Horticultural and Agricultural used Vermiculite

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1.Color:golden,silver vermiculite 
2.Size:2-4mm 3-6mm6-12mm 
4.We have manufacture experience over 10 ye



1.In color,vermiculite can be indevided into silver vermicultie and golden vermiculite 

2.Type:raw vermiculite ,partially expanded vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite ,

3.Size:20-40mesh 40-60mesh 150mesh 200mesh 325mesh 400mesh 0-30um 0.3-0.65mm0.65-1mm0.3-1mm1-2mm, 2- 4mm3-6mm4-8mm

4.Expansion ratios:5.5-10times 

5.Bulk density after expansion :90-270kgs/m3 

6.Sample is free within 1kgs 

7.Vermiculite quality certificate:MSDS ,SGS ,non-asbestos testing report ,chemicals testing report 


Product Information :


Vermiculite, chemical formula M g × (H2O) [Mg3 × (AlSiO3O10) (H2O)], is a magnesium water inclouded aluminum silicate 

secondary metamorphic minerals of layered structure. It likes mica in form, and usually come from weathered or hydrothermal 

alterated black (gold ) Mica. It will present a deflection shape after heat expansion and water loss, liking a leech pattern in form ,

 so it gets the name vermiculite .


Vermiculite Features 


Raw vermiculite will be expanded to many times when heated at 850-1100 °C, 


poisonless, odorless , corrosion-resistant, Non-combustible , natural refractory properties , Good thermal insulation , low density , Heat-resistant ,sound-proofing .fire-proofing etc .


Vermiculite Chemical :











Content %










Raw vermiculite is widely used for Foundary Insulation and Steel Industry

Expanded vermiculite is used in various industries as a packing material due to its highly absorbent nature. It is also a lightweight 

aggregator for plaster, proprietary concrete, compounds, fire stop mortar and cementious spray fireproofing. It can also be used as

 loose fill insulation and can be molded into shapes, bonded with cement and other bonding materials for insulation, refractory 

insulation, fireproofing of structural steel and pipes industries. Exfoliated vermiculite is also widely used as a component of the

 interior fill for fire stop pillows, and is also used in commercial hand warmers. 


Vermiculite is used for Horticulture

lawn of golf,seed preservation agent, soil conditioner, wetting agent, plant growth, substance,feed additive, any other applications. 


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Q:Okay with the kind of plants are pure vermiculite
No, vermiculite is too light for the roots of plants. Usually mixed soil.
Q:Vermiculite, soilless cultivation, horticulture, vermiculite, the use of coarse?
There are two conventional specifications for raising vermiculite: 1-3mm (seedling raising, horticulture, vermiculite), 2-4mm (seedling raising, vermiculite), and various types of seedling vermiculite according to customer requirements. Seedling vermiculite is made of expanded vermiculite specially made.
Q:What can vermiculite dos?
The expanded vermiculite is widely used, but its main purpose is still to be used as building material.
Q:How to use pure vermiculite leaf cuttings succulent plants
In line method, also known as interpolation: petiole petiole insertion in the sand sand, leaves, petioles on adventitious bud. Gloxinia (Sinningiaspeciosa) were inserted in the first leaf, small bulbs occurred in petiole, after roots and shoots.
Q:Can vermiculite take the place of soil? Is it okay to plant seeds directly in vermiculite?
Vermiculite with moisture, good permeability characteristics, specially made production substrates can be used directly, only if enough nutrient vermiculite, Lingshou County East Sichuan vermiculite factory is a professional manufacturer, you can consult them
Q:Vermiculite, vermiculite for soil improvement?
Vermiculite can make crops from the early stages of growth can be sufficient water and minerals, to promote rapid growth of plants, increase production.Although advertising suspects, or cooperate.
Q:How to use flower vermiculite?
Vermiculite is a mica material formed when the silicate material is heated at high temperature. During the heating process, the moisture content of the silicate material is rapidly lost and expanded, and the volume after expansion is 15 times the original volume. Thus, the aeration pore and water holding capacity of the substance are increased.
Q:What is the difference between perlite and vermiculite and orchid stone?
Perlite and vermiculite are used for gardening in modern times, and their functions are similar to those of sand. When soil is added to the soil, the permeability and drainage of the soil are improved, and the ability of preserving water and fertilizer is stronger than that of sand. And they are compared with sand, the biggest difference is that the former is much lighter, more suitable for express than sand.
Q:Does the vermiculite contain alkaline? Can it be planted with azalea?
Rhododendron, also known as: pomegranate, mountain azalea etc.. Rhododendron, Rhododendron, deciduous shrubs, deciduous shrubs. A wide range of azaleas, gorgeous color, flower, leaf and beauty, and pot planted ages, China is one of ten traditional flowers. The south of the Yangtze River is mainly planted in the ground, and the north of the Yangtze River is potted and ornamental. Rhododendron is fond of cool, humid and airy semi overcast environment. It is not only afraid of extreme heat but also afraid of cold. The growth temperature is 12~25 degrees, and the temperature in summer is more than 35 degrees centigrade. However, the growth of new shoots and leaves is slow and in a semi dormancy state.
Q:What material is vermiculite?
Vermiculite is a natural, non-toxic mineral that expands at high temperatures. It is a relatively rare mineral, belonging to silicates.

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