Horticulture Vermiculite with Expansion Times 6-12mm

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Product Description:

1. Product Description of Horticultural Vermiculite:

Horticultural vermiculite: vermiculite is a hydrate, massive, flaky and granular, is a product ofbiotite and other natural mineral weathering alteration. The interlayer water molecules by high temperature burning, increasing the volume of 18-25 times. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus,potassium, magnesium, aluminum, iron, silicate and other ingredients. Layer charge vermiculitehad higher, it has higher cation exchange capacity and strong cation exchange adsorptioncapacity. 

Horticulture Vermiculite with Expansion Times 6-12mm

2. Characteristics of Horticultural Vermiculite:

Light weight, water adsorption performance is good, not decay, you can use the 3-5 years (unlike the humus, coconut shell and other perishable). Agriculture,vermiculite can be used as a soil improver, because of its good cation exchange ability and adsorption, structure can improve soil, water conservation, improve soil permeability and water content of the soil is acidic, neutral soil; vermiculite can also play a role of buffering, rapid changes in pH value of the block, slow release fertilizer on crop growth medium, and allows a slight excess use of fertilizers and no harm to plants; vermiculite can also provide the K, Mg, Ca,Fe and trace amounts of Mn, Cu, Zn and other elements to crops. Absorbent, cation exchangeproperties of vermiculite and chemical characteristics, which plays a fertilizer, water retention,water, gas and mineral fertilizers and other multiple roles. Experiments show that: the 0.5-1% ofexpanded vermiculite mixed compound fertilizer, can make the crop yield increase of 15-20%.

3. Applications of Horticultural Vermiculite:

Horticulture vermiculite can be used for flowers, vegetables, fruit cultivation, breeding etc..Except for the pot and regulators, also used for soilless culture.

4. Technical Data of Horticultural Vermiculite:

Horticulture Vermiculite with Expansion Times 6-12mm

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