hot rolled channel steel good quality with ensurance

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10000 m.t./month

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Hebei China (Mainland)

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U Channel



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Not Perforated





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Packaging Detail:according to the customer's request
Delivery Detail:within 30 days after receive L/C


channel steel
1)Size: 51x25x3mm-305x80x13mm
2)Material: Q195,Q215,Q235,A36,SS400,SS540
3)Packing:bundle with strips

 American Channel Steel

Standardh(mm)b(mm)d(mm)Theoretic Weight
BSC2*1*1/8512532.37 kg/m
BSC2*1*3/16512553.46 kg/m
C3*3.576353.45.20 kg/m
C3*4.176354.36.10 kg/m
C3*576376.67.40 kg/m
C3*6764098.90 kg/m
C4*4.5102403.26.70 kg/m
C4*5.4102404.78.00 kg/m
C4*7.2102438.210.80 kg/m
C5*6.7127444.810.4 kg/m
C5*9127478.313.00 kg/m
C6*8.2152485.112.22 kg/m
C6*10.515251815.64 kg/m
C6*131525411.119.36 kg/m
C7*9.8178535.314.6 kg/m
C7*12.217855818.2 kg/m
C7*14.71785810.622.00 kg/m
C8*11.5203575.617.10 kg/m
C8*13.7203597.720.5 kg/m
C8*18.52036412.427.90 kg/m
C10*15.3254656.122.80 kg/m
C10*20254699.630.00 kg/m
C10*252547313.437.00 kg/m
C10*302547617.145.00 kg/m
C12*20.7305747.230.80 kg/m
C12*25305779.837.00 kg/m
C12*30305801345.00 kg/m


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Q:How to pick up the plate
But it is very ugly the best not to find the goods sent to the consultation under the cheap point to give two
Q:Ecological board and imported incense board which light fastness
Ecological board and imported incense board which is more light, first of all we have to know that the ecological board is a man-made sheet, he is made of an environmentally friendly materials, and incense wood is a plate, from the light Aspect, it is certainly cooler wood.
Q:I am looking for a sheet of material that requires a lighter than the aluminum alloy 7075 material, strength, is the name of this material?
Recommend 7050 and 7055, Part of the Al-Li alloy can also, 8 series, but the price is almost 2 times. 7075 should be the most suitable aluminum alloy sheet material on the market, and look at the magnesium alloy sheet? , The specific strength of magnesium alloy slightly stronger, it is recommended that you still make some improvements in the structure of it, the thick place thick, the thin place thin, the other two side box and the back box under the reasonable allocation of it, for the back box Put some light things, so the weight is more balanced.
Q:What is a lightweight sheet?
Lightweight sheet is made of inorganic cementitious material as the main matrix material, using a variety of prefabricated process, the length and width is much larger than the thickness of the plate density or surface density and ordinary concrete products compared to low building products.
Q:What kind of sheet is the overall wardrobe?
High density board is used to do the closet, the market are used in the wardrobe MDF, there is the particleboard. High density boards are used to do the floor. I do not know how good customers with Sofia what brand of density board, the current domestic MDF is the best big Asia. Particleboard is the best Jilin forest workers dew river, but the Jilin Sen Lushui River is basically only sold to the domestic first-line furniture manufacturers, the first is because the annual constants are limited, to take into account the sustainable development of forests in Changbai Mountain, do not blindly expand the scale Leading to deforestation. The second is the brand with excellent quality, requiring manufacturers to purchase a relatively large, so small manufacturers too much. In fact, the wardrobe is still homogeneous particleboard is better, China's most cattle a few furniture factories are made of Jilin Seniors particleboard furniture. Like the wind and so on some hundred. If the business insists that the high density board, ask him how much the range of high density board is much. Very heavy, each cubic more than 800 kg. The top is the use of medium density inside the high density, rather than the real sense of high density.
Q:What kind of materials do you need to buy carpentry wardrobe?
The main material is there Plate: you can do with solid wood can also do with MDF Panel: can do a variety of beautiful effects, if it is solid wood wardrobe do not have to plywood Door: do open doors, but also do sliding doors, wooden doors or glass doors Anti-collision strip: sliding doors must use the crash bar Roller: Install the sliding door must be accessories Aluminum alloy bars: the installation of sliding doors must be accessories Yitong and accessories: installed in the closet inside the clothes set with the set Received: cover seam Drawer slide: install the drawer of the matching set Drawer lock: install the drawer of the matching set Handle: open the door must be used Cabinet feet: can be used to raise the distance between the closet and the ground, moisture. Mirror: need to install a mirror should be used Paint: Solid wood can be painted manually Pipe hinge: install the open door must be goods Other hardware and accessories: nails, nails, screws, white plastic and so on
Q:What is the lower formaldehyde content of solid wood furniture than plate furniture?
Plate furniture formaldehyde from the interior of the plate, solid wood furniture, formaldehyde from the paint, in general (just under normal circumstances) solid wood furniture, formaldehyde content to be less, for which solid wood furniture, the lowest formaldehyde this is no comparison Oh, of course, yellow Po boasted from the boast only, more to compare, as long as the environmental requirements, regardless of the plate or solid wood can live. Just give you recommend a brand Hannis solid wood customization, you can understand the next
Q:What is the sheet of Sophia Wardrobe?
What plate have ah, this is the best to buy a look at formaldehyde, the general furniture is formaldehyde weight, you can try Mu Tong's products, detection and management are good
Q:China's top ten brands of wood brand which brand?
Hong Kong snow Po, with the natural growth of wood texture, is a rare floor, choose this brand to use, very rest assured.
Q:How to do inventory management
You can try to go through the river software, we are doing the plate are used it.

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