Hot rolled H beams/Ibeams GB standard/JIS standard

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Packaging Detail: packed in bundle, suitable for sea transport (by container) or According to the clients`requirements

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joist steel 

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Country of Origin: China


Mill name: Ningbo Preah Vihear Steel Industry Co., Ltd.


Commodity: H beam


Tolerance: Strictly according to the G/B and JIS standard


Delivery time: within 30days


Price term: CIF/ CFR according to clients requirements


Payment terms: 100%Irrevercable L/C At Sight or TT




Product Description




H beam Section sizenma(mm) Weight (kg/m)

Height×Breadth Web thichness Flange thichness

100×100 6 8 16.9

125×125 6.5 9 23.6

150×150 7 10 31.1

175×175 7.5 11 40.4

200×200 8 12 49.9

250×250 9 14 71.8

300×300 10 15 93.0

300×300 15 15 105.0

350×350 12 19 134.9

400×400 13 21 171.7

148×100 6 9 20.7

194×150 6 9 29.9

244×175 7 11 43.6

294×200 8 12 55.8

340×250 9 14 78.1

390×300 10 16 104.6

440×300 11 18 120.8

482×300 11 15 110.8

488×300 11 18 124.9

582×300 12 17 132.8

588×300 12 20 147.0

100×50 5 7 9.3

125×60 6 8 13.1

150×75 5 7 14.0

175×90 5 8 18.0

198×99 4.5 7 17.8

200×100 5.5 8 20.9

248×124 5 8 25.1

250×125 6 9 29.0

298×149 5.5 8 32.0

300×150 6.5 9 36.7

346×174 6 9 41.2

350×175 7 11 49.4

396×199 7 11 56.1

400×200 8 13 65.4

446×199 8 12 65.1

450×200 9 14 74.9

496×199 9 14 77.9

500×200 10 16 88.1

596×199 10 15 92.4

600×200 11 17 103.4

700×300 13 24 181.8

800×300 14 26 206.8

900×300 16 28 240.1

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Q:What does "welding H" steel set "vertical" and "corrective processing" mean?
Since the H steel web needs to be machined is 10 thick, it can be easily welded to the submerged welding machine, so there is no need to break the seamAfter blanking, use the crane to lift the plate to the erection machine one by one, and clamp. Start the set, set the machine, adjust the position of the three plates, and fix the spot weldingNote: the assembling machine is specially used to assemble the H steel machine, three plates, processing it can clamp type H steel H steel will start the machine, by the end of the assembling machine to roll to the other end, through assembling the machine when the door frame, can be used to adjust the assembling machine accurate three plate position, is a period of adjustment of rolling.After erection, the crane is welded to the welding platform and submerged arc weldingAfter welding, lift to straightening machine for straightening and correctingNote: the straightening effect correction principle: after welding flange may be not perpendicular to the web, using roller flat. Because H type steel may also be in the length direction is not straight, also can use the pressure roller is adjusted. The general steel processing plant of the straightening machine only in H flat slab steel width flat with length up straight. Straight up the length function of flame correction, flame correction, H steel with roasted curved, roasted red with water, due to thermal expansion and contraction, H type steel straight up. But it must have some experience to master the operation.
Q:What's the difference between I-beam and H steel?
H section steel is a kind of economical and economical cutting surface profile (other cold bending thin wall steel, pressed steel plate, etc.). Because of the reasonable cross-section shape, they can make steel more effective and improve the bearing capacity. Unlike ordinary I-beam, the flange of H steel is widened, and the inner and outer surfaces are usually parallel so that it is easy to connect with high strength bolts and other components. Its size constitutes a reasonable series, complete model, easy to design and use. (in addition to crane girders)
Q:H how long is the length of the steel section?
The average length is 12m!!!!!!!!But this H steel can be negotiated with manufacturers.According to the required length, but generally require a long time to go to docking.
Q:H steel or I-beam, which bearing good?
If load-bearing, H steel is better.
Q:What is the theoretical weight of welded H - section steel 900*350*20*30?
298*149*12*16 is the welding specification, the weight is 63.4KG per meter.
Q:Use H section steel to make the beam, the span of 8 meters, the floor slab, what's the minimum H steel? What's the model?
Choose H250X100X4X6, and if there is no snow in the south, the web can be used. 220 is the ultimate limit
Q:What are the specifications for H steel HW, HB, HN?
HN is H steel with a flange width ratio greater than or equal to 2; used mainly for beams and I-beam purposes, equivalent to HN.
Q:How is the weight of H steel calculated?
The formula for calculating the load-bearing capacity of H steel is as follows:M = [(H 2×2×T1 + T2)××××0.858 T2 + R / R)×1000×7.85
Q:What are the main parts of hot-rolled H steel? What kind of project is required to use H steel, and what kind of customer base is best to find when selling H steel?
Application: H steel, H steel beams and columns: 1 Industrial and civil construction steel structure; steel structure bearing bracket 2 industrial structures; 3 underground engineering pile and steel support structure; 4 petrochemical and electric power equipment industry structure; 5 large span bridge component 6 ships, machinery manufacturing; frame structure; 7 train, automobile and tractor beam bracket; 8 port conveyor belt, highway plate bracket.
Q:How to control the welding deformation made of H steel
Features are as follows: wide flange and large lateral rigidity. Good bending resistance. The two surfaces of the flange are parallel to each other, so that the connection, processing and installation are simple. Compared with the welding drawing I-beam, the utility model has the advantages of low cost, high precision, little residual stress, no expensive welding materials and welding seam detection, and the cost of steel structure production is saved by about 30%. Under the same section load, the H steel structure of hot rolled 15%-20% steel is less than that of traditional steel structure. Compared with the concrete structure, the hot rolled H steel structure can increase the use area of 6%, while the structural weight is reduced by 20% and 30%, and the internal force of the structural design is reduced. The H steel can be processed into T steel, and the castellated beams can form various section forms to meet the demands of engineering design and manufacture. H steel is mainly used in engineering, plant, equipment, machinery and equipment, bridges, highways, houses, etc., with good mechanical and physical properties, firm and energy-saving and environmental protection. H steel is a kind of economical type section steel, widely used in industry, buildings, bridges, oil drilling platforms, according to the forecast in 2005 China's H steel demand of about 2 million 500 thousand tons, 5 million tons of demand in 2010, but the H steel of China's annual production capacity of 1 million 200 thousand tons, the market demand is very great.

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