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1.Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Nylon

2.Back: rubber

3.Pile Height: 3-5mm

4.Pile Weight:280g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm

2. Our Advantage:

Technical manufacturing level

Competitive price with best quality;

Attracted designs available

Outstanding working team

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Q:Does anyone know how to clean a fake sheepskin rug?
stick it in a duvet cover tie a knot in the cover so the rug wont fall out. put it on a cool wool wash. when you take it out of the washer fluff up the fur with ur hand and a hairdryer gently then drape over a radiator to dry fluffy side facing up ! (when it comes out the washer it will look a raggy mess so you have got to fluff it up with the hairdryer.
Q:Can pergo (laminate) flooring be placed over carpet?
Probably not a good idea. Physically it can be done, but I don't think you would be happy w/ the results and it would most likely crack. Carpet comes up very easily, why bother?
Q:How do I clean my IKEA area rug?
Ikea Area Rug
Q:How do you fix the room carpet?
With the use of strong adhesive, actually with PVC on the side, or a metal strake fixed, it is good.
Q:Does anyone know how to take candle wax off my carpet?
Take a paper towel and an iron and iron the paper towel on the spot. The heat will melt the wax and the towel will absorb it. You may need to repeat the process several times depending on the absorbancy and the size of the spill. Just set the iron to a lower setting so you don't melt the carpet. A mild setting should do.
Q:Water leak in carpet?
I really hate to tell you this but it sounds to me like a broken pipe under your floor. It can be broken fifteen-twenty feet away,but if the room that has the wet carpet is the lowest point of your house, that is where it will settle. That happened to us. One of those real old clay 4 inch pipes used when the house was built, broke in two. Another thing that can damage your pipes big time is liquid drain openers. Throughout the years we lived in this house, my husband continued to use those products against my warnings. The Drains opened up all right...Sixty feet of them! It dissolved the bottom half of the pipes completely away. That cost us seven thousand dollars and a months worth of jack hammering, repair guys, and headaches. You really need to check it before it runs into tons of money to repair. You could also call your water company to come out and check their meter. The meter tells if there is a water leak somewhere. Who knows, it could be the city's broken pipe and it is settling onto your carpet.
Q:How to put on a horse rug?
Horse Rug Buckles
Q:A large area of office carpet was blisters, what good method can quickly dry and mildew?
You must keep the carpet clean before the summer collection. Blanket has many advantages, such as good elasticity, appearance, sound absorption and so on, but in the summer if the room is still covered with wool carpet, you will feel a little less fresh, so many people are considering to take a temporary summer carpet, until soon winter let them out work. Although the biggest drawback is that you will have some trouble taking care of the carpet, but as long as there are the timely liquidation of dust and proper maintaince, the useful life of the carpet is still relatively long. Decontamination tips (1) tea, coffee, soy sauce or beer and other contaminants: Cleaning fluid, special carpet borax liquid or washing liquid detergent can be used, stains can be removed with a clean brush brushing it again and again, and then can be cleaned with water. (2) tomato sauce, sauce and other sticky substance: Absorbent objects can be used to absorb and remove stains such as paper napkin, then brush it again and again with a clean brush, rinse it with clean water. (3) egg white, milk, ice cream and other lipid objects: Firstly, wash it with warm water and washing liquid, and then use the specialized volatile grease to remove fat.
Q:How can I shampoo my carpet??
I think most powders and sprays just cover things up.. Some places will rent a cleaner for like $40 a day. We have a hoover carpet cleaner I think we spent about $100 on it and it was Soo worth the money! if you take your time when shampooing the carpet it will make a huge difference! especially if you have pets or kids!
Q:Rug doctor?
Yes a rug doctor will do the trick. The rental for 24 hours is 16.95 and shampoo runs about 15. Unlike a professional carpet cleaner that cost just over two hundred. I know this becuase I live on a military base and we have to have our carpet professional cleaned before we move out. I also know the rug doctor does a good job because I have had two puppys and rescued a couple dogs that were not potty trained.

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