Hot Rolled Steel Plates HR Sheet for Sale in China

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Product Description:

Description of steel sheets:

A36/A516 Gr.60/70 hot rolled oil tank/carbon boiler steel plate/sheet 

Festures of steel sheets:

steel plate are widely used in shipping building,engineer construction,

mechanical manufacturing,the size of alloy steel sheet can be made 

according to clients required.

Specifications of steel sheets: 

The advantages of cold rolling are good dimensional accuracy ,surface quality ,low surface roughness ,high mechanical properties.The steel surface of the coldrolled (forging)  state delivery has oxide skin coverage and there is a great internal stress, so likely to suffer corrosion or rust,.Therefore ,its packaging and storage have relatively strict standards

Images of  steel sheets:

Hot Rolled Steel Plates HR Sheet for Sale in China


1. What is your package?

Packing situation: standard seaworthy packing or as customer required.

2. How long is the lead time?

Delivery time: 45 days after order confirmed.

3. What  payment term do you accept?

Payment: T/T or L/C at sight.

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Q:What is copper plate used as corrosive agent?
The corrosion of CCL is generally divided into two kinds: acid corrosion and alkaline corrosion. Acid etching liquid is usually hydrochloric acid, and etching liquid with nitric acid is also used;
Q:How do you make the surface of the copper copper board the surface color of the copper coin?
When the copper wire drawing drawing color shades become when you want to color you can put on the water rinse attention must complete color spray paint to light a good copper color
Q:What's the difference between hot rolled copper strip and cold-rolled copper plate?
The copper plate is a general term for copper plate and copper strip. Copper plate refers to copper rolled plates, including hot rolling and cold rolling. Copper strip refers to the copper rolling products whose thickness is between 0.06 and 1.5mm. According to the classification of different grades of copper strip, divided into brass strip, copper strip, bronze strip, copper plate belt.
Q:What gases are used in copper welding?
1, look at what environment you use.2, if it is used in gas welding oxyacetylene flame welding.
Q:How to weld double clad copper plate component?
Welding principle: copper parts welding melting temperature parts heated to M51 wire 200 degrees, and then use the WEWELDING M51 wire with M51-F solder coated on welding parts, then welding molten iron by forming 51.
Q:Do you have to use copper paper for the DM news?
The so-called DM is referred to as direct media, is directly sent to the hands of the audience free media (usually paper media). This is its essence, since it is a paper media, there is no certain cost, some models and quality of paper.
Q:What are the ingredients of copper clad laminate?
In the practical application can be a knife on the copper foil surface by artificial carved lines, can also be used in chemical materials of ferric chloride etching.
Q:Is this board copper clad? How to do it?.
After the process of making circuit boards, the excess copper is etched off, and the retained copper is the designed circuit conductor. You can make a difference between photosensitive plate or heat transfer plate making method, you know how to turn the copper plate into such a circuit board.
Q:Do boards of PCB boards, in addition to materials such as copper clad panels, have any other material boards?
According to the flame retardant properties of CCL classification, can be divided into flame retardant (UL94, VO, UL94, a V1 class) and non flame retardant (UL94, HB level) two kinds of plates. In the past one or two years, with the increasing attention to environmental protection, a new type of non brominated CCL has been isolated in flame retardant CCL, which can be called "green flame retardant cCL"". With the rapid development of electronic product technology, cCL has higher performance requirements. Therefore, the performance classification of CCL is divided into general performance CCL, low dielectric constant CCL, high heat resistance CCL (general board L above 150 degrees), low thermal expansion coefficient CCL (commonly used for packaging substrate) and so on.
Q:What is the difference between copper plates (transverse thickness difference) and how to detect them?
The transverse thickness difference, mean deviation between different plates in cross section measurement of the thickness of the point, this is decided by the production equipment, inevitably there will be, but he has an allowable range, the plate thickness deviation range of good quality small.

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