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SPANGLE:Minimized Spangle,Zero Spangle

SURFACE TREATMENT:N0on or Chromated,Non or Oiled,Non or Anti Finger Print



In continuous units in cold rolled steel strip, galvanized steel (electro galvanized and hot dip galvanized) as substrate, after surface pretreatment (degreasing and science processing), using the method of roll coating, coated with a layer or multi-layer liquid coating of plate, after baking and cooling income is the coating steel plate. Because the coating can have a variety of colors, on the habits of the coated steel sheet is called color coating steel plate. Because the coating is carried out before the sheet metal forming, in foreign countries which is called pre coating plate.

Color coated steel sheet is an organic coating coating on the steel surface, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, bright color, high strength, good corrosion resistance, easy processing molding, but also allows the user to reduce costs, reduce pollution.

From the United States in 1935 to establish the first continuously coated steel line to begin, color coated steel plate has been widely applied, the current color coated plate varieties, about more than 600 kinds, the advantages of color coated sheet and organic polymer and steel plate of the two, which has good colorability, organic polymer molding, corrosion resistance and decorative, and steel plate with high strength and easy processing, can easily be punching cutting, bending, deep drawing processing. Made this makes organic coated steel sheet products have excellent practical, decorative, workability, durability.

(1) normal spangle coating spangle coating

Zinc layer in normal during the solidification process of Zn grains grew up, freeforming has obvious flower morphology of zinc coating.

(2) small zinc flower coating minimized spangle coating

Zinc coating in the process of solidification, zinc grain was artificially restricted,as far as possible into small zinc flower coating.

(3) no zinc flower coating spangle-free

By adjusting the chemical composition of the plating solution obtained, has novisible zinc flower morphology, uniform coating surface.

(4) of Zn Fe alloy coating zinc-iron alloy coating

Heat treatment of steel by liquid groove after galvanizing, the alloy layer of the whole generation of zinc and iron coating, the coating appearance is dark gray, no metallic luster, easy to fly in severe forming process, suitable for cleaning in addition to general, without further treatment can be directly paintcoating.

(5) differential coated differential coating

On both sides of the galvanized steel, requires different weight of zinc coatinglayer.

(6) finishing skin pass

Finishing is the following one or several kinds of objective, cold rolling a tinydeformation of the galvanized steel sheet.

The improvement of the galvanized steel surface appearance or suitable for decorative coatings; make the product not see slip line problem (Lv Desi line)or creases temporary minimized etc..

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