hot rolled channel steel good quality with ensurance

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Hebei China (Mainland)

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U Channel



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Not Perforated





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Packaging Detail:according to the customer's request
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channel steel
1)Size: 51x25x3mm-305x80x13mm
2)Material: Q195,Q215,Q235,A36,SS400,SS540
3)Packing:bundle with strips

 American Channel Steel

Standardh(mm)b(mm)d(mm)Theoretic Weight
BSC2*1*1/8512532.37 kg/m
BSC2*1*3/16512553.46 kg/m
C3*3.576353.45.20 kg/m
C3*4.176354.36.10 kg/m
C3*576376.67.40 kg/m
C3*6764098.90 kg/m
C4*4.5102403.26.70 kg/m
C4*5.4102404.78.00 kg/m
C4*7.2102438.210.80 kg/m
C5*6.7127444.810.4 kg/m
C5*9127478.313.00 kg/m
C6*8.2152485.112.22 kg/m
C6*10.515251815.64 kg/m
C6*131525411.119.36 kg/m
C7*9.8178535.314.6 kg/m
C7*12.217855818.2 kg/m
C7*14.71785810.622.00 kg/m
C8*11.5203575.617.10 kg/m
C8*13.7203597.720.5 kg/m
C8*18.52036412.427.90 kg/m
C10*15.3254656.122.80 kg/m
C10*20254699.630.00 kg/m
C10*252547313.437.00 kg/m
C10*302547617.145.00 kg/m
C12*20.7305747.230.80 kg/m
C12*25305779.837.00 kg/m
C12*30305801345.00 kg/m


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Q:What is SPF sheet?
SPF is a major commercial softwood tree assemblage from Canada and is mainly used for construction and furnishings. Not synthetic, because the three characteristics are very close so do together with the mix.
Q:How to use a simple method to detect whether it is 316 stainless steel sheet
You can also use the spectrometer, where you usually buy the goods
Q:What is the PS board?
PS board - polystyrene Is a transparent amorphous thermoplastic material, its light transmission performance after the plexiglass. Advantages are low density, water resistance, light resistance, good chemical resistance. Electrical insulation and moisture absorption performance is excellent, and easy processing and dyeing. The disadvantage is poor impact resistance, brittleness and low heat resistance. Can be used as a blind, sound insulation foam board, can be bonded paper, fiber, wood, marble particles made of composite materials.
Q:Plate formaldehyde content of the national standard ≤ 1.5mg / l is what it means
Formaldehyde emission is less than 0.5mg, in line with the European E0 level standards; Formaldehyde emission is less than 1.5mg, in line with European E1 standard. China's current national standards for wood-based panel is E1 level, there is no E0 level of the so-called E0 level is the Japanese wood-based board substrate standards, which requires formaldehyde emission ≤ 0.5mg / L.
Q:Living room floor tile or stone plate is good in it
Flooring: solid wood, flooring. Advantages: feet feel good, winter is not cold, grade is good. Disadvantages: fear of water, the need for simple maintenance. Formaldehyde
Q:Is the cupboard made of tempered glass or oak board?
Cooking for a long time will affect the color of the white cabinet is likely to make the cabinet white paint color, cracking and so on.
Q:How much is the quartz stone plate? What is the specification?
See how much you want, and wholesale prices and agency prices are not the same, generally about 170 in a square bar Now on the market cabinet specifications are generally 2440 * 750-760 * 15mm, large board is generally 3200 * 1600 * 15mm, these two are standard board. Generally have to 3100 * 1500 * 15, the size of foreign are generally 20mm thick.
Q:Are man-made sheets containing formaldehyde?
Man-made sheet containing formaldehyde: Because the plate, MDF, particleboard, wood flooring and other man-made sheet of formaldehyde mainly produced in the manufacturing process from the bonding of formaldehyde resin. This resin has a strong adhesion, to strengthen the hardness of the board, pest control, anti-corrosion function and cheap, is the first choice for the man-made sheet of raw materials. As the formaldehyde in the floor will not immediately volatilize, but because of different temperature and humidity conditions slowly volatile, volatile time up to ten years.
Q:What is the quality of the snowboard?
Chevrolet board can be comparable with the wood, and can be sawing, planing, can be nailed, sticky, but also has no deformation without cracking without painting (a variety of colors) and other special features; and low foam sheet can be welded, Ink printing and can also be used saw, drill, milling and other methods for machining.
Q:Welding 1.2 plate should be used in what diameter of the electrode and the current strength?
TIG welding wire 1.0 Current 45A

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