hot!!!3kw4kw5kw Grid Tied Solar System

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Product Description:

hot!!!3kw4kw5kw Grid Tied Solar System

Solar on grid system:solar panel+grid tie inverter

Solar off grid system:solar panel+hybird inverter(controller ,inverter)+battery

(other parts as PV array combiner,rack,cable can optional)

System Application:

1,Living house and home building;

2.Office building ,factory and warehouse

3.Shopping mall,venue,stadium and so on

4.Power station,field operation and some huge engineer construction

Question:What can be included for this Solar power system?

Answer:This system includes:solar panels,inverter,controller,battery,solar pv cable,bracket,and disconnectors.

Question:What's the advantage for this solar power system?

Answer:1.Steady operating 2.The most advantage:On grid energy backup(not means sell electricity,just backup) 3.CE Certified 4.Easy installation according to our instructions 5.professional parts supply

Question:How to place and install them before we use?

Answer:The system can be put on ground outside house,but must be kept away from water or spray.And the solar panels must be placed away from shadow,the less dust the better in the air.And the solar panel must be placed to a certain angle(20-45 angle) which will be faced directly to the sun

Question:how about the lifetime?

Answer:The life time for solar panel is 25years,another parts is from 6-15years.

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Q:State grid wind power is generally built in what position
The annual average wind speed is above 5m/s, and the effective wind time at 30m height is above 6000h, which is suitable for the construction of large-scale wind farm when the effective wind energy density is above 240w/m^2.
Q:There are several types of hydraulic generators?
geothermal power generation, but will consume a lot of lava.
Q:How much is a small domestic wind power generator 3000W
You can look at the 3000W wind generator Tamar, very practical
Q:How much electricity can be produced by wind power in one day
For example, 3MW wind turbine, generating 16 thousand and 440 degrees about the daily average (Kwh).
Q:What is the difference between fan, wind power and wind farm?
And a large number of wind turbines in accordance with the terrain and the environment of the main wind direction array, forming a power grid, is a wind farm.
Q:How to use wind turbines
Wind power generation is not recommended. 1 less power. 2 easy to bad, you need to go up, especially in the rain thunder weather
Q:What is the inference coefficient of the wind turbine
Baez assumes that the wind turbines of the wind turbine are ideal, that is, there is no hub, with an infinite number of blades, air flow through the wind wheel when there is no resistance.
Q:Is there any drawback of hydroelectric power generation?
hydroelectric power is the use of the water level drop, with the turbine generator to produce electricity
Q:Which is good for wind turbines and solar generators
The only drawback of solar energy: cost. But I believe that with the improvement of the cost of scientific research can solve the problem
Q:How much is the solar generator
Solar power generation, per square meter of power generation in 120W or so, the cost per square meter in 1500 yuan, the greater the area the lower the price

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