Hot Rolled Mild Light Steel Rail for Minas Q235,55Q Made in China

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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
25 m.t.
Supply Capability:
2000000 m.t./month

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Specifications of Hot Rolled Mild Light Steel Rail for Minas Q235,55Q Made in China

Production Standard: GB 11264-89, GB2585-81, AREMA2008, JIS, DIN536, EN13674-1-2003, etc.

Grade: 55Q

Sizes: 9kg-60kg

Length: 6M-25M as the requriement of the clients    

high quality steel light rail

high quality steel light rail

Applications of Hot Rolled Mild Light Steel Rail for Minas Q235,55Q Made in China

Hot Rolled Mild Light Steel Rail for Minas Q235,55Q Made in China is mainly used in forest region, mines, factories and construction sites laid of the place such as temporary transport line and light motorcycles with line.

Heavy rail is suitable for the laying of main trunk line of the curves and the orbit of the tunnel can also be used for tower crane and other crane track.    

Packaging & Delivery of Hot Rolled Mild Light Steel Rail for Minas Q235,55Q Made in China

1. Packing: it is nude packed in bundles by steel wire rod
2. Bundle weight: not more than 3.5MT for bulk vessel; less than 3 MT for container load

3. Marks:

Color marking: There will be color marking on both end of the bundle for the cargo delivered by bulk vessel. That makes it easily to distinguish at the destination port.

Tag mark: there will be tag mark tied up on the bundles. The information usually including supplier logo and name, product name, made in China, shipping marks and other information request by the customer.

If loading by container the marking is not needed, but we will prepare it as customer request.

4. Transportation: the goods are delivered by truck from mill to loading port, the maximum quantity can be loaded is around 40MTs by each truck. If the order quantity cannot reach the full truck loaded, the transportation cost per ton will be little higher than full load.

5. Delivered by container or bulk vessel

6. Delivery Time: All the Hot Rolled Steel Rail will be transpoted at the port of Tianjin, China within 30 days after receiving the advance payment by T/T or the orginal L/C at sight.

7. Payment terms:30% advance payment by T/T, 70% payment against the copy of the B/L; 100% L/C at sight, etc.

8. Others: Invoicing on theoretical weight or actual weight as customer request

Inspection of Hot Rolled Mild Light Steel Rail for Minas Q235,55Q Made in China

We will send the MTC of the factory to the clients directly which contains the anlisis of the heat, chemiqual composition, phisical characteristicas, etc.

And our inspectors will arrive at the factory to meke the inspection of the size, length, weight and quantity before the transportation from the factory.


Q1: How soon can we receive the product after purchase?

A1: Within three days of placing an order, we will begin production. The specific shipping date is dependent upon international and government factors, but is typically 7 to 10 workdays.

Q2: Can fit in the containers of 20inches the steel beams of 6M?

A2: No proble, we can put them into the containers in the form sideling.

Q3: The products are invoicing on theoritical weight or on actual weight? 

A3: We can do it in both manners, according to the customers' request.

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Q:The rails of the high iron welded together as a whole
After laying high speed rail, the technicians will use advanced welding technology to carry out two welding and grinding between the rails. A length of 500 meters, weighing 30 tons of rail welded into an ultra long seamless line, to achieve a track shop in the end. A flexible joint is arranged at the expansion joint, and the expansion space provided with the heating is reserved.
Q:How are the rail tracks worn?
Two methods:1, the rails will be melted recast.2. Make rail into other landmark buildings.Note: old rail should be prepared after the public security reported.
Q:What is heavy rail? What is light rail?
General rail means rail laying, dedicated lines, bend and tunnel rails. Among them, the standard track length is 12.50 meters and 25 meters in two, the laying of the curve rail, slightly shorter length, 12.46 meters, 12.42 meters and 24.96 meters, 24.92 meters and other rail, general specification for 38, 43, 45, 50, 60 (kg / m).
Q:What is a rail pile?
1, the construction is quick, this construction uses the drilling machine as the split type, the removable is good, moves, installs conveniently. The utility model can remotely operate, and can be perforated at one time. The utility model has more than 6 times the efficiency of the ordinary drilling rig.2, small footprint, no common drilling pile, mud tank, steel processing space and so on.3, construction safety, without digging pile, explosive, artificial underground operation and other unsafe factors.4, the construction process and conditions are simple, the quality is easy to control.5, the process of nearby rivers, villages, no pollution, no noise.6 、 small pile diameter and low cost.
Q:What is the width of the rail grade 43kg/m?
The temporary technical specification for 60kg/m rail of 250km/h passenger dedicated line stipulates that the length of rail gauge for 250km/h passenger dedicated line (taking into account freight) is 100m.Curve shorten rail length than 12.5m standard rail short, 40, 80, 120mm three kinds, there are three shorter than the 25.0m standard rail, 40, 80, 160mm.
Q:What is the function of a railway joint connection part?
A part that connects rails or rails and ties. The former is called joint connection parts; the latter is called intermediate connection parts. Its role is to effectively ensure the rail and rail, rail and sleeper between the reliable connection of long-term, continuous rail as soon as possible and integrity, prevent rail relative to the longitudinal movement of the sleeper, ensure the normal track, and give full play to the role of dynamic cushioning performance of vehicles, slow down the line of residual deformation accumulation.
Q:Can a track circuit stand between two rails without getting an electric shock?
If the electric two rail, rail, sleeper and ground are insulated, people do not contact track, not electric shock, no "step voltage. If the insulation is not good, the ground has power, it would have to waste much power, is a great waste.
Q:How to deal with old rail rail?
To be recycled all the way, there is a strategic metal "Mo" in the rail, which can make rail super wear, recycling molybdenum extraction, processing new tracks, molybdenum reserves are very low, and strategic metals
Q:How do the rails of high-speed railways dock?
Solve the thermal stress of thermal expansion and contraction by the following ways:1, perfect temperature monitoring equipment.2, the manufacturing process to reduce thermal expansion and cold contraction effect. When laying, should also choose the appropriate temperature, so that the minimum value of expansion.3, the tracks are locked on the sleepers so that their stresses are forced to lock. In regions with large temperature differences, regular discharge stresses should also be applied. It is said that the sudden release of the construction site stress, momentum is amazing!
Q:What are the characteristics of a curved track compared with a straight one?
The tracks of newly constructed and converted railways shall be determined according to the function, nature, speed and annual total mass of the design line in the railway network. The selection of track components should be based on the need of transportation, improve the carrying capacity of the track structure and the base surface of the track, realize the reasonable matching, and meet the requirements of standardization, serialization and generalization.

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