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1.Faux fur sheepskin rug,100% acrylic material.
2.Much cheaper price than real one.
3.Various colors for choose


Genuine new natural sheepskin rug are ideal as a wedding gifts, yoga, natural sleeping area for a new baby, you can throw it over a chair, baby-carriage...fake one also with same use


100% acrylic

Pile weight

about 870g/sqm

Pile height

about 6.5cm


Suede fabric backing

Total weight

About 920g/sqm


Max width 200cm, stand size is 60x90cm, 70x120cm, custom size can be made like 50x90cm, 69x115cm, 100x140cm etc


300sqm for white color, 500sqm for dyed colors, 800sqm/order. Stock color can be less quantity.

Lead of time

About 30-40days depend on factory production schedule.


Each piece with polybag, then 25pcs put into one carton, or each piece roll with paper tube, many piece into one carton, also can packed as customer requirement.

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Q:Rust stains on blue carpet?
sweetpea is right. One product that works REALLY well is Whink, in the laundry aisle. BUT check in an inconspicuous place. Some carpets are not color fast.
Q:What's good about the carpet?
The carpet appeared since ancient times, in ancient times, productivity is still relatively small, but by material constraints, the carpet is basically true cortex of the carpet, so the cost is very high, so making carpet is very rare, but the price is quite expensive.
Q:Replacing carpet in a trailer?
laying carpet is not an easy thing. You need tools that are made for laying carpet. The carpet iron, for one for seaming pieces together. You also need a knee kick or a carpet stretcher. The hardest part about laying carpet in a mobile home, is that most mobile homes actually lay carpet before they put the wall in. So your walls are actually on top of the carpet. So you will have to cut the carpet completely out. Then lay tack strips down to catch the new carpet you are putting in......I would call the professionals!
Q:got any suggestions for gettin really heavy ciggy smoke outta an area rug?
if you can, hang it outside over a fence or put some chairs together so you can drape it over them and leave it outside all day and permitting of course. while it is outside take a broom and smack the rug in as many places as you can get too. when you take it back in try sprinkling baking soda on the back and sweep it into the backing. leave it on there for about 1/2 hour then vacuum, turn the rug and do the same thing to the front. baking soda is a neutralizer so it should help. have you tried spraying it with oust? maybe try that while it is outside too. i don't know if i would spray the front if it is a dark color but i would over spray the back. good luck! Kathleen
Q:Need help painting carpeted stairwell.?
I don't see any mention in your Q about a TARP, but certainly the carpet needs to be masked, and covered with drops. You can use shielding, but it's a tedious, often one step at a time process. In your case a lot of prep will give you the better job. I might use thin plexi. or even a wide blade MUD knife, to press back the carpet, then with something substantial like gaffing tape, or even Duct tape pressed into the carpet to keep the fibers off the area to be painted. In any case cutting will be the major issue, and caution the keyword. The prep alone will take longer than the painting, but worth the effort,and seemingly your better option. NO I might not pull the carpet, but then again, I don't have an idea of how the carpet has been installed? Tack Strips? Nailed/stapled to the wall butting? Glued? Steven Wolf Just my two sense
Q:How to get nail polish out of carpet?
Wait until the nailpolish dries. Then get a bottle of nail polish remover and pour some of the remover onto a rag or paper towel. Lightly dab at the nail polish spot until it dissolves away. This may take many paper towels to get it all up.
Q:Shampooing Carpets?
mmm get something at target. don't dare using any carpet cleaner company it's BS
Q:What do you think about RUGS?
Q:how to repair flattened carpet?
I've used several methods to fix mine. If it's a small carpet (like an area rug) you can use a coin (like a quarter). Simply hold it on its side and rub it back and forth over the carpet. Another method is the spray bottle method. Sprits your carpet with water, let is sit for about 15 minutes, and vacuum. This will take 3 or 4 attempts. Always let the carpet completely dry before the next attempt. The last method is a pain, but one that I find works the best. Take a steam iron to your carpet. You'll have to do it in sections if it's a large carpet. After allowing the steam to penetrate deeply into the carpet, take a stiff brush and go over the area until the nap of the carpet it restored to its original condition.
Q:how would i clean a old shaggy rug?
What is the rug made of? Is it like a sheepskin... or is it like normal carpet but with really long yarn? that will make a huge difference in how you handle the rug. Response to Additional Details: First try to hang it out where it can get some good air circulation but is protected from weather. After a couple days see if the smell has diminished. Otherwise, go get some Bissel Deodorizing Carpet cleaner and give it a good going over with a carpet shampooer. The best kind of shampooers look similar to an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar. It sort of does a wet, scrub, suck thing.

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