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Nylon Printed Carpet / Rug

1Technical Specification of Nylon Printed Carpet / Rug

1).Surface Material :100% Nylon

2).Back: Latex Back or Non-woven Back

3).Pile Height: 3-5mm

4).Pile Weight:270-650g/m2

5).Total Weight:1000g/m2

6).Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm

2. Our Advantage:

Technical manufacturing level

Competitive price with best quality;

Attracted designs available

Outstanding working team

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Q:How to make my rug smell better?
Clean off as much of the poop as you can. Then just wash the rug right in your washing machine....cold water, regular laundry detergent. Hang to air dry. Machine drying can ruin the backing of the rug. Good luck. -
Q:how to remove ingrained carpet stains?
I to locate a pro near you. Ask for an estimate. There are no short cuts available or a magic wand to solve this problem. call a pro.
Q:how long it takes to replace carpet?
Go to the nearest Home depot - they'll sell you carpeting and installation - which includes removing and replacing the old carpet and padding - for a set fee - usually about 150.00 and you choose your own new carpeting various grades and prices starting at 11.75 per square yard up to 33.00 per yard (1000 sq feet equals - 27.7 sq. yards) and put a 10% down payment on the total job. Remember that anything that you install like permanent carpeting must stay when you vacate the apartment. Unless you plan to stay for a really long time (maybe 15 years - the average life of a carpet) this may not be a great idea! These jobs take usually just one day!
Q:How to get clean my semen from the rug?
Semen is mostly protein -- and stains permanently. Don't ejaculate on the rug. Use a special towel, sock or pillowcase that you keep for the purpose, and wash it out regularly. Carpet cleaner should take care of the crusted nap on the rug. Masturbating isn't a habit, it's just a normal response to your hormones, which are really trying to get you to have sex and make babies abd perpeturate the species. Masturbating is just a safe, convenient substitute.
Q:Will long-term use of carpet mites grow?
Certainly, hidden in the deep love mite fiber goods, like carpets, mattresses, pillows, sofas, curtains and so on, according to the different degree of pollution which will breed hundreds to tens of thousands of mites, CCTV Chinese Medical Association branch chairman of allergy to do the interview, which specifically said mite.
Q:Coffee out of a white carpet!?
Q:Installing New Baseboards and Carpet?
Your Base board can be laid first without the Gap or with the Gap a true carpet installer will make it work. I wouldn't worry about it seeing that you have no reason to bury carpet under a baseboard. Carpet only should fit snug up to baseboards an walls. No one runs carpet under walls why would you run your carpet under your baseboard get a clarification on this an ask your carpet installer why he wants it done this way. You shouldn't replace baseboards every time you replace carpet either. Now if this was hard wood floors or such then yeah you need to have it go all the way to the wall.
Q:What horse rug should I use?
There and also maybe on OKorder. I had a TB who had the same issue. Other things that help are: coating them with flyspray every chance you get AND using those Fly Predators things... they really work but I think the season is over for them.
Q:who can i contact to have my carpets tested?
The landlord/management have no obligation to change the carpet. If the carpet is filthy, either ask the management to have it cleaned or rent a carpet cleaning machine and clean it yourself. What are you going to have the carpet tested for ... dirt? A dirty carpet is not a valid reason to break the lease without penalty.
Q:rug burn?!?
Brownish green is a sign of bruising, which wouldn't be surprising if the rug burn is as bad as you say. That would mean that on top of your rug burn, you got the classic black eye. And that won't go away for a few days...sorry. You should know for sure in a day or two. If you have a genuine shiner, you have two options. 1. See if you can have your appointment moved. If you explain that you have a mild facial injury with some bruising that will clear in another week, they might be more sympathetic than if you just told them you want to move your appointment. 2. Use makeup to cover it up. I'm serious, that's what a professional actor or news reporter would do. If you're absolutely clueless as to how to go about this, see if you can get one of the women in your life to help. (If you weren't acting like a total doofus when you got the rug burn, you can probably milk this for some sympathy.)

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