Hot Pressed SMC Sheet Applied in Water Tanks with Good Anti-Corrosion Capacity

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$1.00 - 500.00 / m²
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3000 m²
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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:


SMC and BMC are abbreviations of respectively Sheet Molding Compound and Bulk Molding Compound. SMC and BMC form a family of structural, fiber reinforces thermosetting resins. SMC and
BMC are intermediate materials from which a large variety of products can be manufactured by compression molding or injection molding. Base materials of SMC and BMC are, generally spoken, unsaturated polyester resins, glass and mineral filler materials, such as chalk or aluminum trihydrate. The composition of the compounds can be adapted to the application where it is used for. Specific properties such as flame retardancy, surface quality and paintability can be achieved by adding specific, functional materials. SMC and BMC product are used in a very broad  range of applications






Product Traits

  • It is the water tank of new type adopted in the world presently,and is assembled by wholly good qualitied SMC plates.

  • We can assemble water tank with volume from 1m3 to 1000m3, easy to change the volume.

  • Sealing belt is non-toxic with high elastic property and fastened which means it has high strength.

  • It’s widely used in mine industry, enterprises&public institutions, house, hotels etc.

  • Food grade resin is adopted, so the quality of water is good and clean, without pollution, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistante, nice appearance, long service life, easy to maintenance etc.




  • Sheet Molding Compound is a fiber-reinforced material, which consists primarily of a thermosetting resin glass fiber.

  • With high tech material—SMC, which has high impact compressive, flexural and tensile strength along with temperature stability. 



Technical Parameter & Specification

Appearance-Smooth surface, no airbubble and crack,no sundries
Water absorptionmg≤20
Molding shrinkage ratio%≤0.15
Heat distortion(A)°C≥220
Impact strength
(Charpy in-notched)
Flexural strengthMPa


InsulationresistanceUnder normalconditionsΩ≥1.0×1013
Immerged inwater for24 hours≥1.0×1012
Dielectric Strength(in 90°C oil)MV/m≥12.0
Dissipation Factor(1 MHz)≤0.015
Permittibity(1 MHz)≤4.5
Arc ResistanceS≥180
Proof Tracking Index(PTI)V≥600



The water tank has been widely used in residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, R&D buildings, schools, malls, restaurants and other public facilities as well as places with high requirements for water quality, such as hospitals and food processing plants.




How long is the delivery time?

Usually it takes 10-25days after receipt of the deposits or L/C, and it also depends on the quantity of your order.


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Q:The difference between glass fiber reinforced daylight tile and PC endurance board
FRP daylighting tile generally refers to polyester resin products, such as FRP products, mainly according to the classification of resins, ordinary lighting tiles are usually resin and glass fiber or glass mat based raw materials.
Q:Which is better, the sun board or the light board?
Raw materials: in general, the production of light panels using raw materials is FRP, and the sun board (also known as hollow board), the selection of materials is PC polycarbonate;Lighting performance: both have lighting function, in which the sun plate lighting performance and weather better, while the lighting board is relatively good, acid alkaline, not easy to be acid-base corrosion;
Q:Is it better to use a glass fiber reinforced steel tile for a corrosive plant?
Because of the composition of resin and glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced daylight tile has better corrosion resistance.
Q:What is the maximum possible weight of a light tile (glass fiber reinforced plastic)? Is it possible to break it down from above?
Must be high transparency, so the product itself must be very thin, resin using transparent resin, inside the fiber is surface felt, compression is certainly not good.
Q:What is the difference between glass fiber reinforced plastic daylighting tile and glass daylighting tile?
Mainly in accordance with the classification of resins, ordinary lighting tiles are usually resin and glass fiber or glass mat based raw materials.
Q:Glass fiber reinforced plastics lighting board scrap recycling
1, raw material glass fiber yarn gives the product good impact resistance and bending performance, can withstand hail, typhoon attack, and not easy to fragmentation. Compared with the glass, the utility model has the advantages of safety and low maintenance cost.2, select the appropriate production of raw materials resin, glass fiber reinforced plastic light transmittance control of 25 to 85%, and special technology to make incident light very soft and create a comfortable working environment. In addition, as a heterogeneous material composite material, the light is scattered when passing through, so that the indoor light is uniform, without spot and without glare. (the supplier can choose the glass fiber reinforced plastic lighting board with different transmittance according to the specific requirements)
Q:Aluminum plate Eterpan lighting plate are used in what place
The use of aluminum plate and Aitken board should be roughly the same as the inner and outer walls and partitions!
Q:Scrap glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank board what to use, where there is recycling?
Mainly depends on the aging situation, such as showing no cracks, no deformation, these panels in combination into small water tanks or low pressure water tank
Q:What are the FRP lighting panels and their common classification and specifications?
FRP lighting plate glass steel, also called transparent tile, and supporting the use of the steel structure of the lighting materials, which is mainly composed of high performance film, polyester and glass fiber reinforcement, the film to play a very good anti ultraviolet antistatic effect, anti ultraviolet polyester is not yellow in order to protect the FRP plate aging, premature loss of transmittance. Antistatic is to ensure that the surface dust is easily washed away or blown away by the rain, and maintain a clean and beautiful surface. FRP lighting board, its stable quality and durability, is very popular with customers. FRP lighting board can be widely used in industrial, commercial, civil buildings, roofs and walls.
Q:Which is better, glass fiber reinforced plastic daylighting board and organic glass?
Time is not long, it will become opaque, glass fiber reinforced steel is better, of course, raw materials are very poor, it is difficult to say

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