Horizontal/Vertical Centrifugal Firefighting Pump

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Product Description:


1. Simplicity of design 
2. High efficiency 
3. Robust and reliable Performance 
4. Energy saving 
5. Low noise level

Our Mission:


It is our mission — the basis of our existence — to successfully develop, produce and sell high-quality pumps and pumping systems world-wide, contributing to a better quality of life and a healthy environment.


Brief Introduction:


XBD series vertical multistage department, fire pump suction and tube type, single centrifugal pump, the following product adopts modern excellent hydraulic model through computer optimization design and into. The product structure compact, reasonable, beautiful modelling, its reliability and efficiency indexes have greatly raised, in strict compliance with the latest national standards GB6245-1998 "fire pump performance requirements and testing method" regulation.




1. Low noise running smoothly Low noise bearing, has the hydraulic characteristics of the precise hydraulic parts design, each section of the outer water filling shielding not only reduces the noise and running very smooth flow.

2. Simple and easy installation and assembly Pump diameter and the same import and export in the same line, can be the same as the valve installed directly in the line with; Application shell coupling, pump and motor of the connection is not only simple and make the transfer efficiency were improved.

3. No operation jammed phenomenon Application of copper alloy water bearing and stainless steel pump shaft, each minute gap between place to avoid the corrosion bite dead phenomena, this for fire protection system is very important.

4. No leakage.




XBD series pump for sending 130 °C below not solid granual or chemical and physical properties similar to the liquid water, and light corrosive liquid with. This machine is mainly used for industrial and civil building fixed fire control system (fire hydrant extinguishing system, automatic sprinkler system and water spray fire-extinguishing systems, etc.) of water.


Working conditons:


Flow 1-100 L/s

Pressure 0.3-2.5 MPa

Temperature below 80 °C

Medium water and similar liquid of water

From the motor to see clockwise

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