Hot PVC Coated Wire

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PVC coated iron wire offers excellent corrision resistance and anti-aging property and longer service life compare with common galvanized iron wire. Different colors available for customers choice s another benefit of PVC coated wire.

PVC coated wire
Wire DiameterBWG10-24  0.5MM-3.5MM
Tensile strength30-70kg/mm2
Elongation Rate10%-25%
Packing0.1-800kg/coil,plastic inside and hassian outside/ weave outside
Optional Information
HS Code7217200000 Wire of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
PaymentL/C or T/T
LoadingTianjin port
Minimum Order20 Ton

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Q:I have a light fixture with odd wiring. two sets of wires in, both blacks connected and the white wires free how do i install?
Q:Advantages of Twisted Pair Wiring?
Lower noise due to inductively coupled current from interference sources, such as (say) a motor or AC power line. When a changing magnetic field is near a coil of wire, it induces a current in the wire. If that wire is your network cable, the current will be misinterpreted by the receiving NIC as voltage generated by the sender, which will cause packet corruption. With twisted pair wire, after a twist the magnetic field ends up creating a current in the opposite direction since the order of the wires has switched. Therefore, the current induced from adjacent twists of the wire ends up cancelling. (Assuming the magnetic field strength is consistent over the distance of 2 twists.)
Q:Need help with trailer wiring?
On also available at your local auto parts store
Q:Doubling the length and halving the diameter of a wire?
Resistance = rho * L/A where rho = resistivity of the material, so it's the same for both wires. You've doubled the length, and you've divided the area by a factor of 2^2 = 4. Calculate rho * (2L)/(0.25A) and compare that to rho * L/A.
Q:can i hook a black wire to a white wire?
Before you do anything, turn off the power. Sometimes people will wire up switches hot, but they know what to touch and what not to touch. You should not take that risk. There will be two power cables coming into the box, one from the power source and the other to the ceiling light. Each cable has a black wire, a white wire, and a bare copper wire. Connect all the white wires together with a wire nut. Connect all the bare wires and an extra piece of bare wire together with another wire nut. Connect the extra piece of bare wire to the green screw terminal on the switch. Connect the black wire from the power source to one brass screw terminal on the switch. It doesn't matter which one you use. Connect the black wire from the ceiling light to the other brass screw terminal on the switch. Don't screw the switch into its box yet. Turn the power back on. Test the switch, being careful not to touch any wires while doing so. After it works, turn the power off again and screw the switch into t
Q:question about tension in wires?
The length of the wire is inconsequential unless you're calculating stretch. The tensile force in the upper wire is simply: Fu = 6 + 10 = 16 kg The tensile force in the lower wire is simply: Fl = 10 kg If you want tensile stress, then you need the wire's cross-sectional area.
Q:what is the difference between a phone wire and a lan wire?
No, you cannot use a phone line wire for LAN. The wires and jacks are different. Lan cables (cat5) have more wires inside than phone line cables which only have either 2 or 4 wires. If you need a LAN cable, you'll have to go out and buy one.
Q:How much would a wiring harness cost?
Buying a wiring harness will be prohibitive, and even transplanting one from a wrecking yard can be expensive. The harness can be repaired by splicing in pieces of wire where wire is missing and splicing together damaged pieces of wire. It is tedious but not particularly time consuming - I spliced in a section of harness after an engine fire in about 2 hours, working slowly.
Q:how do you wire amotion sensor light.the?
If all else fails read the directions! Please read the directions that came with the motion sensor/outdoor light. They should have a color code in them somewhere that tells you what each color is and what it should be wired too. If you have any doubts hire a licensed qualified electrician to do it for you. You would be much better off if you don't think you are capable of doing it. If you do think you are capable make sure you turn off the breaker in the breaker box. (Not the light switch on the wall)
Q:can a positive wire connect a negative and positive terminal together?
Wire is wire. There is no positive wire and no negative wire. The wires are colour coded so you can keep track of what connects to what. You can use orange and green wires if you want; just keep track of what you are connecting.

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