Hot Dipped Galvanized Gabion Box For Stone

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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Real factory, 15 years' export experience
Model Number:
Wire Cloth
Hole Shape:
Low-Carbon Iron Wire
Wire Gauge:
2*1*1m,3*1*1m,2*1*0.5m ect.
Surface treatment:
galvanized, pvc coated,galfan
Tensile strength:
not less than 38kg/m2
bright,black,green and so on
CE,ISO 9001-2008

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:the gabion box is folded and packaged with belt and then wrap it up with plastic paper or waterproof paper,or as customers' requirement.
Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after receive the deposit or L/C


Gabion Box for Stone
High quality&competitive price
Professional manufactuer
Economic,Low cost
CE,ISO 9001

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