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Mobile power bank Compatibility

(1) Google
Nexus One / Nexus S
Kindle / Nook color
N900 / N8 / N97 / C6 / C3 / E63 / E71 / E72 / C7 / E7 / X6
Revolution / Optimus 3D / Optimus S / Optimus T / Optimus 7 / G2X P999
Nexus S 4G / Galaxy S 4G / Fascinate / Exhibit 4G / Epic 4G / Driod Charge / Captivate / Galaxy S2 i9100 / Galaxy S i9000 / Infuse 4G / I997 / Vibrant / Focus / Memoir / Omnia 7 / Intercept / Indulge / Transform / Moment / Solstice / Continuum / Sidekick 4G / Galaxy S II i9100 / T-mobile Galaxy S II T989 / Galaxy S II i777 / Galaxy S II Skyrocket SGH-I727 / Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G touch / Galaxy Nexus Prime / Galaxy note / Focus S

(6)For Apple products
For iPhone 4 / iPhone 2G / iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch / iPod nano / iPod classic / iPhone 4S / Ipad /iPhone 5/iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c
MyTouch 4G / Sidekick 4G / 3G / G2 / G2x
EVO 3D / Sensation / Wildfire / Wildfire S / Droid Incredible 2 / Mytouch 4G / Desire HD / Desire S / Desire Z / Inspire / Incredible S / Thunderbolt 4G / EVO Shift 4G / Desire / EVO 4G / Droid Incredible / Inspire 4G / HD7 / HD2 / Surround / Arrive / Aria / Gratia / Hero / Pro / Trophy / Sensation XE / Sensation XL / Amaze 4G / Vivid 4G / Verizon
8900 / 9500 / Storm 9530 / Storm 2 / 9520 / 9630 / Style 9670 / Bold 9650 / 9700 / 9780 / Torch 9800 / Bold 9900
MP3 / MP4 / MP5
Droid 2 / Droid / Droid 2 Global / Droid 3 / Droid Pro / Defy / Photon 4G / Atrix 4G / MB525 / Driod X2 / MB810 / Droid X / Bionic / Milestone / Backflip / CLIQ 2 / Charm / Bravo / Xoom Tablet / Triumph / Photon 4G
(12)Various Tablet PC
(13)For PSP

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Q:Power Loss on a 12v inverter?
I live on my boat and cruise full-time. So I am very familiar with the cost of being off the grid when it comes to electric. Your problem is not the inverter. . . Your problem is not enough batteries. . . So, in the long run, that propane or 12v refrigerator may not seem so expensive. I run 3 banks of 2 batteries each connected to two high output solar panels on my sailboat, and I can tell you as fact, my system will not run a 110v mini refrigerator on an inverter for more then an 8 hour day. . . it just won't happen. I run a 12v refrigerator, and also have a laptop running 24/7 and a cellphone charger - and all the comforts of home appliances - but I don't have enough battery power to run any of my 110v appliances for any more then just a few minutes at a time (ie: coffee pot, microwave, etc) and that's it. Your 110v mini refrigerator, together with the inverter - will suck your 2 batteries dry as a bone in just a few hours (2 maybe 3hrs if your lucky). So, you need to rethink your cooling needs, or invest in about 4 more batteries or even a small generator. . . If I were you, I would think hard on a 12v cold plate for an ice box - or simply just a ice box. My 'cold box' has a 12v cold plate (draws only 3 amps) and I put pack all my food in it, and sprinkle in a little rock salt - and it keeps stuff cold as ice for an entire week. (colder then my 12v refrigerator for the first 3 or 4 days).
Q:How to use mobile power
3. Charging display: ● ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ● ● ○ ○ ● ● ● Then the state of charge.
Q:Looking for 12 Volt technology devices for mobile home?
I think you're gonna like this Two types of places where I have found an abundance of 12V appliances and devices: (1) Sporting GoodsCamping store; like Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops (2) Truck Stops. Truckers need devices that work on their truck batteries. It's amazing what you can find. And as one other person commented, you can easily find 12VDC to 120VAC inverters for small (under 200W) appliances. The two places mentioned above, as well as any decent department store or auto parts store, carries these inverters. Just be sure the appliance you plug into one is power rated at less than 75% of the inverter's power rating.
Q:Would you say the names of the World Bank and the IMF are intentionally misleading, since?
Didn't we keep calling that army in Iraq a Multi National Force? Even though we were the only ones left? MARKETING!
Q:How much power is too much power?
in this country, typically anything over 240 volts is too much power.
Q:Which GENERALLY gives better auto rates, the BANK or a DEALERSHIP?
The dealer. They work with dozens of lenders and are able to shop you loan around. Also the lenders will give the dealer a preferred rate via the indirect lending department. That means you will get a rate with a certain bank that you could not get just by walking into you local bank,
Q:Cons claim Jackson was following the Constitution when ending the National Bank (in fact what led to the FED?
Where did you learn your version of history? The Fed was created 100 years later and expansionism was the reason fro the removal of the Eastern Tribes. Ever hear of Manifest Destiny?
Q:Is there an expiration date for a Power of Attorney form?
There are several different POA's. With banking it's called a financial POA. Medical is a Durable POA. All POA's become null void at death or after an estate has been settled.
Q:How much leverage and negotiating power does paying 100% cash give you when buying a bank owned house?
paying cash reduces your negotiating power since the lender makes more money on the financing charges and interest. its in your favor to do so to save these charges. you may want to finance for a few years with a balloon note at the end. you still have cash for repairs and the option of extending the payments if needed.
Q:I applyed for an Orchard Bank card & was approved, but I not sure what type of card it is. ?
Go to the website and read all the fine print. If they don't tell you it's illegal.

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