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Product Description:

Product Description

1. Bluetooth wireless audio transmission
2. Latest Bluetooth V3.0 support
3. Portable design
4. With phone handsfree support (Wide Band speech)
5. Support Line inHot Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Hot Mini Bluetooth Speaker6. Metal surface design, several classic colors available for your choice

Mini Multi-function Bluetooth speaker with MIC handsfree function,
*Bluetooth Version: V3.0 + EDR
*Support Profile:HFP 1.6 A2DP 1.2,AVRCP 1.4
*Speaker Output power: 3 W rms
*Microphone sensitivity:-32db
*Receiving sensitivity: Better than -82dBm
*Distance: 10meters
*Data transmission: Up to 3Mbps(over the air)
*Data rate:115200bps
*Charging Voltage:3.7V 4.2V DC
*Working Voltage:4.8V 5.5V DC
*Working Current:200MA
*Static state Current: >1UA
*Battery Capacity: 450MAH

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Q:how do u hook up stereo speakers up to a guitar amp?
If you mean your home stereo speakers, don't do it! There is a reason that home stereos and professional guitar amps have different types of connectors. The two types of speakers are vastly different in their power handling and frequency ratings. They are two different systems for two entirely different purposes. Guitar amps are overpowered for delicate stereo speakers. Even if you use a small guitar amp at low volume, the impedance mismatch is dangerous. Yes, it is possible to play guitar through a typical home stereo, but unless you know all about impedance, resistance, power handling and all the other technical variables, it is a bad idea. You could very likely destroy both your amp and the speakers. It will not sound good anyway. Please, save yourself the heartache and expense. Trust me. I know!
Q:Speaker & Receiver compatibility?
From reading the two specifications pages for your products (linked below) it looks like you amp can handle speaker impedances from 6-16 ohms, but its rated output in watts drops, the higher the speaker impedance. For your 8 ohm speakers the output will drop to 100 watts from 130 watts for your current speakers. That means there will be a minimal decrease in output, because the amp faces more load, but it is still well within the capabilities of your amp. If you were to decrease the ohm load of your speakers, you could have a problem because the speakers would draw more power from your amp than in it capable of delivering, causing it to blow a fuse.
Q:Do speakers really matter?
speakers are the only part of the stereo you can actually hear. small differences in speakers can make a huge difference in the sound quality.
Q:Car Speakers on a Computer?
you like a receiver to potential the audio gadget, and to course the wanted indicators to the place you like. desktops would not have any audio amplifiers with which tocontinual audio gadget, that is why small notebook notebook audio gadget have a tiny amp progressed into one among them. yet, to run audio gadget resembling what you describe, a variety of tiny and susceptible amp can no longer return virtually doing it. So, purchase a receiver, run the speaker wires to that's speaker outputs, and use a cable with a three.5 stereo male plug on one end and twin RCA male jacks on the different. placed the three.5 plug interior the speaker out of the notebook, and the twin RCA jacks into an audio in on the receiver. that's how my workstation is plugged into the abode theater audio setup I extremely have in my place of employer. a stable commonplace receiver could value approximately $2 hundred, like a Pioneer 521K at Amaz*n.
Q:How do you attach component speakers to your computer?
That type of speaker cannot connect directly to the computer. Those speakers need an amplifier. Your best bet is to go out and buy some cheap computer speakers - computer speakers have an amplifier built in.
Q:would aftermarket speakers?
yes i own a gtp with the bose system and replaced the 6x9's and yes it sounds alot better
Q:do dead speakers shut of radio?
If the speakers shut off when you use the doors, you may have an intermittent open in the speakers or speaker wire circuit. Check the connections to the speakers. Check the resistance of the speakers with an ohmmeter. Check the wiring in the door, especially if someone has worked on the doors before. Good luck.
Q:Connect wire from speaker to another speaker?
Here okorder
Q:Help with my speakers?
check the speaker wires that are directly welded onto the speaker itself it may have come loose! Or check the speakers for any damage tears or rips in the speaker
Q:Should I buy some bookshelf speakers?
Id say using actual bookshelf speakers and a receiver is a step up from near-field desk PC speakers, yes.

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