Hot Rolled Steel Plates HRC for Sale in China

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Product Description:

Description of steel sheets:

A36/A516 Gr.60/70 hot rolled oil tank/carbon boiler steel plate/sheet 

Festures of steel sheets:

steel plate are widely used in shipping building,engineer construction,

mechanical manufacturing,the size of alloy steel sheet can be made 

according to clients required.

Specifications of steel sheets: 

1) Cold rolling

The advantages of cold rolling are good dimensional accuracy ,surface quality ,low surface roughness ,high mechanical properties.The steel surface of the coldrolled (forging)  state delivery has oxide skin coverage and there is a great internal stress, so likely to suffer corrosion or rust,.Therefore ,its packaging and storage have relatively strict standards

2) Hot rolling

Hot rolling (forging) steel plate’s termination of a temperature is 800900 degrees Celsius, then generally natural air cooling.Hotrolled steel state because of the surface is covered with a layer of oxide scale,so having some corrosion resistance, less stringent storage and transport requirements, unlike steel cold-rolled state delivery.

Images of  steel sheets:

Hot Rolled Steel Plates HRC for Sale in China


1. What is your package?

Packing situation: standard seaworthy packing or as customer required.

2. How long is the lead time?

Delivery time: 45 days after order confirmed.

3. What  payment term do you accept?

Payment: T/T or L/C at sight.

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Q:What equipment can make the circuit board copper and aluminum.
ALCU-Q303 copper aluminum welding rod welding solution
Q:Is the cover of the book covered with art paper or pearly paper? Please help me reference, thank you.
See what you are books, coated paper belongs to the general use of printing paper, can greatly meet the requirements of printing color
Q:What are the differences between the soft and hard states of the T2 copper tube?
Although the name is a soft copper tube soft pipe, but also can replace the hard tube, so soft tube and hard tube used more widely, the way of its existence in addition to appear straight outside, can exist in the form of coil, because the coil has the advantages when used in length. When the connection point longer place, is based on the required length of free interception, this will avoid copper, welding holes are so soft copper in air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. need to use mechanical tubing bending.
Q:What is the difference between copper tape sticker + heat sensitive single anti sensitive adhesive + thermal three proofing glue?
The use of thermal transfer printer; thermal paper single guard is waterproof, belongs to the general material of thermal label paper, use thermal / thermal transfer printer;
Q:What material is composite copper plate?
Is a composite material. Composite material is a kind of material which is made of a kind of material as the base (another material is a reinforcing body. Various materials in the performance complement each other, and produce synergistic effect, so that the comprehensive performance of composite material is better than the original material, and meet a variety of different requirements.
Q:How to remove the copper patina, ask God for us
Specific measures: the amount of water in the pot, turn off the fire after the boil; then zuguangfen into the open. Put the copper into hot water at this time. After 1~2 hours, the copper surface is clean as new...... Explain, because the main components of drugs, under certain conditions is good at reducing agent; high temperature oxidation and rust reduction reaction, therefore achieve good not to hurt the copper rust.
Q:What's the difference between offset paper and coated art paper?
Offset paper is mainly offset printing paper, the paper is white and smooth, but the whiteness, compactness and smoothness are lower than the coated paper.
Q:What are the public toilet's ground round copper plates for?
It has two functions: one is to maintain a certain water level, so as to avoid the odor coming down from the pipe and entering the room; and the other is to intercept solid material so as not to block the pipeline and can be removed at any time
Q:What kind of paper should be chosen in the printer?
Mine is high quality glossy paper, you can set it up for advanced paper. As long as the paper is not bad, the copy request is not very fine, and the effect is the same.
Q:How to distinguish between paper? Such as paper, light weight coated paper, light weight coated paper, matt coated paper and matte powder etc.
Weight: 45, 50, 60, 70, 80 (g/m2). 3. light weight coated paper is light weight coated paper referred to, it was also known as the LWC, its name is English LWC paper (Light Weight Coated Paper) is an international, in the area of Taiwan called it illustrated paper or light weight coated paper.

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