken out... it costed them a lot of time, money, and effort jsut to get the bad smell out. The more if uric acid has affected the subfloor (even concrete), you cannot just lay another flooring on top as the smell would still permeate throughout the house. If you are to do a floating hardwood floor, apply a water-proof adhesive (like Bruce Everseal) at the tongue and groove so that even dog pee wouldn't seep through the cracks. Damages will occur if it happens as the liquid will not evaporate, thus the boards can warp. I am unsure how big your pet is but choose floors that are with aluminum oxide finish, they help prevent scratches. There are certain wood floors that are with a high janka rating (or hardness rating) which would be harder to dent as well... mostly are exotics that can be almost 3x as hard as White Oak. It is advisable that you also trim your pet's nails regularly:) Always remember that if you'd plan to re-sell your house in the future, hardwood floors will always increase its value.
Q:Is the living room able to lay a carpet?
Q:The new carpet smells great. How do you clean it?
After replacing the new carpet, first open the window to make sure the room is ventilated.Open a bottle of baking soda and spread a thin layer over the carpet. Then carefully sweep the baking soda into the carpet fiber with a broom.
Q:Cat scratching on carpet?
My dad's cat ruined his carpet with this. Anyway I declawed my cat, he's happy, healthy, playful. All he has to defend himself against in our house is the mighty cat-nip mouse, he is not an out door cat, I won't let my cat out doors (live in the city, that would not be good). If you don't plan on letting the cat out, declawing might be an option.
Q:I want to replace my carpet what do i do after i take off my carpet??? please help.?
Are you trying to do it yourself? I've seen it done, I know you need a few special tools. Also, if you have to do a seam, then it has to be done right or the seam will show. Maybe contact a installer. I think Lowes and Home Depot have contractors who do that sort of thing.

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